Directed by: Xavier Beauchesne-Rondeau

Written by: Xavier Beauchesne-Rondeau

Cast: Bryan Morneau, Francesca Bárcenas, Monia Chokri, Mickaël Gouin

Shot over 3 years, with a small crew of 5 people, “Hier, Aujourd’hui, Hier” (“Yesterday, Today, Yesterday”) is the first feature film from Xavier Beauchesne-Rondeau and is a completely independent effort that explores, with sincerity, the ups and downs of love stories.

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You Better Take Cover (Australia, 0:29)

Directed by: Harry Hayes

Down Under by Men At Work is suddenly brought under scrutiny of plaigerism, after a music quiz show reveals some similarity to an iconic Australian nursery rhyme.

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Your Direction (U S , 5minute)

Directed by: Lauren Brady