Nachtigall (Germany, 20 mins.)

Directed by: Michael Müller

Written by: Michael Müller


Adelina Lutfija, Alexander Abramyan, Andreas Schirra, Dennis Kamitz, Frank Kallinowski, Jonathan Ratering, Lennart Amarell, Maria Hengge, Peter Penewsky, Robin Axenbeck, Wolfgang Richter

'Nightingale' is about a 12-year-old boy, who has never cried in his life before. Looking for tears in order to get a kiss from a girl, the boy becomes overwhelmed by the never-ending beauty of Nightingale's voice.

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Nobody's Child (USA, 24 mins.)

Directed by: Dennis Nollette

Written by: Dennis Nollette


Daniel Marks, Dennis Nollette, Faye Viviana, Miles Cooper, Walt Schoen

Annie and Paul have been best friends for years. Annie discovers she may have breast cancer and wants Paul, who is gay, to raise her son if anything happens to her, rather than the boy's father. Paul, young and in love with a fast gay lifestyle, is not so sure that's such a great idea.

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Noseland (Austria, 82 mins.)

Directed by: Aleksey Igudesman

Written by: Aleksey Igudesman


Aleksey Igudesman, Hyung-ki Joo, John Malkovich, Mischa Maisky, Roger Moore

Noseland is a humorous ode to the world of classical music and some of its star musicians. Although it is a feature length documentary, it crosses genres into fiction and comedy. The world famous violinist with a nose fetish, Julian Rachlin, takes over the town of Dubrovnik, Croatia, every year to bring together some of the world's greatest musicians, actors and composers and create a unique two week long classical music festival. His oldest friend, the violinist, composer and 'wanna-be' filmmaker Aleksey Igudesman offers to make a documentary film that will take an 'inside look' at this 'fairytale' festival but things seem to go wrong pretty much from the start.

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Notes (United Kingdom, 15 mins.)

Directed by: Philip Blake

Written by: Philip Blake


Alison Steadman, Edward De Souza

Terry lives in a world of confusion and suspicion. He suffers from dementia. However, it is only when his daughter, Allison, comes to pick him up that the true extent of his condition is shockingly revealed.

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