Unbecoming (Canada, 19:03)

Directed by: Navid Mashayekhi

Cast: Logan Wong

We all try to be something, to become someone. Unbecoming chronicles the life of Logan, as he fights to "unbecome" everything he's been until now, that wasn’t really him in the first place, as we follow his story from early childhood, to a traumatic adolescence, and beyond.

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Directed by: Greg Kase

Written by: Lee Schatzman (created by), Brady Schatzman (created by), Greg Kase

Cast: Rebi Paganini, Ky Soto, Lee Schatzman, Barbara Moonsammy, Fidel Kisic

An ethically questionable television production exploits a motley group of homeless people by making them the subject of a docuseries that poses as a human interest story on the drug epidemic in America—all while its subjects slip deeper into the rotten underbelly of society. The show depicts the everyday struggles of survival while living life without a roof over your head, but also focuses on very human experiences and the resilience of the human spirit.

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Untitled (Sans Titre) (France, 24:04)

Directed by: Clément de Dadelsen

Written by: Clément de Dadelsen

Cast: Arthur Provost, Bérénice Coudy, Christian de Dadelsen, Joffrey Monteiro-Noël, Benoît Chauvin

Jules is about to publish his first novel but cannot find the right title with his publisher. He therefore decides to go to Lisbon to convince the greatest title writer to find him one for free. The old man finally accepts but offers him a very strange deal...

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