R.I.P. (United States, 08:24)

Directed by: Cooper Haskell

Written by: Cooper Haskell

Inspired by Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving. A procrastinating writer sleeps his life away on the New York City Subway.

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Rebel (Canada, 15:03)

Directed by: Pier-Philippe Chevigny

Written by: Pier-Philippe Chevigny

Cast: Édouard-B. Larocque , Émile Schneider , Sasha Migliarese , Jean-Nicolas Verreault

To Alex, a naive six years old boy, the mysterious patrols lead by his father's right-wing militia are nothing but opportunities to play hide and seek out in the woods. Until he ventures too far.

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Directed by: Peter Lund

Written by: Peter Lund

Cast: Markus Fetter , Linda Hartmann , Jonathan Francke , Lisa-Maria Hörl

Lennard runs away to Berlin and moves into a flat share, along with easygoing Ben and crazy Fine. Yet Lennard has a lot of roommates already…at least in his head: No wonder Lennard can’t make up his mind, with whom he is in love with: Ben oder Fine?

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Rescued (Rescatado) (United States, 15:00)

Directed by: Arturo Vargas

Written by: Arturo Vargas

Cast: Aidan Morales, Daniela Vidaurre, Manny Rubio

A young boy, Anselmo, faces his fears of bullies and his drunk abusive father. He escapes reality by reading his comic book "The Mighty Blitz" and learns to stand up for himself with the help of his mother.

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Residual Minority (Ireland, 06:30)

Directed by: Mieke Vanmechelen

Written by: Mieke Vanmechelen

Humans, animals and their environment are mutually dependent.
The rare cattle in this film are part of a collective cultural identity that is under threat of dying out. They symbolise the possibility of a resistance against individualistic, competitive economic order and are part of an ethical and humane residual minority.

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Ride The Wave (United States, 16:52)

Directed by: Colleen Davie Janes

Written by: Scott Morrell, Sylvana Jakich, Rob Alicea

Rolenta (United States, 2:25)

Directed by: Julissa Sabino

Written by: Julissa Sabino, Jeremiah Hobbs

Cast: Maggie Politi, Spiro Marcos, Jeremiah Hobbs, Julissa Sabino

Comedic pharmaceutical drug commercial.

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Rough Day, Jan (United States, 04:18)

Directed by: Phil Wilson

Written by: Phil Wilson

Cast: Becky Jo Harris, Jason Washburn

Jan desperately tries to avoid getting the traffic ticket that she deserves.

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Roxanne (USA, 02:53)

Directed by: Kathryn Heady 

Written by: Kathryn Heady 

A toy soldier must defeat his love's abusive husband in order to save her and bring the relationship together

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