Rabbit Stories (USA, 2hr 11min)

Directed by: Kirsten Russell

Written by: Kirsten Russell


Bill Weeden, Camila Gibran, Daniel Vespa, Kirsten Russell, Marc Bonan, Natalie Zampella, Susanna Raeven, Tom Brangle

Meet Ted and Kate, a miserable suburban couple who destroy the last of their marriage battling for the affections of a secondhand motorcycle in a bazaar love triangle. Then there's Mac and Lila who fall in love through Plexiglas as Mac counts his final days on death row. And last but not least, there's Nadine, who endures a torturous and ridiculous spiritual purification process by ashram cult members in hope of settling an old score with her long lost father...the cult leader. Love is painful, beautiful, heart-crushing, life-altering but mostly...love is weird.

Lives and loves intersect in meaningless ways, soul mates come as strange bedfellows, and in the end love is a lot of things, but mostly...love is weird.

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Rain (Australia, 15 minutes)

Directed by: Henry Boffin

Written by: Henry Boffin


Dan Eady, Jack Henry, Jacob Worth

In a future world where there is no water left on the Earth an old man and a young boy struggle to survive.

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