Directed by: Shia Labeouf, Luke Turner, Nastja Rönkkö

In mid-2016, LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner embarked on a month-long project to hitchhike the internet, in an artwork commissioned by Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the Finnish Institute in London.

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10 Minutes To Show (USA | 2017, 14 min)

Directed by: Joshua DeFour

Written by: Joshua DeFour

Cast: Sarah Spurger, Maia del Mazo, Jake McDermott, Eman Esfandi

Punk-rock drummer Charlotte 'Charlie' Howe desperately wants to win an Austin battle of the bands competition, but 10 minutes before her band is set to perform everything seemingly goes to hell backstage...

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A Fierce Breed (Cria Brava) (Puerto Rico, 18 min)

Directed by: Karisa Cruz, Ivan Bonilla

A revealing journey into the 'legal' cockfighting culture in Puerto Rico seen through the lives of a trainer, teacher and a veteran involved in this controversial global sport.

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A Table for All (USA, 32 min)

Directed by: Thea Piltzecker, Liz Scherffius

For many refugees and asylees, resettlement in the United States is just the beginning of the story. Finding common ground in a Brooklyn kitchen, Adwa (from Saudi Arabia) and Boubacar (from Guinea) work towards a future in the culinary industry.

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Another Girl (USA | 2016, 22 min)

Directed by: Austin Kase

Written by: Austin Kase

Cast: Hannah Chase, Aaron Profumo

Sam's ex-lovers aren't so 'ex' to him. In fact, they always seem to re-appear at the worst possible moment, sabotaging his hopes of finding new love. Can Sam banish them from his life before they ruin his chances with the newfound girl of his dreams? Swaying delicately between dry wit and wistful vulnerability, 'Another Girl' playfully explores the way our relationships shape who we are, and offers a fresh perspective on sex, love, and self-acceptance.

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Azul (Dominican Republic, USA | 2017, 12 min)

Directed by: Víctor Grullón

Written by: Vi?ctor Grullo?n

Cast: JP Brown, Jeany Starr Simé, Manuel Sierra, Juan Lopez, José Mercado, Janer Escobar

Juan Jiménez (Azul) leaves his country in search of the American Dream, staying illegally in the United States. His people in the Dominican Republic are victims of a natural disaster and lose communication with their family.The uncertainty of not knowing about his family leads him to make the decision to return to his country, but first he will have to face his other life in the United States, assuming that once he leaves, he will not be able to set foot in the United States again.

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Bagheera (India, UK, Australia | 2017, 19 min)

Directed by: Christopher Watson

Written by: Christopher Watson

Cast: Preeti Choudhury, Rajesh Balwani

Shot in Hindi, in a disused, Mumbai shipyard, the film is inspired by true events and addresses a major issue facing Indian society. Bagheera, the sassy leader of a girl scout troop, is abducted after a meeting one evening. She employs her girl scout skills to confront her brutal assailant and serve up a scorching retribution. Whilst the subject is dark, the message is uplifting, suggesting courage and invention in the face of adversity.

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BEAST (Australia | 2016, 20 min)

Directed by: Christopher Sferrazza

Written by: Carl J. Sorheim

Cast: Marta Kaczmarek, Kashmir Sinnamon, Jane Clifton

Sophie has been a social outcast for nearly a decade in the wake of a fatal accident involving her daughter, and the dominating Bea has given Sophie hopes of rejoining the community by “weaving her magic with the girls”. Just when things are finally looking up, Sophie stumbles upon something dark and inconceivable that forces her to make an impossible decision. A decision for love...

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Bodies of Water (USA | 2017, 14 min)

Directed by: David Lykes Keenan

Written by: David Lykes Keenan

Cast: Ellar Coltrane, Roby Attal

It's 1984, Marsh is 24 years old, and struggles with a tormenting secret. One random night, he crosses paths with Rivers, a stranger so striking that Marsh is instantly smitten. Marsh pursues Rivers until an opportunity presents itself for him to take the boldest risk of his life.

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Directed by: Frank Posillico

She's turning 90, but the Cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island doesn't look a day over 25.

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Dear Mom (USA, 16 min)

Directed by: Troy Alan

A documentary about life as a New York City comedian made by a comedian for his mother who worries too much.

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Dreamland (USA, 28 min)

Directed by: Dakota Lane

Written by: Dakota Lane, Jennifer Maidman

Cast: Jennifer Maidman

A fast-paced and heartwarming portrait of multiple gold record winner Jennifer Maidman, and the making of her album at Dreamland recording studio in Woodstock, Upstate New York. Shot on location in the Woodstock area, Dakota Lane's film takes an in-depth and sometimes dreamy look into Jennifer's early life as a female born in a male form, and how this shaped her destiny as musician and human. Also featuring Jennifer's partner and collaborator Annie Whitehead, and legendary Woodstock musicians David Torn and Jerry Marotta, as well as an international cast of others.

