Magnus: A Spring Day (Norway, 18 minutes)

Directed by: Magnus Lilleberg

Written by: Magnus Lilleberg

Cast: Magnus Lilleberg

We join Magnus Lilleberg on an intimate journey into his everyday life as a heroin addict in the capital of Norway. He films himself with his hand-held camera and describes a tough reality without demanding compassion in return. His short documentary has been screened for politicians at the Norwegian Parliament, won the prestigious Amanda Award for Best Short Film and been critically acclaimed for its innovative form and its ability to raise questions around human dignity in one of the best health - and welfare systems in the world.

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Merge (Australia, 10)

Directed by: Erin Coates

In Merge the confined space of a mindlessly generic sedan interior is slowly consumed and eventually merged – through violent rupture – to the outside, by an overactive, nippled, red ‘horror-airbag’. The intense, ambisonic score for this film heightens the menacing yet oddly comic transformation taking place.

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MET in NYC (Spain, 101)

Directed by: Dani Zarandieta

Written by: Dani Zarandieta

Rai, Milio, Selu are three friends who are stuck in a life with no future until an opportunity to take an adventure in New York becomes real, a city that will test them, help to lose themselves and finally find out who they really are...

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Directed by: Alexandher

Written by: Josh Logan

Mixed Messages (USA, 00:04)


Two high school seniors explore the meaning of their relationship once it's time to head off to college.

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Monstre lui dit sa mère! (Switzerland, 2 Min)

Directed by: Céline Masson

Written by: Céline Masson

Cast: Céline Masson

A monster tells her mother! A movie about the monster that is in each of us, on what we know is valid as child. Today the monster is all grown-up.

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Montana (UK, 98)

Directed by: Mo Ali

Written by: Jeremy Sheldon, Peter Lowe

Cast: Lars Mikkelsen, Mckell David, Ashley Walters, Adam Deacon

Revenge has a new name.

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Mr. Lamb (USA, 15 Min)

Directed by: Jean Pesce

Written by: Jean Pesce

Cast: Aysan Celik, Corey Sullivan, Dorothea Swiac, Ethan King, Haley Miller, Hanlon Smith-Dorsey, Hudson Miller, Jesse Allen, John Pruitt, Joy Canfield, Logan Connolly, Lorie Kellogg, Manja Paschek, Max Meissner, Michael Cyril Creighton, Zachary Wesolowski

Mr. Lamb is a dark comedy about a lonely waitress who is in love with her pen pal -- the convicted murderer, Charles Lamb.

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Mr. Righteous (USA, 1 hr 17 min)

Directed by: Jared Balog

Written by: Jared Balog

Cast: John Schmiederer, Brendan Nagle, Cecelia Gray, Jennie Pines and Joseph Slater

James Righteous, your typical 'nice guy' walks uninterrupted through an average, quiet life. But his comfortable routine is about to change. There just comes a point when you're finally pushed past your limits and are forced to be . . . not so nice.

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Munch in 81 sec (Norway, 2)

Directed by: Odd G.Iversen

Written by: Odd G.Iversen

The film has no dialogue, only the music. The music is based on texts from Munch's diaries. The composer has made the text into morse characters, which in turn is the basis for composing the music. Only used a cello in four different versions mixed together.

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Mute City (Greece, 13 minutes)

Directed by: Yiannis Georgioudakis

First time in the big city, he has no smartphone, just a piece of paper with a drawing of the address. How he's gonna find his way? -Simple, he'll ask somebody...anybody!

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My Friend Ed (USA, 56)

Directed by: Sharon Baker

Written by: Daniel Collins, Sharon Baker

Ed Asner is one of the most celebrated actors of his generation, delighting audiences of all ages, from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Lou Elf and Up. But he's also an activist who refuses to budge on his ideals, regardless of what anyone thinks. Ed has spent his celebrated life on the front lines of the fight for justice and in support of the rights of the artist, sometimes at great personal cost. Now approaching his 85th birthday, he's still at it, raising his voice and pissing off his detractors...all to the delight of the legions of people who know him simply as 'friend'. A funny and poignant exploration of the notion of 'hero' versus 'celebrity' and the role of this artist as activist.

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My Name is Oscar (USA, 11)

Directed by: Susan Einhorn, Robert Clem

Written by: David Little

Cast: David Little

On Academy Awards weekend, in his bathroom in Los Angeles, a disgruntled actor rehearses the oscar speech he will never get to give.

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