Bucky (United States | 2016, )

Written by: Jeza Belle

America's first homosexual president, James Buchanan, completes an important trade deal with the French Ambassador.

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Bug and the Fireflies (United States | 2016, )

Written by: Rob Holland, Chi Laughlin

Bug is an anti-social, cantankerous gear-head of a beetle who spends his time building inventions out of junk he finds on the forest floor. But when he is mocked by a group of fireflies, he prepares to go to war.

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Dolphin Girl (Canada | 2016, )

Written by: Tanya Carleton Lovrics

A quiet boy moves to sunny Florida and feels like a fish out of water until a mysterious young girl helps him fit in.

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Double Crossed (United States | 2016, )

Written by: Eric P. Granger

Ruthless businessman Harold desperately tries to employ a little known "Loophole" in his 666 page contract with the Devil to save his soul from eternal Damnation.

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Final Draft (United States | 2013, )

Written by: Keion Jackson

A down on his luck writer decides to commit suicide, but seeks help writing the perfect suicide note first.

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MACHINE 5 (Australia, )

Written by: Jonny Pasvolsky

A gambling addict is ordered, by his wife, to break up with the slot machine he is having an affair with in order to save their marriage.

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Written by: Stefano Bozzo

A solitary man meets a yachtsman Albino in his living room. A messenger from the Maker?

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Roller Coaster (2016, )

Written by: Emanuel Nisan

A financially desperate father must find a way to entertain his son without him discovering his secret.

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The Interview(s) (Canada, )

Directed by: Sylvia Carter

A young man and a young woman are both being interviewed to fill identical vacant positions, but the differences they experience are vast and possibly a sign of things to come.

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The Mother Lode (Canada, )

Directed by: Marc Lalonde

After the death of their eldest child in a horrifying accident, a couple comes to realize that, thanks to the two children they have left, they have struck the mother lode.

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