Written by: David Gilbank, L.E. Grabowski, Warren Hull

Written by: J. Mullee, Pete Johnson, Steve Marchese, Robert Gately, Keith Reagan

Shadow Puppet (USA, 7 min 22 sec)

Directed by: Michael McCallum, Brennan Wickerham

Written by: Michael McCallum


Michael McCallum, Natasha Desenna Fernandes, Zach Parsons

A couple is on the run from a killer. Money is missing and only they know where it is. Will they get to it before the hired gun gets to them?

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Shooting for Democracy (Singapore & USA, 56 min)

Directed by: Meghan Shea

Shooting for Democracy brings together voices of students in the world's smallest emerging democracy with those in its most established. The film is a vibrant portrayal of two nations as seen through the youth in each country. Inspired by the coincidence of Bhutan's first democratic elections taking place during a US presidential election year, Shooting for Democracy follows high school students as they participate in a video education program. The result is a unique juxtaposition that examines youth perspectives on democracy during the 2008 elections. Combining professionally produced footage with excerpts from the students' work, the film follows personal experiences of the students while also exploring the social and political contexts of these distinct nations, now linked by their use of a democratic system.

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Short Stories (USA, 1 hr.)

Written by: Jennifer Sprosty, Lina Zeldovich, Philip Cioffari,

Smoking with Abe Lincoln (USA, 1 hr 28 min)

Directed by: Sean Tracy

Written by: Sean Tracy


Chaka DeSilva, Eddie Markovich, Eric Felix, Haley Zale, Nicole Allen, Sean Tracy, Stephen O'Regan, Vinstant Rhepple

Realizing they are already in their 30s, best friends, Eddie and Trevor, fear they will die as virgins. So how do they decide to solve their dilemma? By making an action movie of course and filling it with gratuitous love scenes featuring themselves and hot actresses.

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Speakers Corner (USA & United Kingdom, 59 min 10 sec)

Directed by: Gavin White


Lisa Carter (voice)

Since 1872, people have gathered at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park (London) to exercise their rights to free speech in all its forms. 'Speakers Corner: You Have The Right To Remain Vocal' is a powerful commentary on the origins and fragility of freedoms of speech, assembly and the nature of democracy in modern society.

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Spectacles (USA, 2 mins)

Directed by: Jeremy Fain

Written by: Jeremy Fain


Julie Paparella, Sean Donovan

A young artist begins mentally undressing a beautiful passerby, yet each layer of clothing he peels away is followed by another, and another, and another...

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Street Ball (USA, 1 hr 30 mins)

Directed by: Demetrius Wren

Eight men from the streets of Cape Town band together to fight for their place in society through a fast-paced game of street soccer.

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Street Knights (USA, 14 min 8 sec)

Directed by: Matt Baron

Street Kings is a gritty exploration of the unique lives of Chess Hustlers in NYC's renowned Washington Square Park, and their consequent struggle to survive off the dying game.

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