Dennis Cieri Executive Director and Co-Founder

Dennis Cieri - Executive Director

Executive Director Dennis Cieri launched the New York Indie Film Fest in 2010 and within five years built it into a major international hub of independent cinematography. A native New Yorker, Dennis directed and produced films, wrote plays, published magazines and owned bookstores. He leads NYC Indie Film Fest as the one and only festival fully focused on independent works of up-and-coming filmmakers, the place where distributors and agents come to discover the emerging talent and future stars.


Bonnie Rush Director and Co-Founder

Bonnie Rush

New to the 'indie film world' in 2009, Bonnie was the co-founder of the festival and helped lay the groundwork for the festival's current success. She is also part of the original Cieri Media team and was one of the original creators of the 'egarage'. The 'Jersey transplant' has been active in the art world, working at small theaters and galleries. Her paintings have shown at galleries in Manhattan and Long Island City. She is currently employed by The Metropolitan Opera.


Pati Filgueira Director and Marketing Manager

Pati Filgueria - Marketing Director

Pati has an extensive career in marketing and communication, focusing on strategic planning, advertising and events. She has worked for advertising agencies and publishing companies, creating and developing innovative solutions. At the NYC Indie Film Festival she creates tailored opportunities for our sponsors, as well as contributes to the planning and formatting of the festival itself, providing sponsors and filmmakers the best exposure. She loves music, dogs, ballet, wine, soccer and, of course, indie films.

Contact Pati and she will assemble the perfect sponsoring package for your brand.


Maria Akay Director

Maria Akay

Maria has a unique love for film with background in communications. In the past, Maria has worked on the theatrical release of a Canadian documentary in NYC. A native New Yorker living in Queens, she became involved with the NYC Independent Film Festival in 2015 and fell in love with the film community. Maria works on assisting all aspects in marketing and public relations as well as managing the Festival's social media team, making sure the voice of the independent filmmaker is heard. Maria became the Festival's Director and Narrative Feature Curator in 2016. She is currently the production coordinator for the documentary projects Beyond Moscow and Lost at Sea.


Kim van der Sluis Director and Legal Counsel

Maria Akay

Kim is a legal professional who after completion of her LLM in International Business Law worked worldwide in the field of trade and investment law. Most recently, she moved from Tokyo to New York where her love for Indie films brought her to the NYC Indie film festival. She entered as a guest and stayed as a volunteer. Kim deals with legal questions, structuring the business organization as well as writing all grant applications.


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