The Assistant (USA, 10min)

Directed by: Dave Hill

Written by: Dave Hill


Cammie York Hall, Jason Klavenga, Rob Lindsay

A disgruntled photographer's assistant pretends to be his boss when a young actress arrives early for her photo shoot.


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Directed by: Erica Fabri

Written by: Erica Fabri


Erica Fabri, Robin Andre, Sandeep Rehal

'The Baxter Street Blues' is a short film based on the poem by the same name by poet, Erica Miriam Fabri. It was produced by the music / poetry / film-making - duo 'The Robin & The Lady Poet.' Starring: Erica Miriam Fabri, Robin Andre and Sandeep Rehal.

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The Cyclist (USA, 10min)

Directed by: Morgan Krantz

Written by: Morgan Krantz


Luke Baybak, Riccardo LeBron, Shannyn Sossamon

After a lackluster date, Harry (Luke Baybak) gets a second chance to impress Hannah (Shannyn Sossamon) when she discovers her bicycle has been stolen. Based on the short story by Jessica Garrison (Flaunt Magazine, Dollar Dollar Books) and further inspired by The Twilight Zone and Tales From The Crypt, The Cyclist is a darkly comic tale concerned with what it really means to get to know someone.

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Directed by: Matt Twomey

Written by: Matt Twomey


Alan J. Schwartz

At the height of the Cold War in 1961, seven young guys set out from New York City on a 23,000-mile goodwill mission through Central and South America aboard a surplus Army amphibian known as a “Duck.” They faced harrowing terrain and angry students, but the biggest hurdle was a water-crossing to Colombia. Hostile seas and people threatened to sink them; unlikely heroes fought to keep them afloat.

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The German Who Came to Tea (United Kingdom, 9min)

Directed by: Kerry Kolbe

After a century on earth, which memories really matter?

For Annie Day, who turned 100 in May 2012, it's the day her young son Brian brought a German Prisoner of War to Christmas dinner almost 70 years ago which marked the start of an enduring lesson in love, loss and acceptance.

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The Gift (United Kingdom, 15min)

Directed by: Andrew Griffin

Written by: Andrew Griffin


Davie McKay, Gary Lewis, Kate Dickie, Lorraine Stanley

The stork of mythology can be both a deliverer of babies and a harbinger of misfortune. When such a bird nests beside the home of a married couple, it brings with it strange offerings and tragic consequences.

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Directed by: BJ Golnick

Written by: BJ Golnick


Brittney Leighton, Matt Stauter

With the back drop of the Florida Everglades, The lead singer of The God Damn Hustle falls for a woman that will destroy every member of his band, literally.

The Playwright Celtic Pub

732 8th Ave  New York, NY 10036

8 th Ave. between 45 and 46 streets.

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The Hidden Hand (USA, 1h 20min)

Directed by: James Carman


The EBE award-winning feature documentary, 'The Hidden Hand,' examines the phenomena surrounding UFOs, Extra Terrestrials, alien abduction, and the US secret military cover-up of supposed E.T. contact and back-engineering of alien technology. The film incorporates interviews with military insiders like astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, and Col. John Alexander. It also interviews UFO experts like hypnotherapist, David Jacobs, and those who claim to have had actual E.T. contact.

Narrative scenes are interspersed throughout the film to shape the concepts of the film from complimentary viewpoints, weaving a tapestry of fact and fiction into a new world view that may shocking and eye-opening for the viewer.


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The Janitor (USA, 16 min)

Directed by: Mark Battle

Written by: Mark Battle


Michael Coppola, Wayne Shore

A 'hitman cleaner' faces a moral dilemma when he is ordered to finish a botched job.

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The Naked Leading the Blind (Belgium, 16 min)

Directed by: Wim Vanacker

Written by: Wim Vanacker


Mika Ela Fisher


A dissection of the human condition on a hot summer’s day blurred by alcohol, late night television and smoldering spirituality. "... and suddenly everything became clear to him." Words filled with wonder and possibility. There are consequences as a result of such sudden awakenings. Love and marriage. Serve and observe. Open your eyes and you will see. Love through a blind man’s eyes.


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Directed by: Sergio LoDolce

Written by: Sergio LoDolce

Confused by his girlfriend's sudden enthusiasm in the relationship, a frustrated geneticist finds out that his clone has been secretly keeping her happy in ways that he never could.

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The Puzzled (USA, 5min)

Directed by: Christar Kei Yan Wan



Alvin Yuen, Gabe Isserlis, Iskander Musaev, Jacky Bhojwani, Jennifer Mori, Mayank Bindal, Miguel Mirasol, Nola Ennis, Paul Kwok, Rachel Foley, Sandie Zhang


A guy is trying to propose to his girlfriend. However, he must go through a puzzle of eight split screens to get to her.

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The Sudden Pianist (USA, 30min)

Directed by: Richard Anderson


Michael Hersch

The Sudden Pianist is the remarkable story of composer and pianist Michael Hersch. While much has been written about Hersch's gifts as a composer, his astonishing abilities at the piano have been witnessed by few, as he shuns most public performances. Filmmaker Richard Anderson has created an intimate portrait, shedding light on this aspect of Hersch's music making with never before seen or heard footage of Hersch performing his own work at the piano - from his debut to the present day. There are also rare interviews throughout with Hersch. The film is a moving journey into the mind of one of America's most unique artists.

