2012 Films

2nd Avenue (USA, 3:15)

Directed by: Joe Gabriel


Ashley Springer, Ramzi Khoury

This narrative music video tells the sweet story of how Pegman - the Google Maps Street View guy - falls in love on 2nd Avenue.

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A Way (France, 14 mins.)

Directed by: Julien Drach

Written by: Alain Teulié and Julien Drach


Alain Teulié, Camille Japy,

A man and woman enter their apartment returning from a trip. It's
night time. They have a strange feeling as if this return was hiding a
complete other reality.

Just like in a dream, they had imagined coming back home for a little
while, just to say good bye...

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Achele (Sister) (United Kingdom, 17 mins.)

Directed by: Clara Kraft Isono

Written by: Clara Kraft Isono

In Ladakh a remote area of the Himalayas in northern India, two sisters struggle with the onset of separation. As the story unfolds we slowly discover a lost world where development and change threaten to tear the two sisters apart forever. Achele, which means Sister in Ladhaki, is a coming of age story set in some of the most breathtaking and desolate part of the world.

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Album (Second Session) (USA, 10min)

Directed by: David Rimmer

Written by: David Rimmer



Charlie Baker, Darryl Sorrentino, Glynnis O'Connor, Hannah Dunne, Jim Fyfe, Mackenzie Lesser-Roy


An adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize finalist long-running play.  How do the decisions you make at age 18 affect the rest of your life?  In 1967, it meant a young runaway couple, faced with a choice: Canada or Vietnam.  And now, in the present, their own daughter runs away, and they’re faced with another decision that will either bring them closer together or tear them apart.

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Directed by: Jackie Gamber

Written by: Jackie Gamber



Amanda Mulvihill, Ammar L. Ammar, Anna M. Paulson, Chatt Graham, Christian Crooms, Courtney Brigance, David Polacheck, Deena Roth, Ellen Kiersten Gamber, Hubert Weldon, Jeffrey Farmer, Jessica Gaston, Joseph Wilson, Ken Mitten, Kim Chamberlin, Ron Gephart, Shelby F. Elwood, W. Brad Robinson, William Chioggi


Shy teenager Amanda Reach auditions on national television to become America's next superhero.

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Apocrifo (Mexico, 17min)

Directed by: Ernesto Fundora Hernandez

Written by: Ernesto Fundora Hernandez

A story where the restive city of Mexico is offered as background characters to draw psychological and human postures typical of a big city. A story where morality, religion and reason are manipulated for selfish personal gain by individuals who change their destiny with crafty opportunism.

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Banking on Trust (USA, 38 mins.)

Directed by: LeeAndrea Morton

Pioneers in the fight against global poverty are exploring an innovative method of helping the world’s poor. They offer sustainable socio-economic advancement through access to credit and other financial services that the developed world takes for granted.

The idea is simple, it’s about giving small loans to people in poverty — usually to women in developing countries — who can then use that loan to start small businesses out of their homes.

The global payback rate for microfinance loans is greater than 90 percent, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. For a microfinance investor, the desired return on investment is far more than just monetary. These investors want to see that their loans are improving lives, educating children, fighting hunger, and creating sustainable communities wherever their dollars go.

Go on a journey to Argentina to see how a little loan goes a long way. Meet borrowers, lenders, and experts from three microfinance institutions in one of Latin America’s destination countries, as we explore the real impact of microlending efforts in the lives of those who need it most.

More information atbankingontrust.com

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Bernadette (fourth seating) (USA, 1hr 12min)

Directed by: Josh Taub

Written by: Jeff Ertz, Josh Taub


Bernadette Scarduzio

Bernadette was born with the biggest disease no one has ever heard of... until now. Watch as she rises from living in obscurity to becoming - in the words of her late father - the face of CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth disease). 

Affecting over 2.6 million worldwide, CMT is a nerve and muscle disorder that causes it's victims to deteriorate over time. There is no cure. It is a family secret. It goes undiagnosed and misdiagnosed way too often. In some cases, it can be fatal. This project is the first full length film on this subject. It uncovers the truths, frustrations, and misconceptions about CMT. Along the way, there is tragedy, spiritual rebirth, a beautiful female partnership, surgery, and yes, even a few laughs.


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Directed by: Adam Tyree

Written by: Burt Brooks



Alexandra Hellquist, Burt Brooks, Haeree Park, Joe Matusak, John Beck, Ryan Merrigan


A teen runaway, Noreen, stalks a handsome local named Bobby, and when he makes the mistake of leaving his back door unlocked Noreen slips inside his home to become more intimate with her obsession...


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Body Complete (Austria, 86 mins.)

Directed by: Lukas Sturm

Written by: Lukas Sturm


Asli Bayram, Adnan Haskovic, Miraj Grbic, Senad Basic

Sensing history repeating itself, journalist Nicole flies from Vienna to the Bosnian village of Morovci to track down Edina, who has gone missing. Edina had recently returned to Morovci to fulfill her murdered father’s last wish for a proper burial. However, her father was one of thousands of Muslim victims of ethnic cleansing in the 1992 war, and Morovci has since been remade—facts complicating her task. Now Edina herself has vanished mid-mission. As they search for her, Nicole and her television crew face resistance from traumatized villagers and a despotic mayor. Their few allies, meanwhile, include the forensic specialists painstakingly piecing together the scattered remains of the victims. When the body is complete, the soul can rest. When the truth is told, a new future is possible. This poignant thriller examines what it means for a people to face up to a shared past, and what happens when they won’t.

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Directed by: Jonathon Goodro

When life gives you lemons, sell them for cash. The first single off of Brian Alexander's newest album, The Acoustic Gangster, comes a fresh summer hit, 'Lemonade.'

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Can't Dance (USA, 15:06)

Directed by: Richard Uhlig

Written by: Richard Uhlig

A lonely widower... a ghost with a plan... a neighbor with a secret.

