Tattooed (United Kingdom , 0:02:20)

Directed by: John Michell

Written by: B. Spencer

Cast: Aisling Bea, Brett Goldstein

A short comedy about lust, names and wobbly eyebrows. Naturally.

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Testimony (Ireland , 0:08:58)

Directed by: Kamila Dydyna

Written by: Kamila Dydyna

Cast: Olivia Daly, Neill Fleming, Clodagh Downing, Hilary Cotter

In 1991, Cat O'Neill testifies in a domestic abuse court hearing. Case parties: Mum and Dad.

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The Ascent (Colombia , 13 min)

Directed by: Ana Soler

Living a life of excess, SARA wakes up one morning among strangers in a sleazy hotel and hits rock bottom. A brief encounter with a stranger inside an elevator will bring back her will to live only to discover, however, it's too late. “The Ascent” is a journey inside Sara’s demon-plagued mind.

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The Colonies (U S , 0 : 13 : 00)

Directed by: Julia Max

The Country of Fear (El Pais Del Miedo) (Spain, 1 hour 42 minute)

Directed by: Francisco Espada

Written by: Francisco Espada

Cast: José Luis García - Pérez, Cristina Plazas, Eduardo Velasco, Marina Recio y Moisés Ortega.

Carlos, a peaceful man, looks how his quiet life is shaken when Marta, a girl aged 13, irrupts in it and starts to extort him. Unable to defend himself, he becomes involved in a series of distressing situations that lead to a disproportionate response.

The country of fear (El país del miedo) digs into our worst fears and how they may and up becoming the source of different forma of domination. Such fears can lead us to accept overprotctive brhaviour.

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The Crossing (U S , 0:21: 00 )

Directed by: Nathalie Biancheri

In a remote Italian town in 1961 teenage Eileen lives an isolated existence in the empty halls of her decadent family home. She's a misfit in the sleepy seaside village and only finds respite from her loneliness by swimming for hours every day. When a journalist convinces her to try and be the youngest person to cross the English Channel Eileen thinks it is her chance to escape and do what she loves most. But the harsh pressures of training clash dramatically with Eileen's naive passion and dreams.

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Directed by: Andre Guimaraes

Film about a student filmmaker trying to come up with a film on the last day of preproduction. Some ideas flow to the surface, but none that really make a lot of sense. The day of production comes and the crew arrives. Everyone waits on the director to figure out what to shoot, ultimately becoming a brainstorming session. However by the end of the day, none of the ideas work, and they give up on the project.

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The Decisive Moment (United States, 9 minutes)

Directed by: Roy Sun

Written by: Roy Sun

Cast: Lindsay Heath, Stephen Todt

In 2002, at the brink of digital photography, a shy, conservative photographer with a nearly closed camera store, meets a strong, optimistic girl.

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The Dickumentary (USA, 1 hour 10 min)

Directed by: Sofian Khan

Cast: EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Eric Grief ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Emma Hovi Frederic Kim Laila Petrone Tadashi Mitsui

Cultures have worshipped it, and circumcised it. Men have sought ways to make it larger. Across 14 countries, featuring interviews with more than 40 experts, ‘The Dickumentary’ tries to answer some of the greatest questions of our time, like: What happened to Jesus’ foreskin? Why do Hindus worship Shiva’s lingam? And, does size really matter?

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The Dog (Canada, 0:19:37)

Directed by: Nicolas Legendre

The Edge (France , 0:17:00)

Directed by: Simon Saulnier



In the nearby future, in the heart of a Northern forest where anarchy reigns, the young Hawa and her father survive as refugees. After a tragic robbery, Hawa’s life unexpectedly changes. Shes loses what she cares for the most and begins a journey to pursue a group of thieves, that takes her to the edge of the forest refuge.

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Directed by: Thomai Hatsios

The Firefly Catcher (United States, 0:18:00)

Directed by: Stefanie Black

Written by: Marisa Ruby

Cast: Marisa Ruby, John Billingsley

The Firefly Catcher examines the cycle of life through the relationship between a young woman, Madelyn and her prematurely aging father, Georgie. Georgie is struggling with an early on-set of Dementia due to head trauma. The story is a glimpse into Madelyn's sacrifice and tribulations as she struggles to care for her father and accept his illness. When his behaviors become too much to bear, Madelyn takes matters into her own hands. Then, just as she begins learning to cope with his incurable, deteriorating state, a flicker of light brings her renewed optimism for the road ahead. Could this be a turning point for Georgie's illness or can hope be a deceiving aspect of the human psyche?

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The Giving Tree (Germany, 9 minutes 39 seconds )

Directed by: Claudia Bracholdt

In the Dodau Forest in Germany, a 500-year-old oak tree has been connecting people from all over the world in a simple, yet special way. Since 1927, the tree has had its own zip code.

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The Gospel According to Charlie (USA, 56 min 41 seg )

Directed by: David Bussan

Written by: David Bussan

Middle-aged, gay, outsider artist Charlie creates everything from erotica to his own biker religion on his brother's farm in rural Ohio

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The Ice Cream Song (Australia , )

Directed by: Melanie Camp

Directed by: Chris Lee

Created by Chris Lee

Music by Paul Meadow.

The images in this video were constructed by tuning real-time video projection feedback cycles.

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The Last Executioner (Thailand, 1 hour 35 minutes)

Directed by: Tom Waller

Written by: Don Linder

Cast: Vithaya Pansringarm, David Asavanond, Penpak Sirikul, Nirut Sirichanya, Thira Chutikul, Suchada Rojmanothum,

Inspired by real events, the remarkable true story of Chavoret Jaruboon, Thailand's last death row marksman - a wild rock ‘n’ roll guitarist who took the job at the ‘Bangkok Hilton’ to support his family - facing a lifelong struggle with ensuing good and bad karma. It is a story of life at its most beautiful and death at its most surreal.

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The Last Wednesday (Argentina, 16 min )

Directed by: Patricio Carrera

The Little Girl with the Big Voice (United States, 39 minutes)

Directed by: Rafael Moscatel

An unapologetic portrait of Golden Age of Radio icon Mary Small, whose voice comforted millions through the Great Depression & WWII.

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