Ultimate Satiation (USA | 2016 , 10 min )

Directed by: Christine Edwards

A woman enlists the help of an alien service to satisfy her darkest desire.

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Unfinished Business (United States | 2015 , 9 min)

Directed by: Yudelka Heyer and Victor Diaz

Written by: Gabrielle Sarrubbo, Matthew Stannah and Yudelka Heyer

Cast: Gabrielle Sarrubbo, Matthew Stannah and Yudelka Heyer

Tensions are high at the burial of the Charandelli family patriarch. Deep Scars, injustices, and accusations fly until dead silence for the moment they’ve been anticipating the reading of his will.

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UnSlut: A Documentary Film (United States | 2015, 38 min)

Directed by: Emily Lindin

Urutau (Brazil | 2015 , 70 min)

Directed by: Bernardo Cancella Nabuco

Written by: Bernardo Cancella Nabuco, Leandro Bacellar

Cast: Nicolas Sambraz as “Fernando” / Gerson Delliano as “Josias"

Fernando, a young lonely teenager, lives in a small house with Josias, the man who has sexually abused him since childhood. One morning, Josias suffers a heart attack and dies. Stunned, Fernando does not know how to react in view of his unexpected freedom. Exposing the complexity of human behavior in extreme situations, the film aims to discuss pedophilia issues.  

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Utopic Dystopia (United Kingdom | 2015 , 11 min )

Directed by: Teodora Berglund

Written by: Teodora Berglund & Vanessa Ford

Cast: Producer: Vanessa Ford