P.S. 432 (USA, 10:00)

Directed by: Elizabeth Nichols

Written by: Elizabeth Nichols

Cast: Eric Tucker

Mr. Lewis, a teacher passionate about instilling an organic love of learning in his students, is confronted by the pressures of standardized testing and a results-oriented system in P.S. 432, an underfunded public school in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. With the 8th-grade state exams around the corner and the increasing anxiety of parents and administrators at his back, Mr. Lewis must decide what is best for his students. P.S. 432 is an intimate portrait of a teacher attempting to navigate a pressure-filled world, where enforced standards inevitably conflict with personal principles.

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Papillons de nuit (Belgium, 0:19:00)

Directed by: Kaspar Vogler

Paradiso (Spain, 1 hr 13 min )

Directed by: Omar A. Razzak

Written by: Omar A. Razzak

Cast: Rafael Sánchez, Luisa Martínez, Julián Balbuena, Juan Manuel Hidalgo

The “Duque de Alba” is the last adult movie theatre remaining in Madrid. Rafael, the projectionist, works hard every day in order to make the place tidier.

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Paulo Coelho’s Best Story (Brazil, 1:51:07)

Directed by: Daniel Augusto

Written by: Carolina Kotscho

Cast: Júlio Andrade, Ravel Andrade, Fabiana Gugli, Fabíula Nascimento, Enrique Díaz, Paz Vega.

A suicide attempt, three passages through a psychiatrical institution, and all the conflicts a young man, thorn between Good and Evil, could face in the 70’s. Paulo Coelho’s life story is truly better than fiction.

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Pepper by Patrick Aubert (Canada , 00:07:15)

Directed by: Patrick Aubert

Cast: Chantal Bellavance, Éloïse Tanguay-Simard and Frédérique Proulx.

The painful awakening of a couple after an evening of fantasies. Dreams evaporate, reality appears.

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Phoebe's Father (USA, 1:35:00)

Directed by: John Helde

Written by: John Helde

Cast: Marie Lazzaro, Lawrason Driscoll, Eric Jordan, Betty Campbell.

Phoebe’s finally found something that lights her fire: cycling. But when her father comes back into her life, their meeting uncovers wounds that never healed. As her brother tries to reunite the family, Phoebe won’t let go of long-simmering questions about her lost mother, and who’s to blame. She sets her sights on racing competitively, pushing herself harder and faster; but the old evasions don’t work anymore, and Phoebe finds she has to face her past head on.

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Pony (US, 0:31:08)

Directed by: Candice Carella

Written by: Candice Carella

Cast: Xander Berkeley, Suzy Nakamura , Miko Nakano

Claudia, a hardworking single mom, has to go out of town on an important last minute business trip, forcing her to leave her 5-year-old daughter Miko with her uncle Jeff, a rock musician in his 50's who is still running on fumes of his glory days.
As a result of spending the weekend looking after his niece, Jeff must suspend his delusions of grandeur and face reality, with Miko serving as the catalyst for him to re-evaluate his life and re-connect with the inspiration that originally led him to music as he gently guides her to a nascent understanding of life's vicissitudes.

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Written by: Tophy Cho

PORTFOLIO (Russia, 16 minutes)

Directed by: Nikita Tamarov

Written by: Nikita Tamarov

Cast: Irina Chesnokova, Maxim Bobkov

An absurdist comedy that portrays the ends to which a contractor will go to in order to maintain his reputation as a professional.

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Prosopon (United States, 5 minutes)

Directed by: Thomas Thoma

Written by: Thomas Thoma

Pyromance (US, 0:24:02)

Directed by: John de Menil