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Earn Your Salt (USA | 2015, 8 min)

Directed by: Clint Braadt

Cast: George Braadt, Dominic Ventolora

Two firemen from Staten Island tell us about their jobs and what it takes to be a firefighter.

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Eternal Something (UK | 2017, 21 min)

Directed by: Daniel Brandt

Eternal Something is an experimental music film comprised of hundreds of Youtube videos downloaded and composed over the period of one year. The idea is to capture the anxious reaction we all feel from too much freely available information at our fingertips, especially from use and accessibility of information on social media in our current generation.

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FACE (USA | 2017, 11 min)

Directed by: Masa Gibson

Cast: Ruby Thomas

We all wear masks; this is the story of one woman's mask, shot entirely in close-up in a single take.

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Facebeater (USA, 8 min)

Directed by: Ali Walker

Facebeater is a short documentary that follows behind the scenes of what it is really like to be a drag queen. This film aims to educate and show what people don’t normally see, such as the process of getting ready, and the personal life of the performer.

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Final Traces of the Abstract Expressionists (USA, Germany | 2014, 45 min)

Directed by: Caro Jost

Cast: Alex Katz, Irving Sandler, Jonathan Cramer, Rita Reinhardt, Karole Vail

Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Peggy Guggenheim,: what is left of their former studios, galleries, bars, meetings places in New York City today? Filmmaker Caro Jost (a famous artist herself) follows in the footsteps of these artists of an era. In a mixture of walk and detective hunt, she shows what has now become of these once important places, where art history was made and the Abstract Expressionism arised after WW II in NYC. The film is a juxtaposition of the past and the present, annotated with historical footage, interviews of living eye witnesses, like famous artist Alex Katz. It is not a typical documentary; it is more an investigative art film. Music by Morton Feldman.

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FREE/LANCE (USA | 2017, 24 min)

Directed by: Eli Kooris

In need of extra money to pay rent, Lance begins accepting packages for a friend who is heading out of town, leading to increasingly bad consequences.

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Game (USA | 2016, 15 min)

Directed by: Jeannie Donohoe

Cast: Rick Fox, Nicole Williams, Tye White, Jamie McShane, Charles Parnell, Dominique Columbus, Michael Purdie

A new kid shows up at the high school boys' basketball tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Will talent and drive be enough to make the team once they discover a secret?

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Go Tell Your Fathers (USA | 2017, 13 min)

Directed by: Amy Taylor Rosenblum, Chloe Sarbib

Over a family beach weekend, a young women grapples with whether to confide in her family about a recent sexual assault.

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Have No Fear (USA, Poland | 2017, 18 min)

Directed by: Beata Calinska & Sarah Jacobson in collaboration with Adia Tamar Whitaker

To teach her children how to avoid becoming another police brutality victim, activist and choreographer Adia Whitaker leads her ensemble in the creation of a new stirring performance.

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Hearts that Cross Borders (USA | 2017, 19 min)

Directed by: Renee Stork

Written by: Michael Ricotta

How You Are to Me (USA | 2017, 22 min)

Directed by: Aemilia Scott

Written by: Evan Bass Zeisel

Cast: Miranda Noelle Wilson, Evan Bass, Dan Berkey, Melinda Tanner, Christopher R. Grant, Thomas Grube

To love someone is to say, "I don't see you how a stranger sees you; I see you how you always were; I see you how you are to me." A story about how love and caregiving survives, even when memory begins to fade.

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I Am Gary (USA, 35 min)

Directed by: Edgardo Mamol

Gary was bullied as a kid in the Bronx, but he trained with the Jewish Defense League to always fight back, by whatever means necessary. Now a Karate and Judo black belt, he’s strong-willed and passionate - which often gets him into unnecessary problems at work and at home. He is an ex-cop and a former rabbi, and now teaches martial arts therapy to empower disabled kids and adults. Gary’s current dilemma is his divorce from his wife Raquel; they are battling in court for custody of their three children, including a daughter with cerebral palsy. Will he ever admit he could have done things differently?

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Jenna (France | 2017, 25 min)

Directed by: Christian Monnier

Cast: Christine Braconnier, Laurent Lucas, Martine Francke, Chloé Berthier

After a twelve-year absence, Jenna, a transgender woman, returns to her family home on Saint Pierre and Miquelon islands for her sister’s funeral. This occasion will allow Jenna to see Armelle, her childhood friend, again, as well as her parents, Manu and Florence. But the reunion doesn’t go quite the way she could have wished.

