Directed by: Michael Macari

Written by: David Naglieri, Michael Macari

Cast: Bruce Greenwood

Unbreakable: A Story of Hope and Healing in Haiti chronicles the aftermath of the devastating earthquake which struck the impoverished island in January 2010, the efforts to rebuild and of two American organizations extraordinary efforts to bring health and hope back to the people most affected by the disaster. A story of hope and of giving back, across nations and peoples, despite catastrophic circumstances.

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Usturoi (Romania, 1:29:59)

Directed by: Lucian Alexandrescu

Written by: Lucian Alexandrescu

Cast: Adrian Haidean, Alexandru Prodan, Alexandru Covaci, Alina Crancau, Andreea Ioana Zaharia, Anton Stoica, Aurelia Pavel, Caludiu Lorincz, Daniela Stoica, Darius Stoica, Elena Ivanca, Elena Manuilov, Ervin Stoica, Gabriel Oana, Ghita Tamba, Gyuszi Stoica, Ileana Neagu, Ionut Turda, Ionut Adrian Varga, Istvan Robert Kanalas, Jon Seles, Lakatos Zoran Zsolt, Maier Andrei, Mircea Groza, Mishu Calin, Nicoleta Maria Varga, Nicu Varga, Radu Bazavan, Razvan Dragos, Sebastian Topan, Stelean Vlaicu, Tibi Covaci, Victor Salajan, Vlad Cucu, Zsolt Csok,

Two kids run away from their home village to become actors in the big city! The film is about their epic journey and the adventures they go through before arriving to their final destination: Hollywood.

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