Oh Deer (United States | 2016, 2 min)

Directed by: Cody O'Neill

Patte the monster is looking for something in the forest, and once he spots the deer, a chase begins, only to end when it finally gives back Patte's missing sock.

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Old Man Saxon - Sunday Saxon (United States | 2017, 4 min)

Directed by: Anthony Yano

A young boy escapes the crush of the city by exploring his inner self in a distant forest.

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Olilo (United States | 2015, 6 min)

Directed by: Ao Li

Olilo is a 2D animation that tells the story of an introverted girl held captive by her own semi-transparent personal space. Created through a combination of traditional frame-by-frame and digital drawing as well as key frame animation, the film focuses on love and its capacity to transform all things.

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On Schedule (, 6 min)

Directed by: Elena Manetta

When two villains attack their nemesis superhero at the same time, they must fight to decide who gets the timeslot to attack the city.

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Operation: Annunciation (United States | 2016, 3 min)

Directed by: Amanda Lucas

An angel must find a way to deliver pressing news to a young Nazarene girl who is shaken by his visit--a girl who just so happens to be the Virgin Mary.

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OPORAVAK (United Kingdom | 2016, 4 min)

Directed by: Charlie Tweed

Oporovak proposes a methodology for what it calls ‘information recovery’ and the solving of ‘integrity problems.’

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Oxenfree (United States | 2016, 1 hr 33 min)

Directed by: Dan Glaser

Three foster brothers reunite at their old lake cabin following the death of their father, where the now-estranged adults relive a shared childhood by uncovering the ruins of their make-believe kingdom, 'Oxenfree'...and face down the monster living within.

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