2010 Films

A Long Haul (USA, 43 min 53 sec)

Directed by: Nathaniel Kramer


Nathaniel Kramer (voice)

A LONG HAUL is a documentary depicting the struggles of a charter boat captain whose seasonal summer business has fallen prey to a bad economy, high fuel prices, loss of customers and depleted fish populations He is forced to moonlight as a captain on a broken down commercial fishing trawler to make ends meet. If successful working for the trawler's owner, the captain will be able to run the boat during the winter when there is no charter business at all. Desperate to climb out from under a heap of personal debt and under pressure from the owner to get the boat fishing and make money, the captain sets sail for a three day offshore trip to net squid. At the captain\'s side is his loyal first mate, and a 13 year old boy from a wealthy family working for the captain as a summer job..The boat has not been fished in months and is has become saddled with mechanical problems which compound the pressure on the crew to catch squid. Over the next three days, the crew will face sleep deprivation, rough seas, mechanical problems and the difficult task of finding and catching squid.

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Atroz (Spain, 9 min 50 sec)

Directed by: Francisco Alvarez Perez

Written by: Rual Urbina, Francisco Alvarez


Laura Sanchez (Luna), Awful (Awful), Jose Maria Carton (voice-off), Tato (dog), Mayte Bona (mother's voice), Francisco Negro (father's voice), Violeta Ollauri (mother), Jose Manuel Barba (father).

Atroz (Awful) is a curmudgeon teddy bear whose owner is Luna, a little girl, has taken him as her best friend. He will tell in first person the misfortunes he’ll live to flee from Luna's ceaseless petting and games.

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Broken Dreams (USA, 1 hr 20 min)

Directed by: Davis Crabtree

Written by: David Crabtree, Jeff Wallace


Anya Benton, C.J. McCrary, Daniel Montgomery, Eddie Navarro, Jake Olson, John Nicholas, Kelsey Ford, Nicole Gerth, Tony Forsmark

'Broken Dreams' is a character-driven story about love, friendship and addiction. It's a coming-of-age story about three best friends facing their fear of change and the costs of friendship.

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Card Subject To Change (USA, 1 hr 26 min 59 sec)

Directed by: Timothy Disbrow


Billy Kidman, Billy Graham, Brian James, Dylan Keith Summers, Jim Harris, Johnny Falco, Kevin Sullivan, Lacey Von Erich, Sherri Martel, Terry Brunk, Trent Acid, William Moody

Card Subject To Change will bring you deep inside the underground world of Independent Professional Wrestling. The film follows a young wrestler determined to make it in the business he loves, a veteran wrestler battling personal demons, a local wrestling promoter striving to make his company the best, and some of the most legendary names in the history of the business.

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China: The Rebirth of an Empire (USA, 1 hr 26 min 16 sec)

Directed by: Jesse Veverka


Chalmers Johnson, Freddy Lim, Jeremy Veverka, Rebiya Kadeer, Wei Jingsheng

Peaceful rise or potential threat? China's 21st century emergence as a global superpower affects every single one of us.

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Cinderello (USA, 2 min 18 sec)

Directed by: Chie Mori

Written by: Chie Mori


Alex Chonoo, Calvin Robertson, Larissa Simpson, Salvatore Gandolfo

A boy searches for a girl in Cinderella. She is found and given a tiara in the end. What happens when a girl searches for a boy?

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Dirty Night Clowns (USA, 5 minute)

Directed by: Ryan Gibeau


James Wojtal, Michael Leach

'Dirty Night Clowns' is a wonderful tale of curiosity, danger and pursuit. This is a music video shot entirely with marionette puppets on miniature sets. The challenge presented by the film's director, Ryan Gibeau, was to create a realistic feeling, cinematic world with stunning visuals and lifelike puppetry. The challenges were accepted by the talented and experienced crew and the result is a successfully charming and magical story for all ages.

The Playwright Celtic Pub

732 8th Ave  New York, NY 10036

8 th Ave. between 45 and 46 streets.

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Fairview St. (USA, 1 hr 51 sec)

Directed by: Michael McCallum

Written by: Michael McCallum


Elizabeth Moore, Jeff Bone, Jerrod Root, Justin Muschong, Michael McCallum, Shane Hagedorn

Sometimes you want to forget your past...Sometimes your past won't let you.

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Familiar Voices (Canada & USA, 1 hr 7 min)

Directed by: Danny Mendoza

'Familiar Voices' is an independently financed, feature length, not-for-profit documentary on reactions to the ongoing crisis in Darfur. Through voices and visuals, old messages regarding responsibility and hope are delivered in new ways - ones that are direct, concrete, and accessible.