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Catch the Clock (USA, 20 mins.)

Directed by: Jaena Marisse Sta. Ana

Written by: Jaena Marisse Sta. Ana


John Steen, Kate Chan, Larry Kitagawa, Matthew Grubisich, Teralyn Shields, Xing Kai Wu

Catch the Clock is the story of Azra, an introverted mortician who's lived side by side with death. She has found comfort in her position as a mortician, surrounding herself with the deceased. Visiting an antique shop after her watch breaks she meets, Trevor, a bright Chinese American. Their unexpected friendship ultimately helps her come to life through death.

Catch the Clock is a film representing the common link in human society, death. Life & death is also expressed through the contrast of culture and character.

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Chasing Home (USA, 1hr 25min)

Directed by: Keith Boynton


Angelica Barquero, Brigitte Choura, Bruce Bowns, Clint Byrne, E. Timothy Schomburg, James Fauvell, Jane Hardy, Jill Adler, Michael Redfield, Mike Lavoie, Nicole Chiles, Samantha Christensen


Jesse, Henry, Violet, and Benny Stamper are four siblings who have gone their separate ways.  Jesse's a reporter in Chicago, Benny's a minister, Henry's a derelict, and Violet has remained at home to help their father, Bruce, run the family motel.  But when Bruce suddenly disappears, the siblings are inexorably drawn back together to assist in the search.  As they embark on a journey through the places they used to know so well, they rediscover long-simmering conflicts between them – and long-standing bonds, too.  In the end, their search becomes less about finding Bruce than about finding each other.  But fate has one more surprise in store for them.

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Church Road (USA, 15 mins.)

Directed by: Nicole Yuhas

Written by: Nicole Yuhas


Ellie Rose Schwartz, Michael Orenstein, Natasha Sims, Ralph Tarr

A young woman faces a heart-wrenching dilemma:  should she put her severely depressed stepfather through the mind-altering trauma of electro-shock therapy (ECT), or fight to break him out of the system, leaving his depression untreated?

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Clicked (Australia, 35 mins)

Directed by: Matthew Foster

Written by: Matthew Foster


Amanda Buckley, Andy Anderson, Matthew Foster, Jon Williams, Toby Truslove, Susie Youssef.

Max designs online ads. Unfortunately, he's not very good at it. Even more unfortunately, his boss has set up a competition in which he and his snide colleague Beth must each design an ad for a hardware store. Whoever creates the ad that gets clicked the most will be given a promotion. Max would really be in with a shot ... if only he had some creative talent.

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Commentary (USA, 1hr 25min)

Directed by: Aaron Mark

Written by: Aaron Mark



Alison Fraser, Chip Zien, Gerry McIntyre, Katie Klaus, Kristine Zbornik, Leslie Kritzer, Liz Larsen, Peter Vack, Tom Hewitt, Zachary Isaacson


Nine people record a commentary for the DVD of a fictional film called WASTE.

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Dance of the Death (Russian Federation, 3min)

Directed by: Yulia Novicheva


Evgeniy Morozov

Music clip on Camille Saint -Saens 'Dance of death' music. Whole Life of the person from birth till death within three minutes.

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Daniel (second session) (USA, 24 mins.)

Directed by: Alain Furcajg

Written by: Alain Furcajg


Aaron Tone, Clyde Shelby, Elliot Eustis, Patricia Bruno, Spencer Casey, Stephen Casey

A closeted young cabby in a small seaside town struggles to suppress his cross-dressing habits and a vicious impulse to kill those who question his sexual orientation.

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Dark Victory (USA, 5min)

Directed by: Jeff Mellin and John Soares



Eddie LaTeques, Niki Luparelli, Ziza Soares


Video for Jeff Mellin's 'Dark Victory' starring Niki Luparelli a young woman who dreams of life on the silver screen. Part of the 'Three On A Match' project, where three songwriters (Neil Carlill, Jeff Mellin & King Toad) wrote songs inspired by Bette Davis movies.'

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Delusions of Grandeur (U S A, 1:42:00)

Directed by: Iris Almaraz, Gustavo Ramos

Written by: Gustavo Ramos, Iris Almaraz


Leeana Chavez, Louie Olivos, Nicole Ortega, Peter Pano, Rina Fernandez, Ronnie Alvarez, Dave Vescio, Salvador Benavides, Jesse Wilde and Damon Viola.

"Where there are dreams, there is always an illusion."

San Francisco is known as the home of progressive liberals and the free-spirited; so it only makes sense that after quitting her depression medication, Lulu, a voluptuous, rebellious, grungy girl moves there to live with her transgender fairy godmother, Illusion. Bored by her job at a local coffee shop, Lulu leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her sexual exploration. Meanwhile, Illusion searches for someone to love and Lulu's friend Mario turns on her intrigue for a psychedelic trip on peyote. With its avant-garde perspective, Delusions of Grandeur is a bright and colorful presentation of the struggle from adolescence into adulthood. Enjoy this local spin on the coming-of-age tale for a new generation.



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Demons (Canada, 3min)

Directed by: Willie Frickelton


The Son Of Apparatus

The Son Of Apparatus are in the business of kicking ass and not taking names. With their debut music video, we see the intense sights and sounds of the lifestyle being lived out by the band representing the 705.

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Dislecksia: The Movie (USA, 81 mins.)

Directed by: Harvey Hubbell V

Written by: Eric Gardner and Harvey Hubbell V


Harvey Hubbell V, Milos Forman, Robert Blake

Filmmaker Harvey Hubbell V is one of 35 million Americans who have dyslexia. Hubbell journeys across the USA to learn more about the condition, and discovers that scientists are close to unlocking the secrets of dyslexia, which is the key to teaching everyone how to read, and stamping out illiteracy.

