Directed by: Rafael Kent

Written by: Rafael Kent, Renan Chagas

Originally, Saci Pererê is an important character of the Brazilian folklore. In the original version he is a young one-legged black kid who smokes a pipe and wears a red cap that supposedly gives him magical powers. He is well known for being a prankster and extremely difficult to catch even with only one leg. Although Saci is a playful, childlike, folklore character in Bahia (BaianaSystem state), the terms “Saci” or “Sacizeiro” are commonly used to refer to panic or drug abuse.

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Saving Robin Williams (United States, 28:00)

Directed by: Lawrence Whitener

Written by: Lawrence Whitener

Cast: Roger Kabler, Lawrence Whitener

If you discovered time travel into the past, but could only use it once, and only for 15 minutes...Who would you save, and why?

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School Crossing (United States, 16:30)

Directed by: Karla Caraballo-Torres

The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is considered among the worst in Latin American history. While much of the media coverage has focused on the political turmoil in Venezuela, “School Crossing” focuses on an unseen crisis: the education of the next generation of Venezuelan children. ​

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Sex and Tortillas (Sexo Y Tortillas) (United States, 11:57)

Directed by: Priscilla Alvarez

Written by: Priscilla Alvarez

Cast: Christina Rabago, Celia Garza

An American woman flies to a small town in Mexico to visit her estranged auntie. She is a traveling saleswoman. What she sells shocks the culture and vibrates the town, but it also brings women together.

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Sharon Is Karen (United States, 03:38)

Directed by: Miriam Katz

Written by: Miriam Katz

Cast: Bonnie Hellman, Linda Weinrib, Bruce Gale, Kenn Schmidt

In this eccentric life swap comedy, Sharon and Karen hatch a daring plan to trade lunches, occupations, husbands...

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Silicon Valley, Baby. (Finland, 58:25)

Directed by: Erika Haavisto

Written by: Erika Haavisto, Heli Sirviö

Cast: Kalle Freese and Erika Haavisto

Startup founder Kalle wants to change the life of one billion people. His wife films the everyday struggle: from raising $ 3 million, to getting accepted to startup incubator Y Combinator, to losing it all, the business and the relationship. Why do so many think that going after your startup dreams in Silicon Valley is worth sacrificing everything?

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Sirens (United States, 2:29)

Directed by: Alina Popescu

SlapNuts Comedy - Dad Dome (United States, 2:20)

Directed by: Jason Ortiz

Written by: Matthew Michaud

Cast: Melaisha Belardo, Devin Murphy, Chazz Schulz, Andre De Leon

When dads need to get involved in a kid fight, they settle it in THE DAD DOME! Two dads enter, one dad leaves... but not with dignity.

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Snow in the Summer (, 07:15)

Directed by: Daun Han

Written by: Daun Han

Cast: Lee Yuna, Idylle, Kim Hyun-Woo

A Veteran Magician finds a magic ring that contains the memory of her and her lover at the ruin of her old studio.

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Sonny "An Angel From Hell" (United States, 2:00:00)

Directed by: Aurelio Ocampo Jr

Written by: Julie Argiunzoni

Cast: Patrick Perlaky, Peter Mendoza, Cristina Hughes, Rob Chavez, Danny Trejo

A troubled juvenile from New York was destined to become another heroin statistic. It wasn’t until he found redemption in God, that he would begin a lifelong journey to save others like himself.

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South X (United States, 4:47)

Directed by: JP Olsen

Written by: Chris Morrissey, Tomek Miernowski, JP Olsen

Cast: Tomek Meirnowski, Chris Morrissey

Spacing Out (United States, 02:16)

Directed by: Jiamu Tao

Written by: Jiamu Tao

Cast: Shannon Kim, Jiamu Tao

A conversation between a girl and her spirit.

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Sprinkles (United States, 08:15)

Directed by: Evan Margolis

Written by: Evan Margolis

Cast: Marcus Crawford Guy

A young queer man reflects on his estranged grandmother by 'taking care' of his elderly neighbor's deceased dog. An exploration of the strange ways in which we reconcile the past.

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Directed by: Jessica Colquhoun

On Edgecombe Avenue in Sugar Hill, Harlem, Marjorie Eliot is making sure her apartment building’s iconic jazz legacy lives on. Marjorie and her son have been hosting jazz concerts in her apartment every Sunday for the past 26 years, a pursuit of overcoming grief through music. This film tells the story of the women behind the piano, and how Marjorie’s generous vision came to be and the life it has taken on since, as she leaves behind her own legacy.

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Swim Up Hill (United States, 02:36)

Directed by: John Duarte

Written by: John Duarte

Cast: Jamal Hill

A Paralympic swimmer from Inglewood, Jamal Hill has blazed through boundaries. Once fully paralyzed from the neck down, and now top ranked in the United States, he teaches us that nothing - and no one - can put a limit on his ambition if he doesn’t impose one on himself. As soon as I met Jamal, I knew I had to document his journey.

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