Pablo's Villa (Australia, 7 minutes)

Directed by: Matthew Salleh


Pablo Novak

In 1985, Pablo Novak watched as the picturesque holiday town of Villa Epecuen was submerged. Everybody abandoned the town, except for Pablo. Now, over 23 years later, this modern day Atlantis has finally re-emerged, and what remains of it has become Pablo's home, and a place for his memories.

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Paper Cutouts to Steel (USA, 29min)

Directed by: Arturo L. Garza


Carmen Lomas Garza

"Paper Cutouts to Steel" traces the vision and creative process by which Chicana artist Carmen Lomas Garza's delicate tissue paper cutouts become two-story steel murals that celebrate culture and transform an old motel into architecture award-winning transitional housing in a houston barrio.

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PHIN (USA, 1hr 28min)

Directed by: Patrick Chapman

Written by: Timothy Chapman


Brandon Stacy, Eric Frentzel, Erin Patrick, Jackson Bond Jr., Kevin Sullivan, Meredith Shanks, Robert Younis, Barrie Wild, Jeannie Fedorak

Sam, a struggling artist, has one opportunity to impress a dealer and his assistant. However, an unexpected visit from his brother, Phin, who suffers from frontal lobe damage, pulls all of them into a night of constant delusions. 

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Play (Canada, 1 hr 19min)

Directed by: Alec Toller

Written by: Kelly McCormack


Caitlin Driscoll, Coner Bradbury, Danny Pagett, Gwen Cumyn, Kelly McCormack, Kristian Bruun, Peter Higginson , Robb Wiggin, Roger Bainbridge, Suzette McCanny, Tim Walker

When the opening night of a new play goes horribly awry, the actors are forced to frantically improvise the plot onstage. Clashing egos, tested friendships and a series of disastrous misunderstandings combine to create the most offensive, shocking and accidental piece of theater ever to debut in front of a live audience.

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Playing Through (USA, 13 min)

Directed by: Paul Wagner

Written by: John Harris

Best friends Paulie and Harry are enjoying a leisurely round of golf on the local links. Their slow pace of play, however, frustrates the group behind them. When a ball is hit at Paulie from behind, a breach of etiquette quickly escalates into a dangerous conflict. Trapped in a sand bunker, the two close friends confront their adversary as well as long-standing issues with their own relationship.

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Plumas (Spain, 8 minutes)

Directed by: Quike Frances

Written by: Quike Frances


Eugenio Barona

A hunter goes out of home, with a pair of eggs, searching for his next trophy.

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Poor Heart (USA, 4min)

Directed by: Ben Phillippo

Written by: Ben Phillippo (story)


Cara Campanelli, Matt Phillippo

Beware the song of the siren... The spirit of an earlier era is a awakened in this haunting music video.

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Puzzle (Romania, 1hr 30min)

Directed by: Andrei Zinca

Written by: Andrei Zinca


Adrian Titieni, Dan Nutu, Ioana Pavelescu, Skovran Tunde

A middle-aged man fed up with his marriage embarks on a torrid affair with a sultry young artist, while a blind, old writer defies the odds and reconnects with the enduring love of his life.

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