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From the Second Chair (USA, 4 min 56 sec)

Directed by: Darol Michael Carr

Written by: Crystal Garcia, Darol Michael Carr


Benjamin Anderson, Bonnie Johnson, Dana Perine, Evan McHugh, Harry Alexander, Kristen Hale, Leon Lamar, Martin Baratz, Ted Johnson

When a retired musician happens across a picture frame from his youth, he discovers that he can use the frame to view memories from his past.

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How Come? (USA, 1 min 3 sec)

Directed by: Jun Igarashi

Written by: Jun Igarashi

An inconsiderate guy faces a weird happening.

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Kidnap (USA, 3 min 55 sec)

Directed by: Sijia Luo

Written by: Sijia Luo


Cindy Lin (voice)

A little chicken is late to school, but her excuse is too wild to believe: getting kidnapped on the way to school. You believe it or not, this chicken is a really good actress and a Kung fu master! After her explanation, you have to believe that her adventure is so true.

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Kill Your Television (Australia, 8 min 5 sec)

Directed by: Andrew Mitchell

Written by: Andrew Mitchell


Anthony Littlechild, Joey Hitten, Nick Musgrove, Olivia DiCocco, Peter Bennett, Serge De Nardo

In an alternate dystopian 1989, Hugo is forced to recruit the help of an old friend, 'Crazy Eddie', in order to help save his sister from the clutches of the evil brainwashing Television Corporation.

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Last Rain (Spain, 23 mins)

Directed by: Tony Lopez, David Sanz

Written by: Raul Alvarez



Nazán, in a low personal moment, finds Irene, his dream woman, in a crowed disco. Knowing that he has just one chance, he'll try to convince Irene that their fates are linked in a near future. Thus Irene will find herself in the paradox to distinguish if that mysterious man is someone from another time or just a cunning impostor.

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Directed by: Jared Berenholz


Peter Westbrook

This film examines why and how the Peter Westbrook Foundation, a fencing club in Manhattan that caters to under served youth, has such a high success rate in producing successful, world-class fencers.

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Love and Other Red Spot Specials (Australia, 5 min 31 sec)

Directed by: Lauren Anderson

Written by: Lauren Anderson


John Flaus, Paddy McIvor, Ray Tiernan, Shane Nagle

The supermarket of life is full of surprises...

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Love in the Age of Dion (USA, 90 min)

Directed by: Philip Cioffari


Tod Engle, Jerry Ferris, Marta Milans, Christina Romanello, Bridget Trama, Waverly Yates

Two men. Two women. A Bronx Bar. How far will a man go to re-capture the best days of his life?

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Lucky Break (USA, 19 min 59 sec)

Directed by: Mark Bauer

Written by: John Stevenson, Mark Bauer


Cedric Gay, Chris Pelham, David Hand, David Stevenson, Emily Woodruff, John Stevenson, Joseph Scott Abel, Martha Winters, Michael Raymond, Natalie Stavola, YaFang Wang

Travis begins seeing unique messages inside fortune cookies. The fortunes help Travis at first, but all is not what it seems. The fortunes soon turn menacing. Now, Travis must do as the fortunes ask, or risk the consequences.

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Manhattan Measure (USA, 24 min 53 sec)

Directed by: Johnny Gerhart, Philip Armand

New York artist Gene Schmidt measures the width and length of Manhattan with yardsticks.

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Music Videos (USA, 2 hr)

Terrie Farley Moran has had a number of short mystery stories published in various anthologies, and can be found on the web at www.womenofmystery.net Laura Joh Rowland is a historical novelist, the author of the Sano Ichiro samurai detective series and the Charlotte Bronte series. Lina Zeldovich writes crime fiction with Russian, Turkish and New York poise. She has written four novels, published many short stories and holds three Writer’s Digest awards, including first prize winner 2010. http://noveladventurers.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth Zelvin is the author of Death Will Get You Sober and Death Will Make You Leave Him, as well as short stories; she has been nominated twice for the Agatha Award for Best Short Story. www.elizabethzelvin.com Cathi Stoler is an award-winning advertising copywriter turned novelist. Her novels, Telling Lies and Keeping Secrets were finalists in the Brighid's Firebook Fiction Contest. Kenneth Wishnia writes hardboiled, socially conscious crime fiction tempered with cynical humor, including the Edgar Award finalist, 23 Shades Of Black and Jewish noir, The Fifth Servant, set in the 16th century Prague . Peggy Ehrhart (www.PeggyEhrhart.com) is a former English professor who writes the Maxx Maxwell music-themed mystery series and plays blues guitar.