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Directed by: Anne-Marie Puga

Suzanne is a young blind primary school teacher. With a community of bling people, she keenly studies art history devoted to witches and to Satan’s erotology. Transformed, Suzanne tries to steal a man’s eyes to recover her eyesight. Her first attempt is a failure. Then, she chooses a more approachable and ingenue prey : her personnal reader and bashful lover, Peter.

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King Grandpa (König Opa) (Germany | 2016, 15 min)

Directed by: Martin Grau

Cast: Ezra Finzi, Itzhak Finzi, Marie Zielcke, Samuel Finzi

Clemens lives and breathes his grandfather's stories. When his grandfather passes away, it is difficult for him to understand that it is now his turn to continue telling his stories. Story-telling becomes a way for him to not only keep the stories but also the memory of his grandfather alive.

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Kingsley (USA, 11 min)

Directed by: Ingie Enan

At the age of 18, Kingsley accidentally took the life of his friend with his brother's handgun. After being sentenced 8-20 years in prison, he thought his life was over. But while serving his years, he read 400 books, graduated with honors from his prison education program and, after his release, earned Bachelor's & Master's degrees at NYU, where he now works as a re-entry coordinator. He helps facilitate life after prison for individuals going through their own prison experiences. Kingsley's story touches on the effects of gun violence and life after prison, but more importantly, on the common humanity we all share beneath our labels.

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Laws of the Game (UK/Suriname | 2017, 17 min)

Directed by: Aegina Brahim

Zeola is a single mother whose life alternates between her job as a prison guard and her career as a football referee in the men’s league. In her attempt to obtain the international FIFA Badge in an official referee test, Zeola is confronted not only with her own insecurities, but also with the unfairness of the world around her.

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Lethe (UK | 2017, 20 min)

Directed by: Eric Romero

Written by: Eric Romero

Cast: Nick Cheales, Kenny Blyth, Kirsty Findlay

Lethe is a tragic suspense drama about a young amnesiac woman named Eve, who must piece together her fragmented memories while running from mysterious pursuers. Eve is a scared, desperate woman who will do whatever it takes to discover the truth.

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Lily + Mara (USA | 2017, 11 min)

Directed by: Caroline Roberts

Written by: Tracy Sayre, Caroline Roberts

Cast: Oona Laurence, Meghann Fahy

Sisters, Lily and Mara, escape to their favorite beach to steal a precious memory.

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Living My Illusion (UK, 46 min)

Directed by: Elliot Manarin

To many, Joel appears to live the perfect life. He's a successful business owner, husband and father. However, there is a side to Joel that no one knows. Believing he is the victim of social conditioning, Joel has decided it’s time for him to wake up, serve his higher purpose and give something back to the world. However this wake up call could come at a heavy price, so who is going to pay?

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Longing (USA | 2017, 11 min)

Directed by: Christian Mushenko

A difficult week finds a disconnected, wealthy, businessman searching for meaning in his life, only to find it revealed in a letter from his dead father.

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Love, Mommy (USA, 35 min)

Directed by: Tala Hadavi and Yeong-Ung Yang

Two years after being released from prison, Kilzy Gonzalez is fighting to regain custody of one of her daughters. An intimate portrait of a mother trying to overcome personal demons and prove that she is deserving of a second chance.

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Lucky Day (South Korea | 2018, 17 min)

Directed by: Hyo Jin An

Cast: Ashok Chaudhary, Thomas Walsh

Ali (an immigrant, New York City cab driver) hoping to live the American Dream for his wife and son has to deal with a shady taxi dispatcher, two crooked cops and Richard a businessman who gets into his cab with a 9MM Pistol, a briefcase full of stolen money and a gun shot wound.

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March Fool (Canada | 2017, 14 min)

Directed by: Pierre-Marc Drouin, Simon Lamarre-Ledoux

Struggling with depression, Louis finds out that his family is planning a prank on him for April Fools' day. Problem is: we're still in March...

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Marguerite (Canada | 2017, 19 min)

Directed by: Marianne Farley

An aging woman and her nurse develop a friendship that inspires her to unearth unacknowledged longing and thus help her make peace with her past.

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Marina (USA | 2017, 13 min)

Directed by: Jianying Chen

Cast: Lily Brooks O'Briant, Lance R. Marshall, Mel House

Marina is a story about a girl who inherited Spinal Muscular Atrophy from her mom. Before she lose the control of her body, does she have the right to decide her own life and death?

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Minor Turbulence (USA | 2016, 12 min)

Directed by: Jared Houseman

Two pilots. Two heads in the clouds.

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Must Escape (Ukraine, 15 min)

Directed by: Vadyam Shapran

A man discovers he’s the protagonist in a cliché, short student film and struggles to get out of it.

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