Victims (Canada, 1hr 20 mins)

Directed by: Chris Abell

Written by: Chris Abell

Cast: Christian Campbell, Julian Richings, Katharine Isabelle, Sebastien Pigott,

Lindsay and Spencer are a typical young couple, but their lives are changed forever after a violent home invasion. Now Lindsay finds herself a prisoner in her own home as her husband tortures the men responsible.

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Violence Done Well (Norway, 5)

Directed by: Maida Hals

Written by: Maida Hals

Cast: Alexander Monegomery-Andersen, Eline Thorp

Music video for Norwegian artist Eline Thorp. Captured in a world of reflections, a dancer is pushed to the limits.

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Virginie et Paul (France, 12)

Directed by: Delphine Poudou

Written by: Delphine Poudou

Cast: Jeanne Arenes, Julien Boisselier, Anne Cazenave, Jean Rieffel, David Van Severen, Philippe Reyno, Eirin Forsberg

Two lovers Virginie and Paul want to leave their partner and escape together. But they are not so lucky. Do they suceed ?

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