Rainy Season (Vietnam, 22)

Directed by: Joan Widdifield

Written by: Joan Widdifield

Cast: Frances Reid (The Times of Harvey Milk, Long Night's Journey Into Day, Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter), Ellen Bruno (Samsara, Sacrafice, Sky Burial, Into the Current) Jim Haverkamp (When Walt Whitman Was a Little Girl, Monster Road)

An intimate story about a family's unexpected change of fate, set in the larger context of post-war Vietnam.

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Recursion (USA, 00:21:41)

Directed by: Sam Buntrock

Written by: Stanton Nash

Cast: Clara Wong, Rob McClure, Ruffin Prentiss, Sam Tedaldi

A modern-day time-travel adventure about a young man who loops back through the same 90 minutes over and over again in search for a lost wedding ring.

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Redemption (USA, 1 hr 45min)

Directed by: Tim Martin Crouse

Written by: Tim Martin Crouse

Cast: Hannah Owens, Hisham Tawfiq, Kelvin Hale, Alison Saltz, Amanda Callahan, Barry Primus, Bryant Pearson, Ellie D’Eustachio, George Loros, Ismael Ruiz, Jaiden Kaine, James Aronson, Janet Sovey, Jasmine Pierce, Jonathan Tiersten, Kelsey Torstveit, Ken Triwush, Lars Engstrom, Lilly Wilton, Lorraine Farris, Mallory Wu, Mauricio Bustamente, Merideth Ostrum, Mitchell McCoy, Nicole DaCosta, Rachel Troy, Robert Hoflund, Roberto Aguire, Tim Martin Crouse, Victoria Ng

Redemption is a dark thriller about a man piecing his life back together after a series of personal misfortunes. As he is driven to redeem himself he becomes entangled in the dark underbelly of his small town. Soon his quest takes a violent turn and his fate is sealed.

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Remember Me Sue (USA, 51)

Directed by: Melina Kolb

Written by: Melina Kolb

In 1961, Sue Duncan opened an after-school center for African American youth on the South Side of Chicago. With a combination of discipline and unrelenting devotion, she became a mother figure for thousands of children over the next 50 years. After she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2011, families cope with the end of her career and reveal how her love will last for generations.

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Rhythms of Resistance (Brazil, 00:28:55)

Directed by: Jason OHara

Written by: Jason OHara

As Rio de Janeiro prepares to host the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, the city introduces a controversial new policing program (Pacifying Police Units - UPPs) in the slums (favelas). Shortly after the police invade the favela of Cantagalo, lifetime resident and acclaimed samba composer - Cathola - is gunned down by the UPP and nearly dies. As Cathola recuperates, his samba composition wins the championships and is selected to be performed at Rio's most prestigious Carnaval parade. Cathola's story weaves together with the intimate personal stories of other artists who are resisting against police brutality and social exclusion through their music and performance art. The artists question the rhetoric of pacification and debate to what extent the arrival of UPPs are intensifying the criminalization of poverty in Rio.

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Right to Love (USA, 92)

Directed by: Paul Kurti

Written by: Amina Zhaman

Cast: Amina Zhaman, Shpend Xani, Pavlina Mani, Theodore Bouloukos, Omar Chaparro, Karina Ivanova, Luan Bexheti, Lucy Boyadzhyan, Ariot Myrtaj, Maria Angelica Figueredo, Damien Bosco, Bukurije Navon, Roza Kalaj, Dilon Uruci, Nereida Isufi, Praq Rado, Le Truk, Rachel Whitehurst, Blerti Murataj

A touching story of a muslim girl and a catholic guy who dare to love when all odds are against them.

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Rise of the eSports Hero (USA, Canada, South Korea, 44)

Directed by: Erica Landrock, Stephen Gillis

Written by: Sheona McDonald, Stephen Gillis

Cast: Chris Loranger, Geoff Robinson, Greg Fields, Alexander Garfield

Rise of the eSports Hero is a documentary that explores the sub-culture of pro-gaming through the lives of North America's top eSports team, Team Evil Geniuses as they tour the world competing for money, fame and glory.

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Robots in Space (USA, 3)

Directed by: Ilana Morgan Schwartz

Written by: Ilana Morgan Schwartz

Little Jimbot is a cute squishy robot who just wants to bounce along and play all day in outer space! Explore planets, discover aliens, and watch how Jimbot and his dad spend quality time together in this fun-loving Robot tale.

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Rose Compass (USA, 30:28)

Directed by: Matt Underwood

Written by: Matt Underwood

ROSE COMPASS shares the story of Run for Roses, one woman’s 1,000 mile running pilgrimage from St. Louis to New York City to spread awareness, raise funds and share stories of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) in honor of her sister Katie Rose, who was diagnosed with CF in 1996. CF is a life-threatening genetic disease that causes mucus to clog the lungs and different parts of the body making it difficult to breathe. It only affects 30,000 people in the United States and currently, there is no cure.

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Runcation (USA, 31)

Directed by: Zhi Luo, Stephanie Yang

Written by: Zhi Luo

This documentary intends to introduce the concept of 'runcation' - the combination of running and vacation. Many Americans today plan their vocation time around running races. The director wants to share such life style with the audience. In China, as more and more people adopt running as their primary means of exercise, running races for non-professional athletes are in short supply. The US running industry had a head start and the market is very mature. Runcation is a by-production of running and leisure industry. The director originally from China thinks she has been fortunate to experience it first hand and she would love to share the experience with more people.

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