Poetry Man (USA, 25 min)

Directed by: James McSherry

Written by: James McSherry


Bill Clark, Diego Lopez, Joe Diaz, John McCormack, Melanie Torres, Paige McSherry, Peter Green, Rene Rogoff, Valerie Smaldone

Based on a true story, Jimmy, an aspiring writer and his cousin Nicky, a neighborhood miscreant suspected of murder, face each other and the truth on the mean streets of the Bronx in this gritty tale of trust and betrayal. What would you do if you had to make a choice between seeing and believing when the absolute truth lay just beyond your grasp? 'Poetry Man' is about the redemptive power of art when everything else fails you.

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Polygamy (Hungary, 85 mins)

Directed by: Denes Orosz

Written by: Denes Orosz


Katya Tompos, Sandor Csanyl

Men's secret desire is to sleep with every woman they find attractive. What happens if it comes true?

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