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The Suitcase (Australia, 11 minutes)

Directed by: Natassha Amalia

Written by: Steven Tandy


Alexander Moller, Amy Price, Ben Howell, Daniel O'kane, Erwann LeGal, Gaynor Harris, James Ness, Jamie Tax, Joanne Booth, Justin Johnstone, Maddison Sullivan, Mark Gambino, Matthew Naqvi, Merril Hogan, Miro Okuniwicz, Shane Mosely, Tom Hayes, Troy Wheeler

'The Suitcase' tells the story of a suitcase that travels through the hands of various owners. The story tells how such an object has its own story behind it, the story that we, the owners, never know.

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The Treehouse (USA, 11 min)

Directed by: A.J. Sheeran

Written by: A.J. Sheeran


Jacqueline Scislowski, Joshua Hunter Magers, Kristen Mack

After his mom's funeral, a boy encounters the odd girl next door, who insists they journey through space to find a planet for departed souls.

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The Waves (Pakistan, 8min)

Directed by: Usman Riaz

Written by: Usman Riaz

A piano tuner goes about his business while an old man tries to uncover the bizarre secret of two marooned soldiers out at sea.

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Towers (USA, 1hr 11min)

Directed by: Jet Wintzer

Written by: Carlos Garcia De Dios, Dave Sable, Jet Wintzer


Angela Washell, Jet Wintzer, Lauren Ashleigh



When the human race can no longer feel happiness, peace or joy due to mutations caused by radiation from cell phones and towers, humanity becomes virtually extinct.

In this post apocalyptic indie rock fantasy, two girls miraculously find each other in a psychedelic haze whilst traveling the barren American landscape searching for the world's last DJ broadcasting via Ham radio.

Jane survived in a bunker under her Amish farm. She transforms into a glorious indie hipster cruising the highways and back roads of America searching for life and pills. 

Petal hid out in the deep woods of Oregon, where her folks lived as survivalist hippie pot farmers. Each day she puts a gun to her head, until Jane's voice suddenly comes through on the CB. 


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Transgender Tuesdays (USA, 1 hr 2 min)

Directed by: Mark Freeman


Veronica Klaus


They came for the hormones and stayed for the health-care.

In the 'bad old days' transgendered folks usually mistrusted the health care system, and often faced life-and-death situations without any help. But 18 years ago a team of HIV providers at a clinic in San Francisco and trans activists from every ethnicity broke the mold They opened the country's first Primary Care clinic opened specifically for transgendered people. The warm narratives of these 12 pioneering patients provide the film's beating heart, revealing some harrowing places they have been. Yet by the film's end their stories provide a sense of victory and hope for future generations, proving this can and should be the standard across the continent.


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Trespasses (USA, 12min)

Directed by: Vanita Shastry

Written by: Vanita Shastry


Gregory Linington, Joey Honsa, Laura Campbell, Maury Miller, Neil MacFarlane, Patrick Quinlan, Shadae Lamar Smith, Tara Sands, Tim McManus

An ex-IRA member-turned-informer lives in hiding, fearful of being caught. When the love of his life tries to reunite with him, his intense paranoia destroys them both.

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Twiharder (USA, 81 minutes)

Directed by: Giorgio Caridi

Written by: Christopher Sean Friel, John Gearries


Aaron Misakian, Alejandra Gomez, Alexandria Lowe, Alferdo Madura, Allison Jo Carlson, Amanda Calvillo, Anna Wilensky, Atheanna Ritchie, Athena Stamikinley, Barbara Brogi, Brian Ventura, Brie Bernstein, Brooke Pearl, Chris Avila, Chris Ventura, Christina Ebert, Christopher Sean Friel, Clint Keepin, Coleen Bosler, Denise Molina, Doan Nguyen, Edgar Aguirre, Emily Sarah , Gino Giambanco, Giorgio Caridi, Gordon Vasquez, Gregory Mantell, Jabari Patterson, Jabin Bravo, Jalisco Wayne, Jennifer Bravo, Jocelyn Aguirre, John Gearries, Jordan Van Vruken, Joseph Getright, Josh Cruze, Kaitlyn Le, Katherine Kate, Kevan Hill, Kym Jackson, Laura Niles, Lawonna Rashad, Liz Locke, Markell Fitzgerald, Melody Friel, Michael Adrian, Natsuko Sakurai, Nay nay Kirby, Nolborto Aguirre, Patrick Friel, Patrick Soria, Raya Reaves, Richie Million, Riley Jo Downing, Rozie Bala, Samantha Nguyen, Sammy Jack, Scott Roughgarden, Scott Ganyo, Selena Gomez, Serena Vo, Stephanie Beltran, Tanya Zoeller, Tara Hunnewell, Tatiana Corso, Tracy Perez, Vanessa Salgado, Veronica Garcia

The Twilight Saga continues to grow amongst the angsty teens of our society. So it was inevitable that another amazing spoof was unleashed unto the content starved Die Hard Twilight fans. Twihards of the world be ready for another great satire, for the best Spoof known to man, for the greatest and most desirable content of Vampires, Werewolves and Female actresses falling madly in love. TWIHARDER HAS COME!

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