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Nigels Cookies (USA, 3 min)

Directed by: Sean MacBride Murray

Written by: Sean MacBride Murray


Daniel Smith, Gina Trebiani

A case of mistaken confections . . .

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Directed by: Joe Paul

Written by: Joe Paul


Carl Calo, Jessica Wynne

He is Nuberu, the Cloud Master, from Spanish mythology that pre-dates Christianity. And she is the Lady of the Sun, Mujer del Sol. He is the master of storms and devastation, and she is the bringer of light and life. What will happen when these two Deities of Nature collide?

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Oh My Love (USA, 16 min 18 sec)

Directed by: Jay Bungay

Written by: Evakay Favia


Gil Rogers, Tina Sloan

When age is no longer just a number.

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Poetry Man (USA, 25 min)

Directed by: James McSherry

Written by: James McSherry


Bill Clark, Diego Lopez, Joe Diaz, John McCormack, Melanie Torres, Paige McSherry, Peter Green, Rene Rogoff, Valerie Smaldone

Based on a true story, Jimmy, an aspiring writer and his cousin Nicky, a neighborhood miscreant suspected of murder, face each other and the truth on the mean streets of the Bronx in this gritty tale of trust and betrayal. What would you do if you had to make a choice between seeing and believing when the absolute truth lay just beyond your grasp? 'Poetry Man' is about the redemptive power of art when everything else fails you.

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Polygamy (Hungary, 85 mins)

Directed by: Denes Orosz

Written by: Denes Orosz


Katya Tompos, Sandor Csanyl

Men's secret desire is to sleep with every woman they find attractive. What happens if it comes true?

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Qua (Spain, 9 min)

Directed by: Andres Vidal Alarcon

Written by: Andres Vidal Alarcon


SofÍa Medel

At the beginning of time, our world was a desert illuminated by two suns where the mankind barely could keep alive and the night was unknown. Meanwhile one sun provided life, the other one provided a sure death. Then, the change started…

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Written by: David Gilbank, L.E. Grabowski, Warren Hull

Written by: J. Mullee, Pete Johnson, Steve Marchese, Robert Gately, Keith Reagan

Shadow Puppet (USA, 7 min 22 sec)

Directed by: Michael McCallum, Brennan Wickerham

Written by: Michael McCallum


Michael McCallum, Natasha Desenna Fernandes, Zach Parsons

A couple is on the run from a killer. Money is missing and only they know where it is. Will they get to it before the hired gun gets to them?

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Shooting for Democracy (Singapore & USA, 56 min)

Directed by: Meghan Shea

Shooting for Democracy brings together voices of students in the world's smallest emerging democracy with those in its most established. The film is a vibrant portrayal of two nations as seen through the youth in each country. Inspired by the coincidence of Bhutan's first democratic elections taking place during a US presidential election year, Shooting for Democracy follows high school students as they participate in a video education program. The result is a unique juxtaposition that examines youth perspectives on democracy during the 2008 elections. Combining professionally produced footage with excerpts from the students' work, the film follows personal experiences of the students while also exploring the social and political contexts of these distinct nations, now linked by their use of a democratic system.

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Short Stories (USA, 1 hr.)

Written by: Jennifer Sprosty, Lina Zeldovich, Philip Cioffari,

Smoking with Abe Lincoln (USA, 1 hr 28 min)

Directed by: Sean Tracy

Written by: Sean Tracy


Chaka DeSilva, Eddie Markovich, Eric Felix, Haley Zale, Nicole Allen, Sean Tracy, Stephen O'Regan, Vinstant Rhepple

Realizing they are already in their 30s, best friends, Eddie and Trevor, fear they will die as virgins. So how do they decide to solve their dilemma? By making an action movie of course and filling it with gratuitous love scenes featuring themselves and hot actresses.

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Speakers Corner (USA & United Kingdom, 59 min 10 sec)

Directed by: Gavin White


Lisa Carter (voice)

Since 1872, people have gathered at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park (London) to exercise their rights to free speech in all its forms. 'Speakers Corner: You Have The Right To Remain Vocal' is a powerful commentary on the origins and fragility of freedoms of speech, assembly and the nature of democracy in modern society.

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Spectacles (USA, 2 mins)

Directed by: Jeremy Fain

Written by: Jeremy Fain


Julie Paparella, Sean Donovan

A young artist begins mentally undressing a beautiful passerby, yet each layer of clothing he peels away is followed by another, and another, and another...

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Street Ball (USA, 1 hr 30 mins)

Directed by: Demetrius Wren

Eight men from the streets of Cape Town band together to fight for their place in society through a fast-paced game of street soccer.