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ExamiNation (USA, 21 mins)

Directed by: Judy Suh


Bitna Hwang

ExamiNation is a short documentary film about the notorious South Korean college entrance exam, Sooneung. Can one exam dictate a culture and lifestyle in a country? The film shows you it's possible. Almost all high school students in Korea prepares for this rigorous and extremely competitive 8-hour exam that happens once a year. On this day, the whole country will pause for these students to take this "life-changing exam." The film captures the experience of high school students through a day in the life of one particular student working toward this exam.

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Directed by: Sabrina Digregorio

It is the story of a journey, discovering both poetry and life of a man through the meeting of two generations: the poet and writer Joseph Tusiani and the biographer Daiana Giorgi. Tusiani, born in Italy and emigrated to the USA in 1947, is a recognized exceptional and international classicist and contemporary poet that lives in NY. He has been the first American to win the prestigious Greenwood Prize (London), on top of many other awards.

During this journey fragments of the war, of migration and uprooting come to memory. These tiles compose the patchwork of the life of a man and the arts of an author that blend together and narrate the words, the poetry and the mystery of human life.

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Food of Love (USA, 18min)

Directed by: Sarah Rosen

Written by: Sarah Rosen



Chandler Rosenthal, Michael Rosen, Sarah Rosen


Food of Love is about fantasy, poetry, and growing up. Iris is a shy baker who lives an exciting, dramatic life in her own Shakespearean fantasy world, but struggles to live as fully in her real life. When she develops a crush on a regular customer, she is forced to take a stab at reality

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Forgiveness (USA-Ireland, 8 mins.)

Directed by: David Curran and Padraic Seery

Written by: David Curran


Ann Peacock, David Curran,

Shawna O'Hearn is fifty something, and has been blind and crippled from an accident some years before. On this sunlight morning she steels herself to confront her husband about a female visitor who came to make a confession to Shawna the day before.

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Freak (USA, 4min)

Directed by: Roberto Marquez



Christian Gyllensvard, Christina Karabiyik, Christopher Cerny, Cynthia Shaw, Dagny Fratis, Gregory Hentis, Jesse Richman, Katharina Stenbeck, Kiera Allen, Raquel Leifer, Richie Noodles, Sophie Freedman, Suzanne du Charme


A young woman awakes in a forest and discovers scenes of sexual awakening that span from Oedipus to Homosexuality. Once she has been exposed to all the elements of sexual history she must travel within herself to discover her own sexuality and finally merge it with social taboos.

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Friday (United Kingdom, 17 mins.)

Directed by: Sebastian Rice-Edwards

Written by: Anna Symon


Reece Noi, Bhasker Patel, Cathy Tyson, Karen Seacombe, Richard Driscoll

FRIDAY is the story of a teenager struggling to come to terms with the death of his mother on the one-year anniversary of the tragic event.

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Funny Webcam Effects (Spain, 2min)

Directed by: Néstor Fernández


Javier Botet

Furnace Keep (USA, 3min)

Directed by: Gary Grant

Written by: Gary Grant



Bob Wells, Ethan Nickerson, Max Baird, Sealii King


Furnace Keep intertwines themes of self-imprisonment, reawakening and liberation. This short experimental film employs an unusual blend of miniatures, stop motion, digital and physical effects in an atmospheric interpretation of a struggle common to many: how to reignite the pilot light of personal potential and fuel the flames within our own Furnace Keep.

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Googleable (Canada, 3min)

Directed by: Luisa Valencia

Toronto based jazz singer Ori Dagan is the winner of the 2010 Canada's Next Top Crooner CBC radio competition. Taken from his upcoming sophomore release Less Than Three, his new music video for an original song, Googleable, is a humorous stop motion video directed and animated by the Columbian creative team of Luisa Valencia and Juan Palacio.

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Goose Family (USA, 30 mins.)

Directed by: Seung Yeob Lee

Written by: Seung Yeob Lee


Heeson Kim, Maru Lim, Yonghwa Shin, Yongwoo Shin

The film 'Goose Family' is a blend of fake-documentary and drama. It's about a Korean family who live separately in Seoul, Korea and New York, U.S.A just for the sake of the children's education. The father, JINSOO, works in Korea to support the family while the mother, SHINAE, takes care of two sons living in the States. They both struggle for financial, emotional and cultural reasons and they gradually fall apart.

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Directed by: Bradonio


Henry William Oelkers

A music video driven by the use of bokeh silhouettes (an in-camera technique using basic paper cutouts placed in front of the camera lens).

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Gros (USA, 10 mins.)

Directed by: Adam Taylor

Written by: Adam Taylor


Bill Moore,

The autobiographical story of circus performer 'Sladu Le Gros,' the fattest man in Eastern Europe, who travels to America to become the fattest man in the world only to depressingly find that in this country he is merely considered to be of average size.

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Handyman- Music Video (Australia, 4 mins.)

Directed by: Romney Jones

Written by: Romney Jones


Romney Jones

The film clip depicts the double-life of a poly-amorous housewife who is holding a secret from her husband; the fact that she is a man. Despite the initial shock of discovering this, the husband extends his unconditional love, and all parties romp together in the final scene in a Rocky Horror-esque celebration of sexuality and fabulosity.

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Heads Up (USA, 13 mins.)

Directed by: Alex Merkin

Written by: Ben Carlin


Adam Lustick, Craig 'muMs' Grant,

'HEADS UP' is an edgy, comedic story of two long time friends, partners in crime, and somewhat surrogate siblings who love each other to death. When suspicions of trust and loyalty arise at the weekly poker game the situation erupts in an extreme way - because nobody fights like siblings do!

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Hidden (USA, 7min)

Directed by: Imran Yusufzai

Written by: Imran Yusufzai, May-Mei Lee


Melanie Jess, Miguel Lopez


A lonesome man finds the woman of his dreams, but he may have to reveal more than he thought he would to discover true love.

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Hold Me Closer (USA, 26 mins.)

