O Jogo (Brazil, 19)

Directed by: Pedro Coutinho

Written by: Pedro Coutinho

Cast: Gabriela Cerqueira, Rafael Primot

After an argument during a road trip to the countryside, Julia and Fred begin a sexual game with definitive consequences for their relationship and their lives.

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Oh! My Princess (South Korea, 17)

Directed by: Heewook SA

Written by: Heewook SA

Cast: Hyoseop Um, Jisoo Han, Mieun Jang, Misoo Kim, Won Ju

He(Main Character) is a Taxi driver and single father, raising his high school student daughter since his divorce. One night, a student passenger takes his taxi. On the way to her destination, He looks embarrassed by the student's violent verbal abuse. After a while, he realizes that the destination of the student is his own apartment...

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Omerta (Finland, 00:15:46)

Directed by: Aleksi Rytkonen

Written by: Aleksi Rytkonen

Cast: Camilla O'Connor, Ilkka Villi, Joanna Haartti, Joonas Grönholm, Pertti Sveholm, Samu Stenberg

Hugo, the hottest insurance salesman in Finland is going through a divorce and ends up having a nervous breakdown at work on a Friday afternoon as his neglected teenage son pays him an unexpected visit, while his boss is breathing down his neck and the clock is ticking towards an important work-related deadline.

Under the crippling spell of mid-life crisis and approaching deadline, Hugo has no choice but to resort to some unusual means to win back his confidence, job and the respect of his son. But Hugo is not the only one having a crisis. Like father like son.

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Directed by: Dana Brown, Scott Russo

Written by: Dana Brown

Cast: Ashley Fiolek, Brad Oxley, Carlin Dunne, Dani Pedrosa, Doug Henry, James Stewart, Kenny Roberts, Marc Marquez, Mike Hans, Robbie Maddison, Roland Sands

In 1971, 'On Any Sunday' starring Steve McQueen opened in theatres and wrote its place in motorcycle history. It also transcended the sport to reach a wide audience through a cast of engaging characters and variety of heartfelt stories. 'On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter' will continue this family tradition and also pass the torch to the next generations. A lot has happened in the past 40 years, but the passion for riding is timeless and continues today.

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Onder Invloed (Under Influence) (The Netherlands, 48)

Directed by: Nova van Dijk

Written by: Laura van Dijk

30 year old Kirk is living a sluggish life with his dominate mother, until one day a new neighbor arrives.

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Out to Lunch (USA, 00:10:00)

Directed by: Nic Reader

Written by: James Madison

Cast: Dan Greenberg, Mika Boorem, Robb Rineer, Ryan O'Nan, Sam McMurray

Whatever it takes to get ahead! Corporate America has never been so cut throat.
'Out to Lunch' is a cleverly comedic, murder mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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