2018 Interview with Aaron Rudelson of Norman Pinski Come Home

Directed by: Aaron Rudelson

Written by: Aaron Rudelson

Cast: Elaine Bromka, Bern Cohen, Janina Gavankar, Mark Gessner, Lelia Goldoni, Ray Iannicelli, Sondra James, Steve Rosen, Lee Tergesen

2018 Interview with Charzette Torrence & Danielle Johnson of Jillian's Peak

Directed by: Charzette Torrence and Danielle Johnson

Written by: Charzette Torrence and Danielle Johnson

Cast: Kelley Young, Grant E. Harvey, Lisann Valentin, Candice Meyers, Sherricka White, Hope Harley, Hector Hicks, Langston Fishburne, La Rivers, Vince Edgehill, Nora Smith, Jill M. Vallery, Penny Middleton, Omar Perez

2018 Interview with Gillian Scott-Ward of Back to Natural

Directed by: Gillian Scott-Ward

Cast: Okema Moore

2018 Interview with Hyo Jin An & Ashok Chaudhary of Lucky Day

Directed by: Hyo Jin An

Written by: Hyo Jin An and Marco Chiavarelli

Cast: Ashok Chaudhary, Thomas Walsh

2018 Interview with Shawn Theagene of Poba

Directed by: Mary Rozzi

Written by: Shawn Theagene

Cast: Shawn Theagene

2018 Interview with Nancy Allison of Marble

Directed by: Nancy Allison, Laura Boato

Written by: Nancy Allison, Laura Boato

Cast: Laura Boato and Michela Lorenzano

2018 Interview with Trevor Banks & Caroline Plank of Racing Against BRCA

Directed by: Trevor Banks

Cast: Director of Photography: Trevor Banks, Editor: Trevor Banks, Music: Dan Phillipson, Emmet Cooke, Reaktor Productions, CAST: Caroline Plank

2018 Interview with Mary Rogers McMaster of Literally

Directed by: Mary Rogers McMaster

Written by: Mary Rogers McMaster

Cast: Mary Rogers McMaster, Wesley Tunison

2018 Interview with Pierre Bessette of Song Sotto Voce

Subtitles: English

Directed by: Pierre Bessette

Written by: Pierre Bessette

Cast: Guy Hild and Marine Sarot

2018 Interview with Fella Cederbaum of What It Means, Truth, and A Tear In My Heart

Directed by: Fella Cederbaum

Written by: Fella Cederbaum

Cast: Music by: Fella Cederbaum

2018 Interview with Troy Alan and Victor Varnado of Dear Mom

Directed by: Troy Alan

Written by: Troy Alan

Cast: Troy Alan and cinematography: Victor Varnado

2018 Interview with Jowan Carbin of Cut Off

Directed by: Jowan Carbin

Written by: Jowan Carbin

Cast: John Robinson, Jean-Marc Barr, Lew Temple, William Baldwin, Brad Dourif, Anna Margaret, Devyn A. Tyler, Laura Cayouette,