Directed by: Mark Solomon

Written by: Mark Solomon


Ken Fuller, Kyle Walters, Brandon Shaw, Dan Le Donne, Edwin Ayala, Jenn Mello, Joseph Villapaz, Juan Espinal, Max Carpenter, Noah Goldstein

Sam Cooper is twenty-two years old and his life is going nowhere fast. His frustrated girlfriend Selene finally leaves him, hoping to find a more mature man. Sam decides to turn his life around. Sam creates a super-powered alter ego: Samson Chin - The Defender of Facial Hair. With a beard of biblical proportions, Sam sets out to defend his city's facial hair. However, another citizen is taking the law into his own hands. Sweany equates facial hair to plague. The Demon Barber of Christopher Street vows to rid the city of evil manes. The two battle fiercely for the future of facial hair. In the end, Sweany makes Samson Chin choose between his beard, a symbol of hope, and the love of his life-Selene.

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Singularium (USA, 28min)

Directed by: Joey Tran

Written by: Joey Tran



Andrew Donnelly, Kirsten Riiber, Shawn Hambright


During the final years of the contracting Universe, Kevin goes to meet up with his on-again, off-again ex-girlfriend, Claire, one last time in their now dilapidated old house, but gets trapped in the ensuing collapse and has to escape from the mysterious appearance of a growing army of her doppelgangers.

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Sufrir Como Dedos que no Sangran (Venezuela, 38 mins.)

Directed by: Francisco Lupini-Basagoiti


Miguel Belmonte, Paula Roman, Soledad López

Acclaimed romance novelist Helena Martin invites her estranged mother, a once-famous film star who abandoned her 15 years ago, to dinner with plans to reveal she's written an autobiography about their scarred lives together.

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