Taught to Hate (Ecuador & USA, 27 min)

Directed by: James Garcia Sotomayor

Written by: James Garcia Sotomayor, Richard Caban


Arturo Castro, Brandon Hannan, Helen Proimos, Lorraine Rodriguez, Nick Raio

Taught to hate: The story of an Hispanic immigrant trying to find a job in America and an American family who's uncle's racial intolerance has a strong effect on his Nephew.

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The Great Heist (USA, 10 min 39 sec)

Directed by: Dennis Mason, Robert Kalison

Written by: Robert Kalison


Brett Mcclelland, Jennifer Kalison, John Thompson Jr., Justin Zimmerman, Lija Fisher, Lisa Egle, Mike Mergo, Mike Leigh, Russ Uddin

The carefully planned robbery of an armored car begins to unravel when the four conspirators cannot agree on what is a proper Scottish accent.

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The Lark (United Kingdom, 1 hr 15 min)

Directed by: Steve Tanner, Brett Harvey, Mark Jenkin, Paul Farmer

Written by: Paul Farmer


Mark Pearce, Mary Woodvine

An endless maze within an infinite darkness, a family\'s shelter from a poisonous world outside. Then come the intruders….

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The Rubber Room (USA, 1 hr 11 min 26 sec)

Directed by: Jeremy Garrett

Written by: Justin Cegnar


Ani Karougian- Videographer

What happens when a teacher in New York City is accused of misconduct or incompetence in the classroom? They are sent to the 'Rubber Room' while an investigation is launched. They spend months or even years there getting full pay and doing nothing.

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The Vibrator (USA, 14 min 10 sec)

Directed by: Richard Caliban

Written by: Kari Swenson Riely


Kari Swenson Riely, Joe Kolbow, Santiago Mora

A woman, new to New York City, is overwhelmed by her new surroundings and sets out to insure her survival

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