1952 (USA, 4 min)

Directed by: Paul Danhauser

Cast: Donovan Goertzen

A bandleader is obliged to play his gig across town despite enormous evidence that the universe is cold and indifferent to our personal search for meaning.

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A Foreign Country (Israel, 4 min)

Directed by: Shai Kedar, Sivan Malca

Written by: Shai Kedar, Sivan Malca

Cast: Ori Yadlin, Sivan Malca

Directed by: All Types of Kinds

Cast: Cinematography: Manny Vasquez / Max Burstein Starring: All Types of Kinds and Friends

All Types of Kinds (or ATOK) is a NYC-band playing a wide variety of music ranging from rock, pop, folk, punk, funk, hip-hop, blues, jazz, and country, and sometimes all at once. The members come from diverse backgrounds that make for an amalgamation of musical textures and vibes. Their EP, "Love Songs (or songs for your ex)" debuted on Valentine's Day 2017 and they are currently gearing for dates all over the country. Ray Rubio, Billy Conahan, Berk O, and Rocco Stroker are All Types of Kinds.

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Brave New World - Smiley Boy (USA | 2017, 4 min)

Directed by: Joshua Shelton

Cast: Daniel Moody, Hali Cherry

A tiny lady bouts the Heavy Weight Pie Eating Champion at Brave New Bakery.

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Burn the River Down (USA | 2017, 4 min)

Directed by: Shawn Engler

Cast: Elli Perry

Closer (USA, 3 min)

Directed by: Luke Slattery

Cast: Julia Anrather

A literal interpretation of an artist reinventing herself, this narrative music video explores the darker side of crafting a new identity.

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Directed by: Kristian Mercado

Soundtracked by Craig Finn, taken from The Hold Steady frontman's album, We All Want The Same Things Director Kris Merc delivers a portrait of a couple's desolate lives during a road trip to temporarily escape to the Windy City. The spoken-word tale unfolds in a gritty, bare-bones style, with the backdrop of the sudden loss in their lives, as they try to find joy in a fleeting moment.

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De Klok (France, 6 min)

Directed by: Guilhem Machenaud

Cast: Pierre Tertacap, Thomas Tertacap

In the narrow bathroom of his barge that serves as his apartment, Pierre seems adrift, overwhelmed by his memories. He bitterly recalls the remarkable moments he lived with his twin brother; those who have brought them together and those who have separated them. Little by little, we can see why Pierre seems so lost to his own reflection, marked by the spectre of his distant double.

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Futuro (Argentina, 3 min)

Directed by: Rubén Albarrán, Diego Tucci

Cast: Rubén Albarrán, Emmanuel del Real, Enrique Rangel Arroyo, Joselo Rangel

In Undertow (USA, 4 min)

Directed by: Joe Garrity

Music video for Alvvays' "In Undertow," the debut single from their second album, Antisocialites.

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Directed by: Kyle South, Elyse South

Cast: Kyle South // Vocals // Guitar Elyse South // Keys // Graphics Ryan Longenecker // Drums Vince Graeber // Bass

Imagine the changes we could have. One World, no nations, no borders divide.

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Poppy Ackroyd Trains (UK, 5 min)

Directed by: Jola Kudela

Everything is a form of vibration, one needs to hear it and transform it into music. The world is a piano and the piano is the world. The musician becomes the creator of the world.

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Sola (Australia, 3 min)

Directed by: Jonathan Nix

As the world collapses around them, humanity walks on oblivious, compulsively editing selfies and updating profiles

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Soul by Femdot (USA | 2017, 3 min)

Directed by: Zack Gregory

The official music video for Chicago rap artist Femdot.

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Split Second (France, 4 min)

Directed by: Guillaume Letellier

In the shade of a dark room a band is playing music and singing. The faces of men are not recognizable because of overprinted elements.

Scattered archive images give a retrofuturistic atmosphere to this arty black and white music video where opposites attract between freeze frame and movement, soft focus and close-up. The alternative style and light-dark ambiance are enhanced by a surprising visual syncretism.

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Stand Down (USA, 7 min)

Directed by: Dana Tynan

A haunted ex-soldier suffering from PTSD on a journey toward the ultimate confrontation with himself.

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Waiting Music Video (Canada, 5 min)

Directed by: Hans Grossmann

When an age old rivalry and a tense game of bingo erupt into a full-fledged food fight, these retirement home occupants realize they haven't felt this young and alive in years!

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When I Walk Alone (Poland, 3 min)

Directed by: Bozena Krakowka

Aria from the 'La Boheme' opera by Giacomo Puccini. Known as the most erotic aria in history.

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