Mauro C'ha Da Fare (Italy, 1 hour 28min)

Directed by: Alessandro di Robilant


Carlo Ferreri, Evelyn Famà, Andrea Borrelli, Cettina Bonaffini, Massimo Leggio


Mauro is 33, he has two degrees at university and no future. He lives in a small town under the volcano Etna with his parents. He tries hard to enter as a teacher at the university but the job is given to a goon with strong connections. On top of that his girlfriend Laura leaves him for another guy.

Unable to use his talents, Mauro gradually starts 'loosing it', and starts behaving strangely and developing maniac depressive manias.


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Menschen (USA, 28 min)

Directed by: Sarah Lofti

Written by: Sarah Lofti


Alex Riegelmann, Alex Gray, Brandon Eaton, Christopher R. Gray, Connor Long, Cougar Littlefield, Dan Cheatham, Daniel Roach, Dennis Thompson, Greg Kyle, Harold Schyberg, Irene Leonard, Jason Bowen, Jason Smith, Justin Vaughan, Mike Newman, Miles Wartes, Nick Piche, Norman Lorscheid

During the last week of WWII, an Austrian captain takes a developmentally disabled boy under his wing and brings the loyalty of his men to the test.

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Written by: Samantha Friedman


Steve Ritter

Moose is a comedic 3D animated short. Morris, a large and slightly overweight clumsy moose, is getting ready for a date with a female moose he met on the Internet. Following tips he reads in Moose Health, Morris tries to spruce himself up in time for his date. Between wardrobe changes and other failed attempts to improve his look, the computer rings with new messages and suggestive pictures, each time making Morris both more excited and panicked.

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Mother's Milk (USA, 1hr 35min)

Directed by: Edward Pionke

Written by: Edward Pionke


Bree Michaels, Casey Chapman, Dennis Rowe, Jaden Klein, Jamie Bragg, Jeannie Giannone, Laura Taylor, Mackenzie Wiglesworth, Nicole Keating, Robert McConnell, Scott Anderson, Vanessa Hughes

Claude is a university statistics professor with a dark side. Kim is the young woman he kidnaps to satisfy his dysfunctional needs. In this unconventional thriller, tenderness develops between a psychopath and his captive. The simmering plot boils over as they move inexorably to a climax that will forever change each of their lives.

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Music City USA (U S A, 80 min)

Directed by: Chris McDaniel

Written by: Chris McDaniel


Chris McDaniel

Nashville, a city currently based on music, wasn't always called Music City. Find out how this printing and Insurance mecca became the music capital of the world, and see how the devastating flood of 2010 tried to get them down, but thanks to this thriving music community, a city was reborn. Resilience in the form of the artists, entertainers and musicians that put the MUSIC in MUSIC CITY.

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Mute (China, 11 minute)

Directed by: Ling Zhou

Written by: Ling Zhou


Hongqing Zhou, Jiaji Huang, Xuefang Zhou, Yongzhong Song

This short narrative film depicts a small town woman's life in rural China and her quiet, sensual relationship with the town barber.

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