Directed by: Xiaomu Qiao

Written by: Xiaomu Qiao

Cast: Tom Ozimek

In October 2012, When an American lady Julie Keith opened a Halloween decoration box for her daughter's birthday party,she did not realize what she was going to see would come to be know around the world. A handwritten letter from an inmate at a Chinese labor camp fell on her lap, it was a plea for help.

The documentary tracks back the letter and interviews some former inmates from Chinese labor camp and some experts to reveal products made in China exported to western country are from Chinese labor camp and explores Chinese labor camp system and how it exploits and abuses detainees to make products. The film aims to bring public awareness.

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Tempo Girl (Germany, Switzerland, 75)

Directed by: Dominik Locher

Written by: Dominik Locher

Cast: Florentine Krafft, José Barros, Lisa Brühlmann, Anatole Taubman, Dani Mangisch, Regula Imboden, Karin Pfammatter, Gilles Tschudi, Egzon Sulja

A Berlin hipster sets out with a lively kebab vendor through the Alps where she comes face to face with love, loss and a Fiat obsessed pimp.

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Thanks for the Ride (Australia, 16:30)

Directed by: Tenika Smith

Written by: Tenika Smith

Cast: Matt Callan, Mike Frenchman, Scott Smart, Shayne Francis, Simon Lyndon

An apathetic hearse driver unwillingly embarks on a journey to the coast with a troubled stranger.

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That One Day (USA, 3 Min)

Directed by: Macho Miranda

Written by: Macho Miranda

Cast: Anthony Santiago, Chasity Seda, Deanna Varela, Elizabeth Miranda, John Varela, Macho Miranda

A mother and her boyfriend have an argument that escalates to an extreme, with the children in the next room.

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The Activist (USA, 01:30:00)

Directed by: Cyril Morin

Written by: Cyril Morin

Cast: Alena von Stroheim, Brown Chadwick, Circus Szalewski , Michael Spears, Ron Roggé, Tonanzin Carmelo,

A political thriller during the Wounded Knee insurrection in 1973. Two activist are arrested and maintain in custody in a sheriff's office.
They will meet a Nixon advisor, a lawyer, a senator and a movie star who is also an activist.
Feb 2013 will be the 40Th anniversary of the insurrection...

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The Algerian (USA, 99)

Directed by: Giovanni Zelko

Written by: Giovanni Zelko

Cast: Ben Youcef, Candice Coke

The Algerian is an international political thriller about the colliding worlds of the Middle East and America. It follows Ali (Ben Youcef), a Muslim sleeper cell from Algeria who is part of a plot to harm America. Hiding in Los Angeles as a university student, his life spins out of control as he becomes involved with the very people he was sent to destroy. The film races across the globe from Algeria to New York, to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, culminating in a surprise ending that will have audiences buzzing...

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The Boy Under the Piano (China , 11 Minutes )

Directed by: Philippa Wong

The Cancer Mirror (USA, 19 Min)

Directed by: Sophie Tuttleman

Written by: Sophie Tuttleman

After losing her father to Hodgkin's lymphoma, filmmaker Sophie Tuttleman reflects on her mother's battle with terminal brain cancer. The Cancer Mirror explores one daughter's experience navigating her mother's illness while coming to terms with the possibility of losing a second parent to cancer.

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The Date (Italy, 10)

Directed by: Gianpiero Alicchio

Written by: Gianpiero Alicchio, Stella Saccà

Cast: Camilla Bianchini, Gianpiero Alicchio, Stella Saccà, Manuel Ricco

Two thirty year old friends invite two girls out for dinner letting them decide where to eat and obviously offering for it. They end up dining at a very expensive vegetarian restaurant but the two play "gentleman" hoping to hit on the girls.