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Street Knights (USA, 14 min 8 sec)

Directed by: Matt Baron

Street Kings is a gritty exploration of the unique lives of Chess Hustlers in NYC's renowned Washington Square Park, and their consequent struggle to survive off the dying game.

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Taught to Hate (Ecuador & USA, 27 min)

Directed by: James Garcia Sotomayor

Written by: James Garcia Sotomayor, Richard Caban


Arturo Castro, Brandon Hannan, Helen Proimos, Lorraine Rodriguez, Nick Raio

Taught to hate: The story of an Hispanic immigrant trying to find a job in America and an American family who's uncle's racial intolerance has a strong effect on his Nephew.

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The Great Heist (USA, 10 min 39 sec)

Directed by: Dennis Mason, Robert Kalison

Written by: Robert Kalison


Brett Mcclelland, Jennifer Kalison, John Thompson Jr., Justin Zimmerman, Lija Fisher, Lisa Egle, Mike Mergo, Mike Leigh, Russ Uddin

The carefully planned robbery of an armored car begins to unravel when the four conspirators cannot agree on what is a proper Scottish accent.

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The Lark (United Kingdom, 1 hr 15 min)

Directed by: Steve Tanner, Brett Harvey, Mark Jenkin, Paul Farmer

Written by: Paul Farmer


Mark Pearce, Mary Woodvine

An endless maze within an infinite darkness, a family\'s shelter from a poisonous world outside. Then come the intruders….

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The Rubber Room (USA, 1 hr 11 min 26 sec)

Directed by: Jeremy Garrett

Written by: Justin Cegnar


Ani Karougian- Videographer

What happens when a teacher in New York City is accused of misconduct or incompetence in the classroom? They are sent to the 'Rubber Room' while an investigation is launched. They spend months or even years there getting full pay and doing nothing.

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The Vibrator (USA, 14 min 10 sec)

Directed by: Richard Caliban

Written by: Kari Swenson Riely


Kari Swenson Riely, Joe Kolbow, Santiago Mora

A woman, new to New York City, is overwhelmed by her new surroundings and sets out to insure her survival

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Vivir de Pie (Living on Your Feet) (Spain, 2 hr 4 mins)

Directed by: Valenti Figueres Jorge Figueres

Written by: Helena Sanchez


Andres Jerez (voice), Luis Marco, Monica Lopez, Valenti Figueres Jorge Figueres

"LIVING ON YOUR FEET" explores the personality of Cipriano Mera, and the ideals and feats of an era that turned his life into one great adventure, and made him the privileged protagonist of an intense journey through history in pursuit of utopia. It is the story of a free man who refused to die on his feet or live on his knees.

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Walk the Fish (USA, 25 min)

Directed by: Kathleen Man

Written by: James Roehl, Kathleen Man


Aidan Tumas, James Roehl, Katie Schorr, Lance Rubin, Nicole Wood, Shona Tucker

If you were a fish, wouldn't you want a different view?

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War is a Bitch (USA, 22 min)

Directed by: Ronald Armstrong

Written by: Ronald Armstrong


Candace Janee

In the very near future six highly trained female soldiers are sent on a daring secret mission. Their objective, to assassinate the one man who stands in their way for the right to be human. During their mission the women discover that some of them are not human at all, but something entirely different. What would you do if the very thing you are bent on destroying is who you truly are?

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Work it Out (USA, 1 hr 25 min)

Directed by: Andrew Fritzgerald

Written by: Kevin Porter Young


Alexandra Case, Alix Paige, Andrew Fritzgerald, Ariana Madix, Cheryl Aiello, Christine Marzano, Crystal Bock, Cydney E McQuillan-Grace, Demetrios Kalkanis, Gene Jones, Geri McKeon, Inez Scott, John Bayne, Josh Silverman, Ken Mark, Kevin Porter Young, Matthew Hachett, Megan DeSanty, Naim Omari, Robin Rose Singer, Rose Thomas, Susan Neuffer, Walt Willey

Dustin seems to be living the happy life of a swinging NYC bachelor. By day, he works as a personal trainer, by night he hangs out with his boys from the gym, and every spare moment seems more than dedicated to staying in peek physical condition. After meeting gym member, Becky (the type of woman his wild friends wouldn't give a second look), Dustin begins facing some bitter realities of his life, both past and present. Combining comedy and drama, the film asks the question of whether you can really be honest with anyone unless you're honest with yourself

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Directed by: Elena Beloff


Elena Beloff (voice)

Filmmaker Elena Beloff examines the stereotypes of Russian Women in New York.

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