Directed by: Marissa Lugo, Taylor Luce, and Thomas Fisher

Hold Me Closer documents the events of a Cuddle Party held in a Los Angeles motel in late March 2011. Seven strangers gather under the supervision of a certified Cuddle Party Facilitator for three hours of 'freestyle cuddling' meant to bring people together through the use of healthy, nonsexual touch. However, good intentions quickly fade as conflicting personalities and a cuddler trying to subvert the rules threaten to derail the proceedings.

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Hourglass (Norway, 16min)

Directed by: Pedro Collantes

Written by: Pedro Collantes



Hakon Ovesen Waaden, Henriette Hellandsjo


As we grow up, friendships often fade away. Or do they?

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I Love You, Anna (USA, 26 mins.)

Directed by: Josh Walden

Written by: Jason Huza


Ellen Zolezzi, Josh Walden, Jarrid Huza, Jeff McLean, Linda Glick, Megan Gerlach, Megan Lewis, Nick Kenkel

I Love You, Anna explores the true meaning of family, friendship and claiming responsibility for life.

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Directed by: Dave Reilander

Written by: Cameron Kaupp

A tale of woe. A strapping young lad has an opportunity with an interested young lady. Unfortunately his shy nature leads him back home to his whale.

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Directed by: Frank Jerky





The video begins from a couple of public toilet, and then slowly, with time the camera will move sideways and upwards, multiplying the bathrooms, with just about anything coming in and out of it.

Whether someone comes in to pee, or to snort cocaine, to get laid or throw up, drunk dancing or smoking weed, from a priest to Santa Claus, from a drag-queen to a policeman, from a biker to a punk, from a gentleman with a briefcase to a little girl, from an old lady with a cane to someone dressed as Elvis, from a whore to a serial killer etc. The ending is a crescendo with the camera moving upwards again showing more and more bathrooms, until the closing of the video, when the screen will become an infinite mosaic of bathrooms.


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In Montauk (USA, 67 mins.)

Directed by: Kim Cummings

Written by: Kim Cummings


George Katt, Lukas Hassel, Nina Kaczorowski

Julie Wagner has everything today’s young woman thinks she wants: a successful husband who adores her, a baby on the way, a close circle of family and friends, and a career as a photographer that is about to take off. So why is she alone in Montauk in the middle of December? During the cold, stark days, Julie throws herself into capturing her artistic vision for an upcoming solo show, yielding works of deep passion and instinct; at night, she restlessly taps away at her computer, plagued by uncertainty about the impending trajectories of her life.
When a prickly but brilliant composer-musician knocks on her door with an odd request, Julie ushers in a series of events that will bring her in contact with her buried hopes and fears, and force her to make choices she couldn’t have fathomed. At once shocking and wise, In Montauk is a now-familiar story turned inside-out by a main character who can’t help but put herself into the most uncomfortable position of all—confronting life’s imperfect choices in the hopes of grasping one through which she can be true to herself.

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Directed by: Tommie Sox



Amiyah Torres, J Clash, Ryan Mcelroen, Shaunice Mudahy, Tommie Sox, William Smith 


The music video follows a soldier on his way home as well as aspects of his personal life and boils down to a dramatic ending.

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Klappe Cowboy! (Germany, 85 mins.)

Directed by: Timo Jacobs

The self-styled director Cowboy is coming to Berlin with only one goal at long last filming his big blockbuster.
Self assured he is accepting every mission until he is meeting the real artist YPS and starts filming a porn movie, something mysterious is brewing up nearby in the Bedlam- Hospital.
But Cowboy, blind of love, is stitching in a wespsnest and his dilettante qualities are overwhelming his powers by far.

In this trashy-funny Berlin film, directors Timo Jacobs and Ulf Behrens reflect on the pros and cons of independent filmmaking. Their ironic and partly autobiographical low budget flick is a self-financed ode to their humble beginnings.
Even the German title, KLAPPE COWBOY!, is a witty play on words. A 'klappe' is the clapper board used on film shoots.
But 'klappe' is also a slang term used to tell a loud mouth to 'shut it'. And if anything, lead character Cowboy is a pushy, annoying pain in the arse who greatly overestimates his own abilities.

Timo Jacobs, who also plays the lead, let himself be inspired by German independent filmmaker par excellence, Klaus Lemke:
a director who sometimes pulled surprises on his actors and other times simply let them improvise.

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Kung Fu Grandma (United Kingdom, 27 mins.)

Directed by: Jeong-One Park

Korogocho; a Kenyan slum in which the older women have become vulnerable to attack from younger men, fuelled by rumours that intercourse with an elderly woman can be a cure for AIDS. Now, a group of grandmothers come together to protect themselves - the eponymous Kung Fu Grannies.

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Les Plumes De L'oncle D'ayopou (France, 11 mins.)

Directed by: Marie Meerson

Written by: Marie Meerson



Three cousins are called by a solicitor.

They learn they have inherited 3 million euros from an unknown uncle.

But to get the money, there is one condition : to make his body up as an Amazonian Indian.
Three personalities, three different reactions...

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Little Kaiju (USA, 4 mins.)

Directed by: Jonathan Baker and Josh Baker

Written by: Josh Baker and Jonathan Baker


Tei Ryushin

The whimsical journey of a mysterious vending machine dwelling creature who explores the shadowy corners of Tokyo after dark.

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Masque (USA, 16:00)

Directed by: Robert Hatch

Written by: Richard Losee


Lauren Holly, Richarch Losee, Wilford Brimley

Defying a fate of destruction and despair, a scarred and evil prizefighter, henchman, and gambler conscripts the artful skills of a gifted benefactor who proffers the hope of a mythical journey of...

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May (Second Session) (Australia, 13min)

Directed by: Patrick Fileti and A. Chris Moreira

Written by: A. Chris Moreira, Mark Schoeller, Patrick Fileti



Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood, Gertraud Ingeborg


A short film that illustrates that you are never too old to come of age.

