Yellow Arrows (United States, 15:00)

Directed by: Yana Sar

Written by: Yana Sar

Cast: Elijah Guo, Jennette Nelligan

After receiving messages from a stranger, Jack follows a path into a hidden world. As he gets trapped in the maze of the unknown, answers he was looking for begin to be revealed to him.

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Yet Another (United States, 3:12)

Directed by: Tim Disbrow

Written by: Tim Disbrow

Cast: Ethan DeBeus , Matt Locker

Cooped up inside and overcome with boredom, a young boy ventures out of the house to find a little excitement--but it's not the first time.

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Directed by: Elizabeth Del Re

Written by: Elizabeth Del Re

Cast: Elizabeth Del Re, Ali Damji, Juliet Rusche

Megan is a stay at home mom who lives with her husband Ray and her daughter Erin. On the surface Ray seems like loving husband, but underneath he is an abusive alcoholic. Megan's eight year old daughter, Erin, unfortunately has to witness her mother being abused by her father. Faced with an uncertain future, will Erin be able to convince Megan to gather the courage to take them away from a life of violence?

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Your Smile (China, 25:34)

Directed by: Haochen Yang

Written by: Haochen Yang

Cast: Fu Cheng, Youxuan Ren, Yingzi Yelin

Boyang, a retro high school teenager in Beijing, is experiencing the rebellious phase of his youth. He refuses to change himself by having a cellphone to fit in the community. He is alienated by other people and he is unwilling to open up his mind. One day, he captures an unforgettable smile on a young girl’s face through his 35mm film camera. He decides to approach that smile. After the struggling of changing himself, Boyang finally shows his long-lost smile on his face.

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