Salvation (Austria , 0:30:00)

Directed by: Mark Gerstorfer

Written by: Mark Gerstorfer

Cast: Daniel Helmer, Sarah Kleiner, Klemens Marschall

Andreas loves filming anything that will come in front of his camera lens. He especially takes joy in shooting videos, in which he and his friends Clemens and Dina pretend to kill themselves. When Andreas massively exaggerates and carelessly throws himself on the subway tracks just to shock his best friend, Clemens has had enough and quits their friendship. Andreas seeks refuge in Dina's company but overlooks her real intentions.

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Directed by: Samuel B. Russell & Brian Russell

Written by: Samuel B. Russell

Sam and his friends go back to college and have to figure out how to live together.

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Sand Castle (USA, 0:14:19)

Directed by: Rob Feld

Written by: Tina Fine

Cast: Producer: Tina Fine

A young girl wants to build a sand castle, but not just any sand castle, it has to have special meaning. However, her efforts are continually thwarted when her sister breaks it and her and her mother won't return to the beach. After some boys crash into it, the young girl finally gets a break. The boys help her and she builds an amazing castle, but the biggest challenge is the ocean. It will reclaim her castle and because of that, the young girl learns a final lesson about letting go, taking control and that nothing is forever.

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Directed by: Philipp Glauner

Written by: Philipp Glauner, Martin Bohm

Cast: Stefan Nagel, John Eicke

FAST AND CHEAP is a four minute fake industry commercial for the fictitious demolition company AIT. Company boss Müller (Stefan Nagel) is giving a tour around the construction site on which giant robots perform the hard work. While Müller discusses the economic advantages of these modern work slaves, we learn that not all of his promises are made of gold.

Originally filmed in stereoscopic 3D, the fake commercial FAST AND CHEAP is a satire about modern work circumstances and about ruthless capitalism which declasses the human being to a disposable work product. The short film was shot over the course of four days in the ruins of an old coal-fired power station near Dessau (eastern Germany). The robots were brought to life in post by world champion mime John Eicke via motion capture.

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Scrabble (Switzerland , 0:11:00)

Directed by: Cristian Sulser

Self Medicated: a film about art (United States, 1 hour 33 minutes)

Directed by: Ethan Minsker

Written by: Ethan Minsker

Art can serve an artist much in the same way any drug might.
“Self Medicated” is a new film about art, artists, and their struggles to stay happy.

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Serena (Luxembourg , 0:16:00)

Directed by: Eric Lamhène

Written by: Eric Lamhène

Serenity (United States, 5 minutes)

Directed by: Jack Dunphy

Written by: Jack Dunphy

An animated memoir recounting first love, addiction, losing one's virginity, and turning to pizza in times of crisis.

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Directed by: Daniil Deych

A young girl awakens in the beautiful, yet terrifying forest that is filled with music of Sergei Rachmaninoff. The desire to learn where the music is coming from, sets her off on the journey through the thicket of the woods. Only she quickly discovers that greenery around her also brings the great struggle and despair and that in order to leave the forest, she first must overcome a number of obstacles.

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Shadowboxing (US, 0:35:00)

Directed by: Joshua Durham

Written by: Joshua Durham and John Patrick Hayden


An aspiring boxer must face the shadows that haunt him before he can step into the ring.

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Show Business (USA, 1 hour 25 minutes)

Directed by: Alexander Tovar

Written by: Alexander Tovar

Cast: Alexander Tovar, Amelia Meyers, Jillian Johnston, Andrew Hawkes, Megan Rosati, Robert Maffia.

Therapy won't even scratch the surface for Guy who believes he has to choose between having a happy life and being a successful screenwriter.

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Sic (Canada, 9:00)

Directed by: Joshua Hinkson

Written by: Joshua Hinkson

Cast: Joshua Hinkson, Steven Roberts

After a year a part, lifelong friends Wyatt and Elijah reconnect. Elijah, a committed family man is confronted by an anxious drug fueled Wyatt and a provocative secret polarizes the two friends as they struggle to reconcile their feelings of love, regret and humiliation.

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Directed by: Julie Gratz

Sin Frontera (Without Boundary) (United States, 28 minutes)

Directed by: Iz Gutierrez

Written by: Iz Gutierrez

Cast: Eduardo Enrikez, Brenda Romero, Rafael Cobos

Inspired by true events, Monica (Brenda Romero) and Gabriel (Eduardo Enrikez) are an engaged couple on the verge of a relationship breakdown when they are unexpectedly torn apart by an unjust law and controversial government practice. After Gabriel is deported to a dangerous city, they both remember how they fell in love and make a vow to rekindle their romance in order to prevail over a corrupted and complex government policy. They discover a way to reunite through an unconventional method. Love will transcend any boundary.

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Sincerely, Daniel (USA, 4 minutes)

Directed by: Malisa Eckhardt

A high school teenager desperately tries find a way to connect with his crush, but fate doesn’t seem to be helping him out. This movie is the 2015 National 5th Place Film in the USA’s leading high school film competition The 10 Day Film Challenge. Awards for the film include being named the NJ State 2nd Place Film, NJ State and National Winner of the Audience Choice Award.

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Sniper's Observation Method (South Korea , 0:17:00)

Directed by: YunHa Kim

Snow Boat (United States, 6 minutes)

Directed by: Mirror Su

Written by: Samantha Aguiar

A man lives a lonely life in a cold, harsh ice world which he never plans to leave. One day the sun comes out and threatens to melt everything he holds dear. He builds a boat out of ice to escape the sun's wrath, setting out on a voyage of destruction and rebirth.

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Directed by: Geoff Celis

Jim, is a 'Morissey' fan who is trying to convince his friends he can wrestle. When his friends Kenny and Devin secretly bring him to an amateur Lucha Libre competition, Jim is forced to enter. Not knowing Spanish, combined with not knowing how to wrestle Jim finds that survival maybe harder than he anticipated. His only saving grace seems to be when 'El Jefe' a Morissey fan himself, notices that Jim is wearing a 'Morissey' shirt.

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Someone (United States , 0: 13: 00)

Directed by: Elena Spirina

Sometimes the Blues (US, 0:22:40)

Directed by: Neha Hirve

Written by: Neha Hirve and Sarafina Maiara