Que je sois médusée (Switzerland, 2)

Directed by: Céline Masson

Written by: Céline Masson

Cast: Céline Masson

My video work revolves around the animal. My face is the holder of the material and together we become a hybrid. I make moving images that leave looking like a living painting.

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Queen of the Bees (Australia, 16)

Directed by: Joseph Russell

Written by: Joseph Russell

Cast: Alexis Watt, Andy Blaikie, Jeda Cacioli, Jeremy Kewley, Josh Geary, Saul Pitman, Stuart Daulman

After the Great War of 2025, Earth is in a hopeless state of decay. Ten-year-old Alex is a pickpocket, hustling tourists to support himself and his sick mother. After years saving for an airfare to the colonized moon of Titan, where Alex hopes to find a cure for his mother's illness, he winds up on a vendetta with the alluring Queen of the Bees.

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Question 5 (UK, 5)

Directed by: Deniz Erel

Written by: Deniz Erel

Cast: Robert Canciu, Craig wake, Charles De La Mare, Steve Rollins, Steve McCarten

The applicant for an assistant manager position decides not to answer the difficult question 5 of the test at the last stage of an assessment centre, gives the answer to his only opponent, and settles for becoming the second best applicant.

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