Ordinary Joe (USA, 79 mins.)

Directed by: Carlo Gennarelli

Meet Joe Sciacca, a beer drinking, blue-collar roofer and Vietnam War veteran from Long Island, New York. Contrary to appearances this 'Ordinary Joe' has a life purpose that proves to be anything but mundane. Driven by complex motives, Joe annually returns to Vietnam, traveling its back alleys and country roads seeking out the poor, diseased and disabled, delivering to them his own brand of aid and hope. By adopting a 'do-it-yourself' attitude this brash New Yorker has become an unlikely champion to a far away and seemingly forgotten people.

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OutHere (USA, 10 minutes)

Directed by: Dennis Williford


Jordan Bradshaw

DJ Williford travels to Richmond, Virginia and where he follows skateboarder Jordan Bradshaw. Experience more of the Virginia skate scene and more awesome tricks.

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