Pablo on Wheels (USA, 19 mins.)

Directed by: Brett Sorem

Written by: Elya Ottenberg


Dominick Bonnet, Luis Tolentino

Six months after their parents deportation, Rey (18) and Pablo (11) do what they can to survive in New York City. The bond of skateboarding keeps them together, but the culture surrounding it begins to split them apart. A single mistake by Rey threatens to take away the last family he has left.

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Planting Vines (Canada, 85:00)

Directed by: Nicholas Shields

Written by: Nicholas Shields


Christopher Menard, Amy Rivard, Peter Coady, Mitch Snaden

Planting Vines is an emotional journey of a young man struggling to make his mark in a world that has thrown him a serious curve. Daniel Miller, a young architect, discovers that his amazing ability to visualize his designs is actually a side-effect of a serious medical problem. Having yet to have one of his brilliant designs realized, Daniel must decide whether or not to risk his health and relationships in his bid to create a multi-million dollar skyscraper.

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Postcard From 1952 (USA, 8min)

Directed by: Peter Simonite


Based on actual found photographs from the era, 'Postcard From 1952' is a glimpse into the imagery of memory through the lens of the ubiquitous 1950s family camera. From here, we witness the the joys and light tragedies of youth. Captured images blend with memories of childhood, babies turn into children, children turn into adults, and adults behave oddly, beautifully. Flashbulbs ignite as our lives accelerate and then fade away. Like a soap bubble, life is fragile, ephemeral, fleeting, beautiful.

Director Peter Simonite has helped to photograph films by Terrence Malick (among them, 'The Tree of Life') and has directed several music videos. Annie Gunn is a still photographer. This is her first time co-directing.


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Profile (Germany, 7 mins.)

Directed by: Timo Pierre Rositzki

Written by: Timo Pierre Rositzki


Nepomuc von Kornmann and Elisa Thiemann

'Profile' is a short film about the dark side of social networking websites.

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