Directed by: Karin Venegas

Four rape survivors and two pioneering feminists share their stories of trauma, resilience, and activism. A deeply personal documentary, UNAFRAID explores the impact of rape and the capacity of ordinary individuals to effect change. Marcia-Elizabeth. Karen. Sarah Jane. Dave. From South Africa to small-town Nebraska, these diverse four, like too many others, share the singular experience of rape. Their stories converge in Manhattan at the Crime Victims Treatment Center where they now receive counseling.

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Une Bonne Affaire (France, 0:20:00)

Directed by: Denis Larzilliere

Une Liberation (United States , 0:16:00)

Directed by: Brian James Crewe

Written by: Marion Kerr

Cast: Marion Kerr, Ross Marquand, Matthew Temple, Mark Jager

On the eve of the liberation of Paris from Nazi occupation during World War Two, Juliet, an American resistance member, risks her life descending into the city's underground tunnels to deliver a secret message to fellow fighter Jean. However, a final deadly encounter with a pair of German deserters threatens to destroy the very thing she's been fighting for.

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Unfinished Legacy (USA, 18 min )

Directed by: Sansung Choi

Brema, a 17-year old African street artist living in Milwaukee asks Sangsun, a 30-year old Korean stranger, “Who has it worse in the United States, an African male or an Asian male?” Even though Sangsun, the documentary’s director, doesn’t know the exact answer, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Brema.

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Unsung Ingenues (USA, 37 min 10 seg )

Directed by: Julia Collier

Written by: Julia Collier

What keeps an artist going in spite of the many odds against them? Take a look into the lives of 7 artists living, breathing and creating in NYC. A look into the world of those striving for the seemingly impossible...their dreams.

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Until Forever (Peru , 0:27:00)

Directed by: Alvaro Iparraguirre