S - The Musical Shuttle (2015, 40 min)

Directed by: Alina Abouelenin, Benjamin Bergmann

"S" captures the story of New York City's most lucrative subway for buskers, the S train.

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Save Me (Salvame) (Dominican Republic | 2016 , 94 min)

Directed by: Víctor Grullón

Cast: Rene Castillo, Hemky Madera, Enrique Enrique Cualey

Clemente, a young taxi driver, decides to transport a strange bag which puts him and his loved ones into danger and drives him to do things he never wanted. "Sálvame" is based on social issues that many ignore, but are happening on daily bases.

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Scaredy Bat
 (United States | 2015, 5 min)

Directed by: Greg Perkins

Written by: Greg Perkins

Cast: Greg Perkins

A tired frog is trying to sleep, but keeps being woken up by a crying bat who is scared of the dark.

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Scratch - A Hip-Opera (Canada | 2015, 93 min )

Directed by: Sébastien Godron

Cast: Christian Paul, Dominique Lague, Elzensky Gauthier, Fayolle Jean, Fayolle Jr Jean, Lovhard Dorvilliers, Marie-Aimee Cadet, Maryeva Metellus, Raphael Joseph Lafond

SCRATCH is a musical drama that follows Angelot, a young Haitian immigrant who, along with his parents and brother Frantz, arrives in Montreal during the ’90s. Frantz quickly got involved in gang-related crime while the father, Saurel, diligently drove a taxi and lived a life of dignity. Years later, Angelot is now the proud leader of the hip hop act Lights and Shadows. He’s taken over his brother’s enterprise while Frantz is in jail, using the illicit gains to finance the recording of their first studio album. One night, following a concert and what initially looks like a random barroom altercation, Angelot falls into a deep coma, during which occurs a flashback through time, detailing the roots of his derailment.

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See No Evil (Netherlands | 2014, 72 minutes)

SEE NO EVIL portrays the daily life of three famous elderly apes who spend their days in retirement homes; a movie-star, a scientist and a crippled. We have watched and taught them for many years, as they have watched us.

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SHALLOW WATERS: The Public Death of Raymond Zack (United States | 2015, 34 min)

Directed by: Jaime Longhi

Memorial Day, San Francisco Bay. A fully dressed man walks into the cold shallow waters off a public beach, and waits as the tide rises.

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Silent Disco (United States | 2015 , 4 min)

Directed by: John Haptas, Kris Samuelson, and Amy Seiwert

Silent Disco interprets an experience of isolated yet intertwined dancing to disparate music tracks on headphones.

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Silhouette Secrets (United Kingdom | 2015 , 65 min )

Directed by: Andi Reiss

Silhouette Secrets is a documentary in which a modern-day silhouette artist takes a journey back in time to explore the history of his shadowy art, asking the question “Where did it come from?”

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Simon (United States | 2015, 12 min)

Directed by: Camille de Galbert

A man prepares for his final entry onto the grand stage, only to be confronted by his inner self.

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Snow Falls in Brooklyn (United States, 3 min)

A heavy snowfall covers Brooklyn with a soft white blanket, turning the busy streets into a dazzling winter wonderland.

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Social Media Duel (United States | 2015, 2 minutes)

Directed by: Brendan Kelly

Written by: Brendan Kelly

Cast: Brendan Kelly - Gavin Ryan Pemberton - PHIL Scott Bowcher - Referee

When a gentleman has wronged or has been wronged, it is prudent to challenge and accept a duel to the social media death. Gavin and Phil find themselves in such a situation.

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Sojourn (Ireland | 2015, 41 min)

Directed by: Paddy Slattery

Aedh finds a new muse. Her name is Aislinn; a beautiful, playful and mischievous distraction from mundanity.

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Solar-Lunar Suite for Four Seasons (United States | 2015, 10 min)

Directed by: Tina Seligman

“Solar-Lunar Suite for Four Seasons” began with a study of sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, and tidal patterns for each season of 2010.

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Solo Buildings (2016 , )

Directed by: Lunnara Luza Arraes

In every adult, there is a child waiting to be awaken.

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Solo Finale (Germany | 2015, 9 minutes)

Directed by: Ingo Putze

Solo Finale is a story of a relationship gone awry. Depicted through poetic, surreal pictures, where the physics of the world we know do not always apply, it is an allegory of the polarity of love.

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Someday You'll Be My Wife (United States | 2015, 9 min)

Directed by: Risa Pappas

Written by: Risa Pappas, Adam Carelli, Jay Gogel, Joe Stracquatanio, Kurt Althoff, Rory Burns

Cast: Adam Carelli, Jay Gogel, Joe Stracquatanio, Kurt Althoff, Rory Burns, Regina Stargazer, "Jeremy" Jeremy, Jenny Bergman, Peter Costa, James Huryk, Michael Mazza, Thomas Montano, Michael Anthopulos, Tiffany Loney, Michelle Legrand, Anthony Ordile, Michael Hoyt

A nonstop, nine minute joyride through the insane minds of Tigerman, New Jersey's silliest and spookiest jam band.

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Spiral Labyrinth (Laberinto en Espiral) (Mexico | 2015, 27 min )

Directed by: Cecilia Pego

An artist experiences a creative crisis that impedes him to paint or communicate with the outside world.

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Spiritchaser (United Kingdom | 2015, 15 minutes)

Spiritchaser follows a girl's journey of discovery, as she is led by whimsical supernatural beings through a series of fantastical Burmese encounters to unravel the essence of her identity. Fused with gentle narratives with fantastical dreamscapes she finds herself amongst the pagodas, old libraries, buddhist monks and spirit dancers, on a journey over the plains of mythical Bagan, surrounded by buddhas, golden lions and mystical eggs. A unique approach to art direction and filmmaking, fusing photography, hand drawn illustration and digital media to create a visual narrative, distinctive in its story telling and compelling in its atmosphere.

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Stations (United States | 2015, 10 min)

Directed by: Jane Terry

A transistor radio serves as a conduit for messages from beyond the grave. A kaleidoscope of recycled memories ensues.

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Still Lifes (United States | 2015, 44 min)

Directed by: Jac Rubenstein

Through a montage of images of commonplace spaces and a fugue of indistinct voices, natural sounds and music, Still Lifes looks at empty places where people once lived, laughed, and worked, that play out like dim memories, as though the places themselves have the memories.

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