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Mont Reve (USA, 116 mins.)

Directed by: Lynn von Kersting and Rocky Collins

Written by: India Irving


India Irving, Mario Rivelli, Andrei Belgrader, Andy Demetrio, Brigitte Buny, Charles von Bernuth, Danny Pardo, Gianfranco Terrin, Henry LeBlanc, Ian Fisher, Israel Urbina, Jes Breaux, Joe Bays, Jorge Urbina, Juan Urbina, Julian Nava, Keith Barletta, Kendra von Bernuth, Lauren Gaw, Mark Jacobson, Mary Joan Negro, Nathaly Prado, Pat Crowley, Teni Panosian, Tommaso Sacco. 

Marco della Riva, Italian student at the elite Swiss boarding school, Mont Reve, is not your ordinary guy. A fierce athlete and secretly a writer, he is quite the trouble maker and of course a ladies man. With his on campus nemeses, the drug-dealing Spanish gang, vowing to cause him and his group of Italians trouble, life is a constant game to reach the finish without being caught. But when Marco's eyes set upon Divina V. Rawling, a British classmate and dancer with a perfect record and lineage extraordinaire, his charm is tested. Will she risk his reputation and give him a chance? And when faculty find evidence he's been in the girls' dorms, will he even be allowed to remain at Mont Reve?

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My Little Demon (USA, 76 mins.)

Directed by: Steven James Creazzo

Written by: Steven James Creazzo

Psychologist, Rebecca Crowe (Ali Stover) makes
Evelyn Larson (Diana Cherkas) an offer she can't refuse.
Murder an innocent person and her long deceased daughter
will be returned to her... From HELL. 'My Little Demon' is a fast
paced, claustrophobic fable about how far a mother will go to
save the life of her child, as well as her very own soul.

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Nachtigall (Germany, 20 mins.)

Directed by: Michael Müller

Written by: Michael Müller


Adelina Lutfija, Alexander Abramyan, Andreas Schirra, Dennis Kamitz, Frank Kallinowski, Jonathan Ratering, Lennart Amarell, Maria Hengge, Peter Penewsky, Robin Axenbeck, Wolfgang Richter

'Nightingale' is about a 12-year-old boy, who has never cried in his life before. Looking for tears in order to get a kiss from a girl, the boy becomes overwhelmed by the never-ending beauty of Nightingale's voice.

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Nobody's Child (USA, 24 mins.)

Directed by: Dennis Nollette

Written by: Dennis Nollette


Daniel Marks, Dennis Nollette, Faye Viviana, Miles Cooper, Walt Schoen

Annie and Paul have been best friends for years. Annie discovers she may have breast cancer and wants Paul, who is gay, to raise her son if anything happens to her, rather than the boy's father. Paul, young and in love with a fast gay lifestyle, is not so sure that's such a great idea.

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Noseland (Austria, 82 mins.)

Directed by: Aleksey Igudesman

Written by: Aleksey Igudesman


Aleksey Igudesman, Hyung-ki Joo, John Malkovich, Mischa Maisky, Roger Moore

Noseland is a humorous ode to the world of classical music and some of its star musicians. Although it is a feature length documentary, it crosses genres into fiction and comedy. The world famous violinist with a nose fetish, Julian Rachlin, takes over the town of Dubrovnik, Croatia, every year to bring together some of the world's greatest musicians, actors and composers and create a unique two week long classical music festival. His oldest friend, the violinist, composer and 'wanna-be' filmmaker Aleksey Igudesman offers to make a documentary film that will take an 'inside look' at this 'fairytale' festival but things seem to go wrong pretty much from the start.

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Notes (United Kingdom, 15 mins.)

Directed by: Philip Blake

Written by: Philip Blake


Alison Steadman, Edward De Souza

Terry lives in a world of confusion and suspicion. He suffers from dementia. However, it is only when his daughter, Allison, comes to pick him up that the true extent of his condition is shockingly revealed.

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Ordinary Joe (USA, 79 mins.)

Directed by: Carlo Gennarelli

Meet Joe Sciacca, a beer drinking, blue-collar roofer and Vietnam War veteran from Long Island, New York. Contrary to appearances this 'Ordinary Joe' has a life purpose that proves to be anything but mundane. Driven by complex motives, Joe annually returns to Vietnam, traveling its back alleys and country roads seeking out the poor, diseased and disabled, delivering to them his own brand of aid and hope. By adopting a 'do-it-yourself' attitude this brash New Yorker has become an unlikely champion to a far away and seemingly forgotten people.

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OutHere (USA, 10 minutes)

Directed by: Dennis Williford


Jordan Bradshaw

DJ Williford travels to Richmond, Virginia and where he follows skateboarder Jordan Bradshaw. Experience more of the Virginia skate scene and more awesome tricks.

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Pablo on Wheels (USA, 19 mins.)

Directed by: Brett Sorem

Written by: Elya Ottenberg


Dominick Bonnet, Luis Tolentino

Six months after their parents deportation, Rey (18) and Pablo (11) do what they can to survive in New York City. The bond of skateboarding keeps them together, but the culture surrounding it begins to split them apart. A single mistake by Rey threatens to take away the last family he has left.

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Planting Vines (Canada, 85:00)

Directed by: Nicholas Shields

Written by: Nicholas Shields


Christopher Menard, Amy Rivard, Peter Coady, Mitch Snaden

Planting Vines is an emotional journey of a young man struggling to make his mark in a world that has thrown him a serious curve. Daniel Miller, a young architect, discovers that his amazing ability to visualize his designs is actually a side-effect of a serious medical problem. Having yet to have one of his brilliant designs realized, Daniel must decide whether or not to risk his health and relationships in his bid to create a multi-million dollar skyscraper.

