Walk the Fish (USA, 25 min)

Directed by: Kathleen Man

Written by: James Roehl, Kathleen Man


Aidan Tumas, James Roehl, Katie Schorr, Lance Rubin, Nicole Wood, Shona Tucker

If you were a fish, wouldn't you want a different view?

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War is a Bitch (USA, 22 min)

Directed by: Ronald Armstrong

Written by: Ronald Armstrong


Candace Janee

In the very near future six highly trained female soldiers are sent on a daring secret mission. Their objective, to assassinate the one man who stands in their way for the right to be human. During their mission the women discover that some of them are not human at all, but something entirely different. What would you do if the very thing you are bent on destroying is who you truly are?

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Work it Out (USA, 1 hr 25 min)

Directed by: Andrew Fritzgerald

Written by: Kevin Porter Young


Alexandra Case, Alix Paige, Andrew Fritzgerald, Ariana Madix, Cheryl Aiello, Christine Marzano, Crystal Bock, Cydney E McQuillan-Grace, Demetrios Kalkanis, Gene Jones, Geri McKeon, Inez Scott, John Bayne, Josh Silverman, Ken Mark, Kevin Porter Young, Matthew Hachett, Megan DeSanty, Naim Omari, Robin Rose Singer, Rose Thomas, Susan Neuffer, Walt Willey

Dustin seems to be living the happy life of a swinging NYC bachelor. By day, he works as a personal trainer, by night he hangs out with his boys from the gym, and every spare moment seems more than dedicated to staying in peek physical condition. After meeting gym member, Becky (the type of woman his wild friends wouldn't give a second look), Dustin begins facing some bitter realities of his life, both past and present. Combining comedy and drama, the film asks the question of whether you can really be honest with anyone unless you're honest with yourself

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