Odd Brodsky (USA, 93mins)

Directed by: Cindy Baer

Written by: Matthew Irving & Cindy Baer

Cast: Tegan Ashton Cohan, Matthew Kevin Anderson & Scotty Dickert.

Audrey Brodsky is a lovable loser who hates her job. After 11 years she finally quits and sets off to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an actress! There's just one problem: she's not very good at it. But what she lacks in talent, she makes up for in heart.

When she meets an aspiring cameraman on the internet, the adventure of her life finally begins. Inspired by Wes Anderson's "Rushmore", the Coen Brothers "Raising Arizona" and Jean-Peirre Jeunet's "Amelie", Odd Brodsky is a quirky comedy about following your dreams and finding your bliss.

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Ohne Dich (Without You) (Germany, 1:30:00)

Directed by: Alexandre Powelz

Written by: Alexandre Powelz, Alexandra Umminger

Cast: Katja Riemann, Charly Hübner, Helen Woigk, Meral Perin, Arne Gottschling, Rolf Hoppe

Without you is a film about the most beautiful and painful thing in all of life: love. The film tells the story of three couples that are somehow connected. Committed midwife Rosa loves her husband Marcel, a therapist. They're a perfect match and share everything: love, life and even work. Rosa and Marcel's cleaner, Layla, feels abandoned since her former lover Navid has left her for a younger woman. She cannot accept his decision and stalks him while he pushes her away even harder. Motte, a waitress, is pregnant with her best friend Neo's baby. She is scared of intimacy in all its forms and does not want to commit at all, ultimately deciding to remain silent. During one fateful night, all three stories escalate, but one thing remains for sure: whatever happens, life goes on.

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Two brothers (Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley) intercept 911 calls in a beat up old ambulance to terrorize a small north eastern town.

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Oliver's Opera (US, 8:00)

Directed by: Dean Mermell

Written by: Dean Mermell

Cast: Julia Baldassari Oliver Lowe

Oliver W. Lowe and his associates prepare to see the great tenor Enrico Caruso in San Francisco, on the eve of disaster, April 17 1906.

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On a Technicality (US, 0:22:00)

Directed by: Andrew Gorell

Written by: Jeffrey Grover

Cast: Jeffrey Grover, Joel Hammer, Scott Miller, Lindsey Mitchell, George Roth and Brian Zoldessy.

Every Wednesday, Billy, Larry, Albert, Bruce and Howard, lifelong friends now in their 50s, meet for breakfast at Jack’s Deli. A sixth friend died the year before and their impending mortality causes them to come up with a bet on who of their older relatives will die first, the loser paying for the entire breakfast the next week. Over the next ten years, the bet is paid out a few times while the five friends also experience life-changing events.

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On the Tip of the Willy (Norway , 3 minutes )

Directed by: Julian Nazario

Our Unfenced Country (Ireland , 0: 18 : 00)

Directed by: Niamh Heery

Written by: Niamh Heery

Edward is an elderly railway worker, in love with the myth and literature of the Irish bog. Shauna, a bright, stubborn ex-con becomes his new apprentice. Traversing the terrain of this unlikely friendship, Shauna and Edward realise that to forge a future, they must confront their respective pasts.

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Directed by: Pablo Diartinez

Written by: Jorge Diaz

Out of reach (rain night) is the first instalment in a series of short films, From the pages of Album. The series adapts poetry to the screen by means of a musically animated collage of motion graphics, texts and silent live action scenes. Every short film adapts a single poem, which features as text animation and spoken verse. The main theme of the verses deals with overcoming the nostalgia of a lost love. The poem for this episode, a ‘found object’ text, paints a state of incommunicado and evasion.

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Outlier (Germany , 0 : 15: 00 )

Directed by: Martin Wallner

Over Prepared (USA, 4 minutes)

Directed by: Rachel Acosta

A high school teenager training for the SAT’s can’t seem to focus on her studies due to a school-girl crush on her tutor(s). This film is the 2015 National Winner of the USA’s leading high school film competition The 10 Day Film Challenge. Awards for the film include Best Screenplay and Best Sound Design.

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OVER THE RAINBOW (Netherlands , 39 min)

Directed by: Tara Fallaux

After her mother passed away, Leny finally had time to follow her dream of cycling around the world. She didn’t get further than New Zealand where she met the love of her life - another woman. Leny came out of the closet aged 68. Since then she has thrown herself into lesbian life, making up for lost time.

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