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Postcard From 1952 (USA, 8min)

Directed by: Peter Simonite


Based on actual found photographs from the era, 'Postcard From 1952' is a glimpse into the imagery of memory through the lens of the ubiquitous 1950s family camera. From here, we witness the the joys and light tragedies of youth. Captured images blend with memories of childhood, babies turn into children, children turn into adults, and adults behave oddly, beautifully. Flashbulbs ignite as our lives accelerate and then fade away. Like a soap bubble, life is fragile, ephemeral, fleeting, beautiful.

Director Peter Simonite has helped to photograph films by Terrence Malick (among them, 'The Tree of Life') and has directed several music videos. Annie Gunn is a still photographer. This is her first time co-directing.


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Profile (Germany, 7 mins.)

Directed by: Timo Pierre Rositzki

Written by: Timo Pierre Rositzki


Nepomuc von Kornmann and Elisa Thiemann

'Profile' is a short film about the dark side of social networking websites.

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Q (USA, 8 mins.)

Directed by: Felipe Vara de Rey

Written by: Felipe Vara de Rey


Juan Francisco Villa, Nelson Avidon, Sandra Soto Silva,

A Knight-errand in Brooklyn.

Q has a goal: conquering the heart of the beautiful Dolores. However, his loyal friend Santos doesn't think it will be that easy. They are going to need a strategy to get to Dolores. After all, who knows what fierce adversaries they might encounter on their way?

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Rebirth (Second session) (USA, 22 mins.)

Directed by: Nicole Libassi

Written by: Nicole Libassi


Anne Hammond, Astrid Ovalles, Breanna Lakatos, Christian Thom, Leonardo Casella, Margaret Noonan, Megan Corry, Michael Wetherbee

Rebirth is a thrilling and harrowing look at the struggles of a transgender person who wakes up trapped in a motel with no idea how he got there, and begins having hallucinations of people from his past, all of whom accuse him of murdering his former self in cold blood and ultimately send him on a desperate mission to rescue the little girl trapped in the next room.

The story follows a female to male transgender on a journey through his own subconscious as terrible hallucinations feed his paranoiac insecurities regarding his sexual identity. Everyone in his life, from his mother to his grade school bully, questions his masculinity and the morality of his choice to go through with the sex reassignment surgery.

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Directed by: Ryan Chatel

Reckless Sons journey one step further to the top of their game.

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Directed by: Mark Solomon

Written by: Mark Solomon


Ken Fuller, Kyle Walters, Brandon Shaw, Dan Le Donne, Edwin Ayala, Jenn Mello, Joseph Villapaz, Juan Espinal, Max Carpenter, Noah Goldstein

Sam Cooper is twenty-two years old and his life is going nowhere fast. His frustrated girlfriend Selene finally leaves him, hoping to find a more mature man. Sam decides to turn his life around. Sam creates a super-powered alter ego: Samson Chin - The Defender of Facial Hair. With a beard of biblical proportions, Sam sets out to defend his city's facial hair. However, another citizen is taking the law into his own hands. Sweany equates facial hair to plague. The Demon Barber of Christopher Street vows to rid the city of evil manes. The two battle fiercely for the future of facial hair. In the end, Sweany makes Samson Chin choose between his beard, a symbol of hope, and the love of his life-Selene.

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Singularium (USA, 28min)

Directed by: Joey Tran

Written by: Joey Tran



Andrew Donnelly, Kirsten Riiber, Shawn Hambright


During the final years of the contracting Universe, Kevin goes to meet up with his on-again, off-again ex-girlfriend, Claire, one last time in their now dilapidated old house, but gets trapped in the ensuing collapse and has to escape from the mysterious appearance of a growing army of her doppelgangers.

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Sufrir Como Dedos que no Sangran (Venezuela, 38 mins.)

Directed by: Francisco Lupini-Basagoiti


Miguel Belmonte, Paula Roman, Soledad López

Acclaimed romance novelist Helena Martin invites her estranged mother, a once-famous film star who abandoned her 15 years ago, to dinner with plans to reveal she's written an autobiography about their scarred lives together.

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Directed by: Dominic Haxton and David Rosler

Written by: Cherise Pascual, David Rosler, Cherise Pascual

Inspired by the alarming increase in real life tragedies involving high school bullying and suicide, TEENS LIKE PHIL tells the story of a gay teen, Phil, and one of his classmates, Adam, who brutally bullies him. The film explores the complicated and painful circumstances surrounding this relationship in an effort to better understand the roots of the bullying epidemic.

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Tenesa (Russia, 26 mins.)

Directed by: Natasha Novik

Written by: Andrey Migacyov


Anastasiya Sapozhnikova, Liliya Razakova, Ruslan Askerov, Sergei Yepishev, Sergey Ushkevich, Vilma Kutaviciute, Vitaliy Khaev, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Yasha Polyakov

A cart is rolling along the endless road with no-one on aboard, with no horse or engine, or even sails...just the wheels turning by themselves. There are different people it rolls by, there are different reactions it leaves behind.

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Directed by: Stephen Messer

Written by: Richard F. Russell & Felice Bassuk


Ryan Newman, Jonathan Morgan Heit, Menahem Zilberman, Jake Tellkamp, Caroline Langford, Ailey Marler, Asher Moore



What if everything that mattered could be grasped by answering a call? 

Could a single call connect memories, silence suffering, instill hope?  Could it transform contempt into compassion? 

On a perfect beach a young teenage girl answers that call.


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Directed by: Dan Curry

Written by: Valentine Whittaker



Andrew Scott, Baiyu Chen, Brett Davis, Chris Gunome, Christopher Gentle, Dan Stowell, Jimmy Debello, Ken Scott, Krista Ayne, Michael Tucci


A mysterious young woman exacts her revenge on the men that raped her years ago.

