O rapaz e a coruja (The boy and the owl) (Portugal, 12 min 36 sec)

Directed by: Mário Gajo De Carvalho

Written by: Mário Gajo De Carvalho

Of Mine (United States, 17 min)

Directed by: Cate Carson

Written by: Cate Carson

Oh No (New Zealand, 3 min 23 sec)

Directed by: Natalie Tozer

Old Friends (United States, 3 min 22 sec)

Directed by: Jonathon Kimble

ON (United States, 18 min 29 sec)

Directed by: Jamie Effros

One Last Time (Spain, 5 min 20 sec)

Directed by: Javier Longobardo

Written by: Javier Longobardo

One of the Thousands (United States, 13 min 10 sec)

Directed by: Qianzi Gao

Directed by: Dennis Cieri

Written by: The NYC Indie Film Festival

Cast: Cast of thousands!