O Homem que Matou Deus (Brazil, France, 20min)

Directed by: Noe Vitoux

Written by: Noe Vitoux


Noe Vitoux, Xidut Arowa

Wem Tom , a young Indian, from an amazonian tribe, realizes that there is no game left in the forest and decides to go white man hunting...

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Obit (USA, 11min)

Directed by: Brian Tolle

Written by: Geetha Reddy


Anna Fenerty, Carl Holvick-Thomas, George Maguire, Sandra Fish, Tom Swift

As his daughter writes an obituary, a man struggling with dementia is overwhelmed by memories and escapes from his world into ours.

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Directed by: Morihiko Hasebe

Written by: Morihiko Hasebe


Clayton Jacobson, Kaori Takakuwa, Ko Inoue, Morihiko Hasebe, Suginami-ku, Ronald Jacobson, Shanti Snyder, Shiro Go

An old chef OGIWARA IKUZO had difficulties in owning his deserted Sushi shop. His quiet life with daughter was suddenly sucked into the maelstrom, after he got a headhunt call from the Global Sushi-Go-Round network.

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Oh, My Bag! (USA, 22min)

Directed by: Seong Bong Lee

Written by: Jiyoon Shin


Jonghoon Han

The story is about a Korean student who comes to New York to experience a new life. but his plans are derailed as he looses his luggage. as soon as he reaches New york.While looking for his luggage he realizes that sometimes it is important to loose something to find better things...

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OMG (Canada, 10min)

Directed by: Siobhan Devine

Written by: Roslyn Muir


Gabrielle Rose, Loretta Walsh, Matreya Fedor

OMG is an inter-generational short film about 14-year-old emo-goth Kaylee who thinks she is the top of the food chain when it comes to being misunderstood. After a monster fight with her parents over her texting habit Kaylee runs away to her understanding grandma's house. All is going well until Kaylee's cell phone battery runs out.

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