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Directed by: Sheena McCann

Written by: Sheena McCann


Caleb Hunt, Kai Caster, Barbara Fisher, Bonnie Shipston, Deb Owen, Holly Hawkins, Maika Monroe, Neil Sandilands

A teenage boy anxiously watches over his meth cook father and his little brother - but his vigilance is wearing thin.

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Directed by: Riley Gibson

A single shot, word for word, historical recreation of the 1974 song by John Lennon and Harry Nilsson.

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The Hour of Living (Switzerland - United Kingdom , 1 hr. 52 mins.)

Directed by: Sebastian Michael

Written by: Sebastian Michael


Andrea Spolarics, Charlotte Heinimann, Christoph Schwegler, Dan Absalom, David Wade, Gary Grant, Pepe Belmonte, Sam Fordham, and Sebastian Michael.

Theo is on a quest. He finds among his mother's belongings a Super-8 film, in which his dad looks really happy, and a little in love. Maybe a lot. But not with Theo's mother. Theo never really knew his dad and now that his mum is also gone, he's intrigued to find out who else there was in his father's life. His quest leads him into the past, and to Switzerland, high up into a remote Alpine valley. There he finds George, who has been living as a recluse for a decade. For George, Theo's dad was the love of his life. As the two men meet and get to know each other, their lives slowly start to make sense...

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The Last Prank (USA, 7 mins.)

Directed by: Richard Schall

Written by: Raina Volin and Richard Schall


Joan Chak, Johnny Etienne, Les Degen, Rachel Margolin, Richard Schall

On the night before a garage sale, two best friend puppets decide to rehash the good old days and prank the family that lives in the house before they are both sold and separated.

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Directed by: Kurt Miller



Bill Johnson, Chris Waddell, Howard Krepack, Jeff Berkus, Jenn Berg, Jim Martinson, Matt Feeney, Mike May, Nicole Marx, Rick Finkelstein, Robert Redford, Ryan Latham, Ryan Miller, Traci Anne Taylor, Warren Miller, Wyndham May


In 2004 Rick Finkelstein was paralyzed in a ski accident on Aspen Mountain. With a severed spine and severe internal trauma, he wasn't expected to live. Six years, nine surgeries, and a lifetime of rehab later, cameras captured his dramatic return to Aspen. Even with the latest gear, expert coaching, and mentorship from the sport's pioneers, Rick faced a daunting challenge with many risks and no guarantees.

 Rick's friend, witness to the crash: 'It wasn't until later that I completely broke down. You realized that it's just so fragile.'

 Robert Redford (narrator): 'Our movement started with the word never. 'You'll never walk again... You'll never see... You'll never live to age five.' Never? Our heroes refused to accept that word.


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The Pact (USA, 75 mins.)

Directed by: Matt Toronto

Written by: Aaron Toronto, Jordan Toronto, Matt Toronto


Aaron Toronto, Arlo Tobin, Janni Anderson, Jenn Losey, Jonathan Burns, Jordan Toronto, Kira Hawkins, Neil Brookshire, Nika Ericson, 

Their love lives in shambles, two brothers make a pact: No women for a year! The pact holds them under an almost magical spell as they take turns trying, but failing to break it.

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The Social Group (USA, 19 mins.)

Directed by: Jean Rheem

First formed in 2002, Linda's autism social group has been meeting every Friday for the past 10 years. While the film celebrates their decade-long friendship, it also brings into light the looming inevitability of having to grow up. The film reveals a glimpse of each member's humanity beyond their diagnosis of autism as they come together to prepare their first Thanksgiving meal.

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The Turn (United Kingdom, 20 mins.)

Directed by: Christian Krohn

Written by: Christian Krohn


Tim Bentinck, James Phelps

Stanley Kovack (Tim Bentinck) is an aging stand up comedian living in London. After a lifetime of easy successes and failed promises, he is left with little more than the memories of his auspicious beginnings.

As he stands on the ruins of his personal life and in the last throws of his career, Stanley finds an opportunity for fame and success. He meets Morris (James Phelps), a young stand up comedian at his creative peak and on the verge of comedic triumph.

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Theresa is a Mother (USA, 1 hour 42 minutes)

Directed by: C. Fraser Press & Darren Press

Written by: C. Fraser Press


Amaya Press, C. Fraser Press, Charles Anthony Burks, Edie McClurg, Elaine Bromka, Maeve Press, Matthew Gumley, Richard Poe, Robert Turano, Schuyler Iona Press and Violet Krumbein

Theresa McDermott has chased her 'ideal' life as an urban-dwelling, punk-ish singer/songwriter to it's very end. She's broke, facing eviction and happens to have three kids she's raising alone.

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Directed by: Andrew McKay and Co-Directed By John McKay and William Gardiner

In the summer of 2008, a small group of civilians ran 4,000 miles across America. They called themselves Run for the Fallen, and their mission was to run one mile for every service member killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. They did not run for or against the war, refusing any political affiliation. Jon Bellona, 26, founded the Run in memory of his best friend and college roommate, 1st Lt. Michael J. Cleary, of Dallas, PA, who was killed in action in 2005, at age 24. The team also included Mike's fiancée, sister, and other friends. TO THEM THAT'S GONE tells the story of this inspiring and historic memorial.

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Trailer Park Jesus (USA, 1hr. 19min.)

Directed by: Sean Gerowin

Written by: Sean Gerowin


Brent Henry, Danie Coleman, Garret Smith, Shanna Forrestall, Burton Tedesco, Casey McMurray, Chantal Koerner, Greg Swanson, Holly Ladnier, Jeremy Frey,  Kara Mann,  Kim Collins, Mandi Turner, Mike Dardant, Nikki May, Patrick Mizell, Rebecca Hollingsworth, Reginald Mack, Robert Douthat, Stephan Bernick, Thomas Kennedy, Tracey Davenport, Zac Cino

Trailer Park Jesus looks forward to blessing New York with some Peace, Love & Hallucinogens.

