Old Fur New Teeth (United States, 07:16)

Directed by: Hannah M Stephens

Written by: Hannah M Stephens

A mother finds herself caught in a terrible trap and must confront her captor before it’s too late for her own children.

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One Actor Short - 2 (United States, 09:25)

Directed by: Yuval David

Written by: Yuval David

Cast: Yuval David

In ‘One Actor Short,’ Yuval David Gives Random Strangers Chance to Star in Film on Streets of New York. After much fanfare and excitement over his pilot episode, acclaimed actor, host, and filmmaker Yuval David has now released the highly anticipated second episode of his groundbreaking new digital episodic series, ‘One Actor Short,’ in which he explores what happens when he invites random people on the streets of New York to play a role in his film, which Yuval directs and produces himself.

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Our Morocco (United States, 03:07)

Directed by: Paulo Wenceslao

My wife and I travelled to Morocco for two weeks. We started in Marrakech and travelled north to the port city of Tangier. This country is extraordinarily unique and exotic, but it certainly wasn’t an easy travel. Spending nearly 30 hours in a jeep and 15 hours in a train takes a toll, but along the way we saw some of the most beautiful, jaw-dropping landscapes and the wide array of peoples and cultures.

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