TALE OF RISING RANI (India, 2:05:00)

Directed by: PRAKASH SAINI

Cast: Stuti Agrawal, Parul Verma, Sunil Tamang, Mahesh Saini, Anant Saraswat, Sachin Dhangar, Anil Yadav

As children we are constantly warned by our elders about the hardships of life. At some point we all must overcome these obstacles that life will place between us and our destiny. Unfortunately for ‘Rani’ some of these obstacles are in the form of people, like her father ‘Mahesh’. Who is hell bent on getting ‘Rani’ married right after school.

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Directed by: Sara Lohman

Written by: Henry Hereford, Sara Lohman

Cast: Henry Hereford

Tarka heads to Venice CA to investigate to the scooter, in particular "The Bird". Where did this magical creature come from? and what does the future hold for it with over population out of control?

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The Annex - Short Sketch Comedy (United States, 06:00)

Directed by: Garth Kravits

Written by: Evan Daves

Cast: Garth Kravits

A workplace comedy sketch series taking place at The Annex in NYC. Meet the administrators, teachers and students at this continuing adult education facility

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The Chicken Dancer (United States, 02:09)

Directed by: Tommy Walters

Written by: Sloan Brettholtz

Cast: Sloan Brettholtz, Samantha Funk

This chicken is having a rocky start backstage. Will they be known for more than the chicken dance?

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The Comedian (India, 24:16)

Directed by: Katyayan Shivpuri

Written by: Katyayan Shivpuri

Cast: Satish Kaushik, Grace Girdhar

The comedian is a film about an ageing comedic actor in the Indian film industry (Bollywood) who has no laughter left in his life. Hasmukh Lal was a superstar comedian in the 1990s. His name was synonymous with laughter and joy. Today he is a lonely, embittered old man, frustrated at what life has meted out to him. Using anger as his last defence, he is feared and loathed by his neighbours and co-workers alike. Riya is young Youtube Video blogger who moves in with her family next door to him.

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The Dance (United States, 04:00)

Directed by: Prashant Naik

Desert Southwest, includes arid landscape of the Mojave, Navajo and the Sonoran. From natural sandstones in Utah to towering buttes of Arizona to the Great Basin in eastern California, this dry desert carries its own colors and rhythms. Light from the stars and that of the sun, transforms this desert terrain into even more vivid scenes that changes dramatically from one horizon to another.

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The Daschund’s Show (Spain, 03:00)

Directed by: Sandra M Dustet

Written by: Maria Elena Walsh

The adventures and misadventures of a daschund in a day at the beach.

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The Deep End (United States, 10:02)

Directed by: Emma Grace Wright

Written by: Emma Grace Wright

Cast: Beau Wright, Amy Wright, Tommy Sullivan, Ethan Shumate, Amy Todd

Beau wants to be just like the boys, yet most of his middle school peers won't make room for a kid with Down syndrome. An unexpected invitation from a classmate changes everything.

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THE DESECRATED (United States, 07:48)

Directed by: John Gray

Written by: John Gray

Cast: Stacey Farber, Marica Moran

A young morgue attendant working the night shift encounters an unwelcome visitor.

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The Desert (United States, 26:40)

Directed by: Bo Kovitz

Written by: Bo Kovitz

Years after the closure of a major public hospital in the Bay Area, patients, first responders and care providers must navigate a hospital desert and adapt to the limited options, longer distances and backlogged systems of care.

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The Final Piece (United States, 3:48)

Directed by: Maris Jones

Written by: Maris Jones

Cast: Suzy Jones

60s inspired Music Video for RnB/Soul artist Suzy Jones.

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The Finger on the Button (United States, 3:35)

Directed by: Jonny Lewis

Written by: Jonny Lewis

Cast: Whit Spurgeon, Patty Kelley

A pentagon General receives a call from the president ordering a nuclear strike against SOUTH Korea. A Major questions the order. Does the president have dementia? Will a nation be obliterated? Watch and see!

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The Hill (United States, 02:00 minutes)

Directed by: Jordan McClendon

Written by: Jordan McClendon

The Hill is a 3D computer animation that takes place on the hill of State Street in Albany NY

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The Housesitters (United States, 13:06)

Directed by: Whitney St. Ours

Written by: Joshua Morrison

Cast: Mark St. Cyr, David Lanson, Whitney St. Ours

On their last day as house sitters, a young couple is visited by a stranger who exposes the lies between them.

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The Last Fishing Trip (United States, 22:00)

Directed by: Christopher Fox

Written by: Christopher Fox

Cast: Richard Malvey

An older woman's mortality is tested after she loses her brother to cancer. With nothing else to live for, she meets a young man who represents hope.

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The Millennial Experience (United States, 51:34)

Directed by: Alex Crozier

Cast: Fausto Rivera Contreras, Blair Jolly Elliot, Paul Flanagan, Paul Giarratano, Nia-Amina Minor, Madison Oliver, Alexander Pham, Emily Pihlaja, Lena Silverman, Jacklyn Wheatley

The Millennial Experience is a feature length documentary that focuses on cultural appropriation, LGBTQIA+ culture, and feminism, within the Millennial generation. The dance sequences in the film are adapted from director Alex Crozier's stage production MILLENNIALS which focuses on the aforementioned themes.

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The Old Man (United States, 16:13)

Directed by: Devin Peluso

Written by: Devin Peluso

Cast: Steve Coulter, Kate Pittard, Patrick Monaghan, Claudia Troy

After his daughter suggests he should move into an assisted living home, a stubborn widower must accept the fact that he's not the young and healthy man that he used to be.

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The Overcoat (United Kingdom, 25:00)

Directed by: Justin Juice  Black

Cast: Jeremy Stockwell, David Lemberg, Simone Mcintyre, Chris Larner

The Overcoat is a short film set in Oxford, UK, directed by Justin Juice Black and adapted by David Lemberg from a short story by Ukrainian author Nikolai Gogol. The story follows the changing fortunes of a harried Office worker who purchases an expensive new overcoat from a mysterious tailor. As soon as he puts on the coat, his life seems to change for the better. His acquaintances treat him with more respect and even invite him to social events; he now begins to excel at his work. With this upturn in fortunes, he gains a new self-confidence.

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The Right Girls (United States, 1:25:00)

Directed by: Timothy Wolfer

Written by: Jonny Orlansky

Cast: Valentyna, Joanne Stefani, Chantal, Sinay

Three young transgender women from El Salvador and Honduras - Valentina, Johanna and Chantal - travel through Southern Mexico within the high-profile “Migrant Caravan”. They develop a deep friendship as they walk and hitch rides northwards; coping with long journeys, limited funds, and regular harassment. They team up with other trans girls – including Sinay – along the route, and integrate within the caravan’s LGBTQ community.

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The Right Night (France, 09:24)

Directed by: Jeremias Nussbaum

Written by: Jeremias Nussbaum

Cast: Nina Mazodier, Jeremias Nussbaum

Sacha lives alone in his car by the river. One day he walks, as usually, on the cemetery walls, when his path is disrupted by Sam’s presence. Sitting alone, staring into space, she’s having dark thoughts… This bittersweet tale describes the encounter of two lost souls and tackles the question of life and death in a surprisingly light-hearted and quirky tone.

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