Yo De Aqui Te Estoy Mirando (Chile, 18 minutes)

Directed by: Felipe Galvez Haberle

Written by: Felipe Galvez Haberle


Crfistian Carvajal

Marcarena Teke


A man returns from hunting. A women lies motionless in an empty pool. She proposes a game that he cannot play.

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You Bet (USA, 14 mins.)

Directed by: Sky Wang

Written by: Sky Wang


Charles Rasmussen, Christina Napolez, Robert Nunes, Anthony Vinci, Anup Varkgy, Bob McCarthy, David A. Novak, Jeff Ratkovich, Joette Waters, Joshua M. Reid, Killian Allgood, Kimberly Azana, Korsinda Cross, Louise Dana, Mark A. Child, Monica Carrow, Nicholas Wicht, Nick Bravo, Sam Valenti,
Thomas Lounsbury, Todd Garcia.

As a lottery winner lies dying in an ambulance, a murder plot against him is slowly revealed as his friends conspire against to steal the winning ticket.

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You Got This! (USA, 20 mins.)

Directed by: Simo Manfredi

Written by: Sara Hills


Jani Wang, Sarah Agor, Xango Henrey, Dan Olsen, Judy Nazemetz, Lynda M. Berg, Rita Mizuno

LAUREN (Sarah Agor), a troubled teenage musician is caught stealing money by a high school security guard, FITZ (Xango Henry). Knowing that the usual discipline methods will not work on Lauren, Fitz takes her beloved guitar hostage; the ransom is that Lauren must train with his charity marathon team. Through this forced interaction with running - and a little Miss goody two shoes, Susie (Jani Wang) - Lauren discovers the power of friendship and achieves what she once thought impossible.

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Directed by: Zachary Maxwell


Zachary Maxwell, Lucas Maxwell

A brave fourth grader goes undercover to reveal the truth about the food service program at his elementary school.

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