Rats on Cocaine in Time (United States, 10 minutes)

Directed by: Dean Pakis

Written by: Dean Pakis

Two abusive lab rodents are thrown back into their own murky past.

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Retrato, Sombra, Grito (Portugal, 0:24:00)

Directed by: Ana Luisa Vale

Written by: Ana Luisa Vale

A photographer and a woman meet in 3 different chapters that seem to be a continuation but are totally different. Each chapter is related to is name. Portrait is about a psycho photographer and is obssession for a woman. In Shadow, a couple plays a kind of role-playing game envolving the photographer as an object of desire. In Scream, the story of the photographer gets out of the screen to the movie theater and the limits between the reality and fiction are break by the screaming of the woman.

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Role Models (USA, 4 minutes)

Directed by: Zack Schaffer

A charming tale that recaps the life of an elderly couple, and store owners, through two very special mannequins. This movie is the 2015 National 2nd Place Film in the USA’s leading high school film competition The 10 Day Film Challenge. Awards for the film include being named NJ State Best Film, National Winner for Best Editing and Best Director.

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Rolling (US, 0:13:00)

Directed by: Adam Volerich

Romy I Am Shy (Germany, 15 minutes)

Directed by: Andreas Grützner

Written by: Andreas Grützner

Cast: Jürgen Vollmer

In 1960, Juergen Vollmer started photographing The Beatles at Kaiserkeller music club in Hamburg, Germany. When they met again in Paris, The Beatles insisted to get his haircut. Vollmer continued to photograph the daily life of beatniks before moving on to New York and L.A. where he started his career as set photographer on Hollywood film sets, taking pictures of the many stars that he crossed paths with. Romy I am Shy is the story of his journey told through a montage of animated sequences, interviews, and original artist photos.

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Ronald Gottlieb (United States, 9 minutes)

Directed by: Engin Karabagli

Written by: Engin Karabagli

An animated documentary following Ronald Gottlieb's search for companionship in a society where everybody has very hairy legs. In order to impress Jane, Ronald must choose whether to artificial enhance his hairless legs or stay true to his natural self.

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Rothman (USA, 19 min)

Directed by: Nader Sadre

Like most boys, Frank Rothman grew up idolizing his dad. Unfortunately, Frank’s dad was a sociopath. Find out how the son of a gambler and bookmaker, serial philanderer and small-time schemer narrowly escaped his dad’s influence to become a ruthless defense attorney, willing to defend any client and forgive any crime. Except, of course, his father’s.

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Rue des fleurs (German, 10 minutes)

The film music comes from the pen of Peteris Vasks .

A freelance composer in Riga Vasks is one of the most famous composers of the former Soviet Union . With his music he would like his country , his people, who had suffered under Soviet rule be give a voice with his musical.

His composition Dolcissimo for cello is used in the video.

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