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Turtle Hill, Brooklyn (U S A, 1:20:00)

Directed by: Ryan Gielen

Written by: Brian Seibert, Ricardo Valdez


Brian Seibert, Ricardo Valdez

TURTLE HILL, BROOKLYN is a funny, sincere, slice of life about a couple just trying to figure it out. Mateo and Will invite their friends over for Will's 30th birthday. After a few surprise visitors, they get through the day, but realize that doubting your partner isn't nearly as scary as doubting yourself.

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Un Buen Hijo (Mexico, USA, 21min)

Directed by: Juan Gil Garcia

Written by: David Hauslein, Juan Gil Garcia



Hoze Meléndez, Jesús "Chuy" Padilla, Katherine, Laura Kaplun, Rod Zapién


A young man from rural Mexico with secret aspirations of being a drag performer is forced to choose between his parents and his dreams.

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Directed by: Hugo Coulais

Written by: Hugo Coulais and Alice Millar


Amit Shrivastav, Antonin Menegaux, Aurore Fagnen, Belle Addison, Cassandra Brinen, Colleen Williams, Joan Shangold, Juan Pablo Tramujas, Katera Noviello, Leila Saba, Marisa Arriaga, Sara Jackson,  Scott Cavazos, Seth Embry.

A trenchcoat-clad man searches for his missing other half through the streets of Brooklyn...

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Velveteen-AIVA Redflower (USA, 4 mins.)

Directed by: Gareth Phillips

Written by: Aiva Redflower (songwriter), Zak Jablow & Rupert Lyddon (Music), Gareth Phillips (Screen)

Music Video entitled Velveteen by AIVA Redflower. A young woman's metamorphosis into adulthood brings hidden surprises as she wanders the depths of her childhood dreams. 

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Victim (USA, 38:00)

Directed by: Mark Battle

Written by: Mark Battle and Chris Fuoco


Chris Fuoco, Mariah Gale, Megan McCormick

Abby, a disturbed young woman, stalks a sadistic serial killer in hopes of becoming his next victim

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Walpurgis Night (South Korea, 29 mins.)

Directed by: Lim Boyoung


Jonguk Yang, Seungmin Yoo

The virtual world of novels and the real life of day-life interact repeatedly to make something. It throws the reader(Me) into confusion.

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West World (United Kingdom, 9 mins.)

Directed by: Geraint Owen Evans


Geraint Owen Evans

In July 2011, five Cornish Skateboarders rode together for the first time in 20 years since making their own skateboarding video, WestWlorld about the Cornish Skate Community in the 1990s.

Now a Stand Up Comedian, a DJ/Producer, two engineers and a chef this documentary short tells their story of growing up, being a man and how Skateboarding stays in your blood.

WestWorld is a first documentary short by Geraint Owen Evans of IMAGO, who' credits to date include directing music Videos for the likes of We Know Mason, comedy virals and short films.

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Why Am I Still Alive? (USA, 17 mins.)

Directed by: Hanzhang Shen


Hanzhang Shen

It is a story about an old woman waiting for her death.

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Why Don't We Do It In The Road? (United Kingdom, 5 mins.)

Directed by: Chris Purcell


Roger McGough

A lyrical portrait of one of London's most peculiar tourist attractions - a humble pedestrian crossing in St John's Wood. But this is not any ordinary piece of street furniture, a 10 minute photo session back in the summer of 1969 saw to that. Just a couple of weeks after Neil Armstrong took his giant leap the Beatles took a few short steps across Abbey Road and the rest is history. Roughly timed to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the Beatles' first recording session at Abbey Road Studios, this quirky short film attempts to capture a little bit of the magic surrounding the most famous album cover of all time.

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X-Man (USA, 5min)

Directed by: Malcolm Rector


Antonio Parker

An American soldier fighting in Iraq watches neighborhoods become battlefields, witnesses the suffering of fellow soldiers and observes increasingly advanced technological strikes while struggling to comprehend the reasons behind the war as well as his role in it.

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Yo De Aqui Te Estoy Mirando (Chile, 18 minutes)

Directed by: Felipe Galvez Haberle

Written by: Felipe Galvez Haberle


Crfistian Carvajal

Marcarena Teke


A man returns from hunting. A women lies motionless in an empty pool. She proposes a game that he cannot play.

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You Bet (USA, 14 mins.)

Directed by: Sky Wang

Written by: Sky Wang


Charles Rasmussen, Christina Napolez, Robert Nunes, Anthony Vinci, Anup Varkgy, Bob McCarthy, David A. Novak, Jeff Ratkovich, Joette Waters, Joshua M. Reid, Killian Allgood, Kimberly Azana, Korsinda Cross, Louise Dana, Mark A. Child, Monica Carrow, Nicholas Wicht, Nick Bravo, Sam Valenti,
Thomas Lounsbury, Todd Garcia.

As a lottery winner lies dying in an ambulance, a murder plot against him is slowly revealed as his friends conspire against to steal the winning ticket.

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You Got This! (USA, 20 mins.)

Directed by: Simo Manfredi

Written by: Sara Hills


Jani Wang, Sarah Agor, Xango Henrey, Dan Olsen, Judy Nazemetz, Lynda M. Berg, Rita Mizuno

LAUREN (Sarah Agor), a troubled teenage musician is caught stealing money by a high school security guard, FITZ (Xango Henry). Knowing that the usual discipline methods will not work on Lauren, Fitz takes her beloved guitar hostage; the ransom is that Lauren must train with his charity marathon team. Through this forced interaction with running - and a little Miss goody two shoes, Susie (Jani Wang) - Lauren discovers the power of friendship and achieves what she once thought impossible.

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Directed by: Zachary Maxwell


Zachary Maxwell, Lucas Maxwell

A brave fourth grader goes undercover to reveal the truth about the food service program at his elementary school.

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