A Bomb (Une Bombe) (Canada | 2015 , 17 minutes )

Directed by: Guillaume Harvey

Written by: Guillaume Harvey

Cast: Philippe Benoit, Catherine Bütikofer, Charles Circé, Gabriel Després, Jean-François Gaudet, Benoit Rouyère, Noah Rouyère, Alice Tixidre

Maxime gets himself in a dangerous adventure when he accepts to make a bomb with his best friend Guérin. But he’s got no choice : it’s the only way he knows of getting closer to Guérin’s sister, the seductive Joëlle.

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Amazonas (Colombia | 2016, 1 hour 34 minutes)

Directed by: Jorge Navas, Maria Gamboa, Lucas & Matias Maldonado, Carlos Moreno, Javier Mejia, and Spiros Stathoulopoulos

Written by: Alonso Torres, Matias Maldonado, Juan Reyna, Carlos Moreno, Javier Mejia, Spiros Stathoulopoulos

Artichoke (Artisjokk) (Norway | 2016 , 8 minutes )

Directed by: Lorentz Celo

Written by: Lorentz Celo

A lonely man is searching for a new life.

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Brazilian Wavy* (United States | 2016, 21 minutes)

Directed by: Kirk Henriques

Written by: Kirk Henriques

Cast: Jasmine Burke, Danielle Deadwyler, Barry Flyod, Lamont King, and Celeste Seda

A comedic story of a socially awkward young man- from his humble beginnings as an unsuccessful inventor to his unlikely rise and breakthrough with his own hair product that makes him the Mike Jordan of hair.

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Bruce (United States | 2016, 1 hour 10 minutes )

Directed by: Phebe Szatmari

Bus Stop (New Zealand | 2015 , 2 minutes )

Directed by: Walter Lawry

Two millennials debate the finer points of linguistics while waiting for the bus.

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Business Unusual (United States | 2015 , 19 minutes )

Directed by: Daniel Malakai Cabrera

Written by: Daniel Malakai Cabrera & Caine Sinclair

Cast: Grant Bowler, Tia Carrere, Jason Gerhardt, and Yoshua Sudarso

Cupids (United Kingdom | 2017, 13 min)

Directed by: Angelo Calarco

Two cupids need to team up in one of the greatest challenges of modern times: getting two strangers to talk to each other!

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Empty Nesters (United States | 2016, 10 min)

Directed by: Jacqueline Dow

Jerry, a therapist, and his husband David have trouble coping with the fact that their son, Zack, is off to college.

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Four Minutes (United States | 2016, 6 min)

Directed by: Ipek Kahraman

In Honor of Jack (United States | 2016, 16 min)

Directed by: Jon YonKondy

After leaving the wake of a good friend, two best buddies turn on each other when a quirky owner of a diner enlightens them with some disturbing and outrageous news about their departed friend.

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Just Like In The Movies (Como En El Cine) (Peru | 2015, 1 hr 30 min)

Directed by: Gonzalo Ladines

After finding out that his girlfriend cheated on him under his own Star Wars bed sheets, Nico decides to reunite with his true love: the cinema.

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Katie Goes to College (United States | 2016, 3 min)

Directed by: Hannah Marks

Katie awaits her fate with the college of her dreams.

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Mister Popular (United States | 2016, 5 min)

Directed by: Charlie Mayforth

Not satisfied with simply stalking the coolest kid at school, outcast Ben devises a twisted plan to claim the position for himself.

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Oxenfree (United States | 2016, 1 hr 33 min)

Directed by: Dan Glaser

Three foster brothers reunite at their old lake cabin following the death of their father, where the now-estranged adults relive a shared childhood by uncovering the ruins of their make-believe kingdom, 'Oxenfree'...and face down the monster living within.

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Powder Room (United States | 2016, 14 min)

Directed by: Kevin Oliver Arota

A short silent slapstick comedy about an outsider breaking in a back alley speakeasy of which he'll later find out to be a place of evil.

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Shy Guys (United States | 2016, 8 min)

Directed by: Fredric Lehne

Two strangers bring the laughs as they confront and resolve one of the most insidious scourges afflicting mankind - while standing at public urinals with their willies out.

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The Seven Men of Hanukkah (United States | 2016, 16 min)

Directed by: Daryl Lathon

Not Every Audition is About Getting the Role . . .

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