Part of Your World (United States, 15:46)

Directed by: Sarah Goldstein, Louis Otero

Cast: Pesach Eisen, Adeena Blumenfeld, Aedin Frei

This short documentary film explores the complicated relationship between formerly ultra-Orthodox Jews and how their sudden exposure to pop culture affected their transition into the secular world. For those growing up in insular ultra-Orthodox communities in Brooklyn, with little to no access to TV, radio, or even secular books or newspapers, this transition is a stark and constant reminder of the separation between the ultra-Orthodox communities in which they were raised and the rest of New York City.

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Playland USA (Germany, 88 minutes)

Directed by: Benjamin Schindler

Written by: Benjamin Schindler, Jan Wilde

Benjamin Schindler’s exceptional documentary PLAYLAND USA takes us on a time travel through the United States as a country of unlimited narratives. It explores the great myths, stories and dreams that contribute to the creation of its identity, both past and present, influenced by the world’s largest entertainment industry. Embedded in allusions to Hollywood movies and other symbols of pop culture, the film bows from the conquest of the New World to the settlement of alien planets, linking past and future, traversing various genres, epochs, and fictitious locations.

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Portraitist (Luxembourg, 15:42)

Directed by: Cyrus Neshvad

Written by: Cyrus Neshvad, Guillaume Levil

Cast: Albert Delpy, Hervé Sogne, Lysa Welschen, Brigitte Urhausen, Annette Schlechter

A grandfather at the edge of despair is called to care for his dying granddaughter. Through art, he kindles a relationship with her that brings beauty to the darkness in their lives.

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