Directed by: Fenton Lawless

Written by: Justine Diianni

The New York Graffiti Experience was a collaboration initiated by Fenton Lawless and Justine Diianni in the mid 70’s as an art education project. It evolved from a slide show presentation with music to what was called “the first real look at street and subway graffiti” by Mass Appeal Magazine. The concept was to present the earliest manifestations of what became a worldwide phenomenon. We were fortunate to secure the help and art of Cliff, a graffiti pioneer. The film includes a rare interview with him and footage shot on location in the streets and school yards of NYC.

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Night Dancing (UK/Romania | 2016, 7 min)

Directed by: Barney Cokeliss

Cast: Jason Thorpe, Louise Tanoto, Jacob Ingham-Dodd, Alister Cameron

A short film about obsession, delusion and longing.

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Night's Still Young (USA | 2017, 15 min)

Directed by: Brian Hollars

Written by: B.J. Hollars

Cast: Shanna Vincent, Nadiyah Skyy Taylor, Adam Henslee, Hannah Alltmont

A terminally ill 26-year-old woman throws a birthday party turned farewell party to say goodbye to the world on her own terms.

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NOA (USA | 2017, 15 min)

Directed by: Angel Barroeta

Cast: Hunter Hall, Carole Wood

A spiritual journey, in a dystopian and chaotic society, brings Noa to dive deep into the dark side of humanity.

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Norman Pinski Come Home Short (USA | 2017, 15 min)

Directed by: Aaron Rudelson

Written by: Aaron Rudelson

Cast: Elaine Bromka, Ray Iannicelli, Mark Gessner, Lee Tergesen

When a lightning bolt tragically cuts short the life a Jewish plumber's son, all appears lost for the Pinski family. But luckily for them, Dr. Vanderwal, a celebrated local baldness doctor is secretly a modern day Dr. Frankenstein. Once resurrected in the form of a classic horror film monster, Norman has another chance at finding himself … if his overbearing Jewish parents don’t get in the way.

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Nosotros (Spain | 2017, 1 hour 33 min)

Directed by: Felipe Vara

“Nosotros” follows a group of friends during the weekend of the Spanish presidential election held in December 2015, probably the most important one in Spain’s recent history due to the deep political and financial crisis in Southern Europe. Our protagonists are in a crucial moment in their lives; as Spain decides its future, all of them will have to make a decision that could shake the grounds on which they are building their existence.

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Directed by: Matthew Kaplowitz

How far would you go to pursue your passion? At 87 years old, Hank Virgona commutes to his Union Square studio six days a week and makes art. Despite poor health, cancer, lack of revenue and obscurity as an artist, Hank is unrelenting in his quest to understand how life and art are the same.

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