Sad Clowns (Brazil, 23:20)

Directed by: Rafael Lobo

Written by: Rafael Lobo

Cast: Kael Studart, Marco Michelangelo, Julieta Zarza, Luisa Bianchetti

Gone was the day and somberly air seizes the night of Friday. The lost souls in the dark swamp of the city sail into the unknown. Does Felizardo have the courage to complete his journey?

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Saturnica (Brazil, 15)

Directed by: Cesar Netto

Written by: Rodolfo Barreto

Ana is a young woman who hides a strange compulsion. She realized it as a child that her mania grows along with her desire, through the stages of discovery, euphoria and suffering. Satúrnica shows about how each human being can be accepted with their differences.

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Sausage (UK, 7)

Directed by: Robert Grieves

Written by: Robert Grieves

This multi award winning retro animated short employs boundless humour and action to explore issues of food ethics. The idyllic market square of two artisan stallholders is invaded by a slick fast-food vendor. What methods must these traditional providores invent to battle for their livelihoods? The turf war brings them together through one truly original idea, embracing darker and suggestive humour to deliver the winning blow.

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scent_mem (USA, 12)

Directed by: Joe Origlieri

Written by: Joe Origlieri

Jason struggles with tech support trying to get his new Smellovision mask to work with a DVD he wants to watch.

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Shift (United Kingdom, 5)

Directed by: Del Mak, Patrick Ryder

Written by: Del Mak, Patrick Ryder

Ever wanted to do something different? When life becomes a routine, step out of the ordinary and follow your dreams. Shift follows a hire-collar worker who escapes he confines of his working environment, exploring and dancing freely through the outside world. Award winning Director Patrick Ryder and renowned Creative Director and Choreographer Del Mak team up to create and direct this inspirational narrative based dance short film. Shift stars Renako McDonald famed for achieving runner up position on Got To Dance, UK and Ireland's biggest reality TV talent dance show as part of contemporary couple act 'Alleviate' Shot in 20hrs over 3 locations Shift takes the viewer through the beauty of London'd suburban and urban environments.

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Shimmer (Taiwan, 23 min)

Directed by: Ko-Min Lin

Written by: Ko-Min Lin

Cast: Lucas Luo, Usay Chu, Wasir Chou

A female military officer, a professional baseball player and a young boy meet in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster. In the ruins of the city, the three embark on a dangerous journey, fighting for hope and survival.

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Shooting Oliver (Canada, 17)

Directed by: Daniel Clements

Written by: Tadhg McMahon

Cast: Tadhg McMahon, Lina Roessler, Jameson Kraemer, Emma Hunter

Shooting Oliver follows the struggles of an intensely devoted method actor whose steadfast dedication to his character threatens to crash a mega budget action movie faster than snakes on a plane.

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Silent Ones (Hungary, Netherlands, 97)

Directed by: Ricky Rijneke

Written by: Ricky Rijneke

Cast: Orsi Tóth, Roland Rába, Fatih Dervişoglu

After her brother's disappearance, a young Hungarian woman (Orsi Tóth) leaves aboard a cargo ship to keep her promise of finding a better life. A surreal trip on the fragile edge of life and death.

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Sinceridad (Spain, 2:54)




After lunch, David must confess the news to his parents.
What he still doesn't know is the impact it will have in them.

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Sintomas (Spain, 00:06:00)

Directed by: Jon Viar

Written by: Jon Viar

Sketcher (USA, 00:04:00)

Directed by: ALEC DAKIN

A teen realizes that his hidden superpower is best used for good instead of his own personal gains.

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Skin Feels (Netherlands, 7)

Directed by: Daan Bunnik

Written by: Daan Bunnik

In this observational diptych, the narrator, Daan Bunnik depicts the struggles of observing the ageing bodies of his parents. The part about his father examines what it does to a child to see the ageing, naked body of his father and the part about his mother addresses the pain of a child to see his mother struggling with her less valid body. In this project Bunnik expresses the difficulties of not being able to avert the ageing process of his parents and having to adapt to and cope with this new situation.

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Sleep (Canada, 00:14:39)

Directed by: James Penco

Written by: James Penco

Cast: Christine Reade, Daniel Jeffery, Ian McAndrew, Laura Holdcroft, Lawrence Green, Spencer Cadlick, Yvetta Fisher

At a nighttime art auction so boring that it puts insomniacs to sleep, Horace Withers is waiting patiently to propose to the girl of his dreams. But when the dead body of an artist arrives as a sleeping member of the audience, Horace might end up a different night than he was expecting in this rather absurd black comedy.

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Slow and Steady (USA, 10 Min)

Directed by: Annie Kaempfer

Written by: Annie Kaempfer

Cast: Betty Kaye, Kathleen Wise, Michael Atlan, Pascal Yen-Pfister

Max is on a mission to make Christmas with her father a success, but a one-night stand and an untimely death might prove too much to handle.

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SM (Poland, 00:20:00)

Directed by: Ilona Bidzan

Written by: Ilona Bidzan

Cast: Emilia Ratajczak, Wojciech Stańko, Gabriela Zenka

SM is a film telling a story about extraordinary people and their equally outstanding paths of life.

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Directed by: Jessica Elisa Boyd

Written by: Jessica Elisa Boyd

Cast: Aliyah Haynes, Jessica Elisa Boyd, Philip Battley, Rachel Preston, Raffaele Bonfiglio, Russ Abbot, Marianna Maniatakis

Inspired by dresses in the local dress shop, a young girl is transported from her mundane life into a world of dreams and possibilities.

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Directed by: Jim Ruxin

A wordless, musical tribute to the main themes in the life and work of Polish-Jewish artist and political cartoonist, Arthur Szyk (1894-1951): the ideals of American democracy. the horrors of Nazism, the tragedy of the Holocaust and the rebirth of the Jewish people in Israel. Szyk was a leading visual voice against the Axis powers in New York during WWII.

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Sound of Silence (Finland, 6)

Directed by: Saara Helene Murto, Annika Rajala

Sound of Silence is a pole art music video, that tells a story of the difficulty and happiness of finding a soulmate. Sound of Silence takes the art of pole dancing into a new in environment, to the mythical wilderness by the water.

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State of Play (Korea, 85)

Directed by: Steven Dhoedt

Written by: Steven Dhoedt

Cast: Lee Jae Dong, Park Yo Han, Kim Joon Hyuk

A feature documentary about the world of South-Korean professional gamers.
Every year thousands of South-Koreans flock to the game stadiums in Seoul to watch the Pro League, a live sports event where professional gamers compete to be the best at one single video game: Starcraft.

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Super Camila (Brazil, 3)

Directed by: Vitor Akeda, André Peniche

Written by: Vitor Torao Akeda

Frank jumps off the roof just so he can be saved by his supergirlfriend, who is super upset.

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