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The Demon Deep in Oklahoma (USA, 00:34:00)

Directed by: Lance R. Marshall

Written by: Lance R. Marshall

Cast: Carter Burch, Lance R. Marshall, Shannon Beeby,

The lonely lives of a brother and sister living in a remote country home are interrupted when a friend of the brothers stops by for a one night stay. The three lives intertwine in a way that changes them forever as they battle the demon that lives deep in Oklahoma.

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The Doorman (USA, 15 Min)

Directed by: Serena Dykman

Written by: Serena Dykman

Cast: Darlene Larson, Dorri L. Page, Ed Incle, Paul C. Kelly, Sandra Bloom, Tawny Sorensen, Thomas James Lombardo, Victoria Grazioli

Joe is a doorman in an upscale residential building in Manhattan. Having lost all hope in love, and in need for extra money, Joe secretly fulfills the sexual fantasies of the old ladies in the building. This all changes when Rebeca, the young, sexy tenant he falls in love with, moves into the building and discovers his secret.

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The Dry Rain (USA, 14 Min)

Directed by: Guillem Gutierrez Saura

Written by: Guillem Gutierrez Saura

Jack and Laura are married. She's in a comma and Jack is about to take the most important decision of his life while Laura is struggling between life and death.

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The Eve (Hong Kong, 6)

Directed by: Nicola Fan

Cast: Aaron Chan, Jonathan Ma

The music video sets in Hong Kong and illustrates an ordinary day in the young working lives of two strangers who may be more connected than they think. It also depicts the greed and selfishness that has taken over the world and cries for a more united and better future for mankind.

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The Ex Factor (USA, 16 Min)

Directed by: Barak Barkan

Written by: Barak Barkan

Ben must overcome his insecurities and four ex-lover's in order to win Anna's heart.

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The Fall (Belgium, 16)

Directed by: Kristof Hoornaert

Written by: Kristof Hoornaert

Cast: Geert Rampelberg, Natali Broods

A couple is on vacation with their car. They drive past green hills and small roads. Suddenly the man realizes he lost his way. They drive into a forest.

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Directed by: Cynthia Travis

Written by: Cynthia Travis

Forced to fight in Liberia's brutal civil war, a group of former child soldiers now battle for peace. Trading their weapons for cameras and soccer balls, the ex-combatants train as grassroots peacebuilders and re-enter villages after years of trauma and isolation. With unprecedented access to these former child soldiers and their commander, THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE follows these young Liberians as they discover that their future depends on one final personal battle--the fight to forgive both themselves and the adults who forced them to kill.

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The Fog of Courage (USA, 8 Min)

Directed by: John Dilworth

Written by: John Dilworth

Cast: Arthur Anderson, John Dilworth, Marty Grabstein, Paul Schoeffler, Wallace Shawn, Thea White

In this animated horror comedy, a cowardly dog named Courage must rescue his lovely owner, Muriel from a vengeful supernatural Fog. Eustace, Muriel's greedy husband, refuses to return the gold necklace belonging to the Fog's long lost love.

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The Frontier (USA, 90)

Directed by: Matt Rabinowitz

Written by: Carlos Colunga, Matt Rabinowitz

Cast: Max Gail (42, Barney Miller), Coleman Kelly, Anastassia Sendyk

Sean, a retired literature professor and civic activist, writes a letter to his estranged son, Tennessee, a ranch hand. Tennessee is uncertain how to respond, but knowing he should see his aging father, he decides to go home.

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The Granite Stoke (USA, 00:39:55)

Directed by: Ryan Scura, Dylan Ladds

Written by: Dylan Ladds, Ryan Scura

New Hampshire is not known for its waves, but a vibrant surfing community calls this 13 mile coastline home.

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The Happy Sad Route (And a Comedian) (The Netherlands, 50)

Directed by: Linda Hakeboom

Written by: Linda Hakeboom

Cast: Jan Jaap van der Wal, Marina Orsag, Aleksandar Perisic, Miranda Loncar

Dutch stand-up comedian Jan Jaap van der Wal explores the possibilities for humour in a post-war area.

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