Pain Staking (USA, 11 Minutes )

Directed by: Adolfo Martinez Perez

Written by: Adolfo Martinez Perez

Cast: Chris Warner, Christopher Neiman

It was a wonderful day, the sun shone, the birds chirped... until the best-friend-asking-for-a-favor from hell showed up. What starts as social drama about cancer quickly slips towards over the top, surreal dramedy. If you feel uncomfortable laughing at no laughing matter, we did our job: your discomfort is our pleasure.

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Parlay (USA, 00:41:00)

Directed by: Dean Garris

Written by: Dean Garris

Cast: Colleen Guest, Helen Kearney Konen, Leah Caruana, Linda Guth, Nick Karner, Owen Daly, Rebecca Morris, Tate Clemons,

Olivia dreams of becoming a pirate but her Aunt Beatrice is determined to turn her into a proper young socialite. Can these two co-exist throughout the summer while her parents are away?

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Past Tense (USA, 93)

Directed by: Robert Fritz

Written by: Robert Fritz

Cast: Natalie Neilson, Indra Tracy, and Damion Omar Lee.

Past Tense is a film about a young woman – Elizabeth - who is trapped in the past. Her parents died in a car crash when she was 11 years old, and her visits to the cemetery opened her eyes to the other gravestones - other past lives. There she found a rich past to imagine. She began to do grave rubbings, and then invent stories about those people.

There are two important women in Elizabeth’s life, her therapist and her writing teacher. They are pulling her in vastly different directions, especially when a spirit appears from one of her grave rubbings, asking for help. Past Tense is a journey for Elizabeth from the past to learning how to live in the present, and what she must overcome to do so.

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Patatas (Spain, 15)

Directed by: David Barreiro

Written by: David Barreiro

Cast: Javier Rios

On the occasion of the death of his grandmother, David returns to his village where he reunites with his family, friends and the love one day left behind.

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Patrol (USA, 00:15:00)

Directed by: Rich Devaney

Written by: Rich Devaney

Cast: Angel Rosa, Armando Merlo, Darren Lipari, Graham Allen Stuart, Ian Temple, Jessica DiGiovanni, John Bermudez, Luis de la Lombana, Rich Devaney, Tommy Guiffre

When two NYPD patrolmen are called to assist a drunk and disorderly woman at 3:00am, their actions conflict with the oath they vowed to keep; to protect and serve the citizens of New York City. All characters appearing in this film are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Pedestrian (USA, 0:06:33)

Directed by: Claire Ensslin

Written by: Claire Ensslin

Cast: Alyssa Drivas, Anastasia Drivas, Meredith Waldruff, Thomas Wesson

A young man struggles with an overwhelming urge to violate a little girl.

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Persiennes (Venetian Blind) (Switzerland, 2)

Directed by: Céline Masson

Written by: Céline Masson

Cast: Céline Masson

My video work revolves around the animal. My face is the holder of the material and together we become a hybrid. I make moving images that leave looking like a living painting.

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Perspective (USA, 00:04:00)

Directed by: ASHA BROWN

An unknown madman has trapped 3 teens and given them only minutes to escape while needing to uncover the meaning of a riddle

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Petricor (Brazil, 17)

Directed by: Bruna Konder

Written by: Bruna Konder

Cast: Bruna Konder

These short movie brings the experience of mixing up the video arts essence in a as we called traditional short movies. Getting the public to a new and very deep emotion experience.

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PHONY SHOW (Denmark, 4)

Directed by: Morten Winther

Written by: Morten Winther

Cast: Camilla Cornelia, Hansen Lehmann, David Garmark, Sara Luise, Runge Psilander, Bue Nielsen, Michael Boye, Morten Winther

Copenhagen based creative director Morten Winther has set out to do a music video trilogy. Phony Show is part two following up on part one: Beat It Tonight.

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Piano Footsteps (Germany, 4)

Directed by: Tosh Leykum

Written by: Tosh Leykum

Musikvideo, Musik by Blake Fleming (NY)

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Plastic Crime (Japan, 1:48:00)

Directed by: Yoshio Kato

Written by: Yoshio Kato

The main character, Yumeto 19 year old plastic model otaku, is a social withdrawal. These days in Japan, number of young people who are unable to socialize are increasing.
I have a feeling, they tend to become stokers and shut-ins. I think one of the reasons is
celebrities and stars are giving them a message, 'your dreams will come true' too easily.
Those message grows dreamers and gives them wrong idea of 'your desire to your loved one will be fulfilled.'

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Poker Donkey (USA, 16 minutes)

Directed by: Laura Ranney

Written by: Laura Ranney

Cast: Curtis Armstrong, Ryan Caldwell

A character driven drama about a middle-aged psychologist on the mend from a crippling gambling addiction who is forced to face his demons once again when he is pressured to treat a young, washed-up World Poker Champion.

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Directed by: Pierre Niney

Written by: Pierre Niney, Igor Gotesman

Cast: François Civil, Yann Sorton, Brice Hillairet, Noémie Merlant

François, a young and shy actor, shows up for an audition

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